Do I need Blinds?

adellabedella_usaMay 19, 2009

My dh and I are thinking about putting our house on the market. I am cleaning, decluttering, fixing up, etc., everything that I think needs to be done. My house is 11 years old. The blinds are probably original to the house. They are turning yellow and getting a few cracks here and there due to usage. I'm trying to decide what to do with them. I'd like to replace them. Dh doesn't want to spend the money. There will be long white curtains over the windows. Do you think it would be ok to just take them down and not replace them since there are curtains or should I replace them or should I just not do anything. What do think?

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IMO, there's no need to replace since most, if not all, people will just replace them anyway. Clean the panels though & make the glass sparkle.

Best of luck.


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I would take them down and repair the holes.

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IMHO, some of the best in show open houses I have been to are ones where the windows allowed as much sunlight as possible to stream in, so I'd just ditch the old blinds and, as Triciae said, make the glass sparkle.

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If you don't need them for privacy I would remove the blinds and the drapes.

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I agree with taking the blinds down and cleaning the windows-leave all curtains up as they help to give a room a more finished look and frame the windows.

I wouldn't be afraid to spend some money on the house even though your selling, if you need to on something else- it can help you to sell faster and for more money.

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"There will be long white curtains over the windows."

By this, I hope you mean there will be white curtains flanking the windows. You don't want anything in front of the windows blocking light. If you need the blinds for privacy, make sure to pull them all the way to the top before showings.

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Thanks for the opinions. The curtains will be open and the windows will be cleaned.

We're not afraid to spend a little money, but if it isn't important, we probably won't do it. I was originally going to replace the blinds this year for my sake. I wasn't sure if I needed to do it for others. The house really doesn't need a whole lot done to it other than cleaning, decluttering, and staging. We knew when we bought this house that we only wanted to be here a few years. We've been making upgrades and changes based upon enjoying the house for our purposes and also keeping in mind what others would like. I've spent the last two years painting the interior of the house as time and weather has permitted. I'm down to finishing the last room. The outside of the house was painted last year. We've also added new wood floors and we will get new carpet for the bedrooms. We made sure to buy a house with good curb appeal and we have significantly added to that. It's mainly the little details here and there that I'm worrying about.

Thanks again!

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I would remove the blinds and keep the curtains open to allow a lot of light in. A new buyer can then buy their own blinds with their own tast or maybe they will not want blinds.

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Thinking..........Our current home did not have blinds on the windows when we bought it, and the owners had the windows open when we saw the home. It was also early spring. Well, we moved in to the home in June. Surprise!!!! The home was so hot it was awful!!!! We also had a skylight in the kitchen that was just beautiful when we bought the home but sweltering when we sat in the room in the summer as was our sunroom (so sunny and beautiful but an absolute sauna without blinds). We ended up spending a fortune on wooden blinds, skylight shades, mini blinds and silhouette shade for all of the rooms to cool them off!!! I am so glad that I got them because now that our home is on the market, when it gets really hot outside (which it has been a few times so far this year) the blinds make a huge difference, plus they still let in light! I now know when we purchase our next home we will be adding on to the price for the costs of adding or replacing blinds. Just a thought!!!!!

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Yes because You Need Privacy & What Person Wouldn't Want Privacy!

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For the last 2 houses we sold we replaced most window coverings with faux wood white blinds. They look great and show off the windows well. I think in the house we are building we will probably put them in from the beginning. They were not expensive.

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This thread is almost two years old.

I ended up leaving the old blinds, but pulling them up all of the way so they weren't covering the windows. I had cleaned all of the windows inside and out and replaced the screens. The curtains were open to let the light in.

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Sigh...sorry about that....I usually notice the date when someone replies to an old thread but missed it this time.

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Adellabedella came up with the best solution -- leaving the blinds installed, but hiked up to the top. That way, you could have privacy and light control, and still get the binds pretty much out of sight for showings.

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