Kenmore Elite Oven 50% off this weekend

ailene54April 20, 2013

My first oven was a lemon, on an exchange from Sears I upgraded to a Kenmore Elite wall oven which was installed yesterday. I thought I had an ok price, list is 2299, I paid 1699. This weekend it's reduced on for 1149, in the stores it's 1399. Best part is they gave me a credit, as though I purchased at the price...wasn't easy, took many phone calls, and I spoke to many people, in the end they did the right thing by me.....I'm very happy, got a nice size credit on my charge!

I'm sure if you want to buy in store they will meet price!

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Sears plays a game of marking things up only to mark them down to 11,000,000 different sales prices depending on who you talk to. It's one of the reasons they are failing as a company and won't be around long. No one believes that they are getting their best price because no one ever sells the item at the original price. And there's ALWAYS a sale.

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Your right. The only refrigerator that would fit was a kenmore elite side by side...not what I wanted but what I had to get since I was keeping old cabinets. We wound up purchasing all on friends and family sale. have to admit when oven didn't work well,they did stand behind it,exchange was done after I had it for a year,which I think is unusual,,,,no extended warranty. I am quite happy they gave me the credit,,,just hoping new oven has no problems.

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