Stamp Out Hunger day--tomorrow

patti43May 10, 2013

Tomorrow is Stamp Out Hunger day so if you have any extra non-perishable goods in your pantry, please hang them from your mailbox and your mailman will pick it up when he delivers your mail. It's such a worthy cause and all food donations stay in your community. Just please make sure the "use by date" hasn't expired.

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I've got mine ready!!

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Arghhhh! I had just left the grocery store and was pulling into the driveway when I thought of the date - second Saturday in May.

Usually I get a card from my mail carrier alerting me about a week ahead of time, and I shop for some inexpensive but nutritious things, larger packaging than I normally buy for two, often Costco but its an hour away and won't work out this afternoon. No card or notice this year.

I'm not seeing much in my cupboards that is close to complete food on its own, or even common main ingredient (like tuna, baked beans, spaghetti-Os or things for kids lunches). I'll go out again, back to the store....

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Thanks for the reminder. I have to grocery shop today and will look for some nutritious donations.

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We put out a bag evey year, and every year our mail carrier leaves it. Won't waste my time anymore. Just donate directly to the local food bank.

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We didn't get a bag put on our box this year. I guess they are doing it, not sure.

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My bags are ready and waiting to be put by the mailbox tomorrow. Blessings to all of you who participate in this worthy cause and to the postal workers for their help.

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Morz, you are a good person to go out again for canned goods. Bless you.

if you didn't get a card or a bag, you can still leave it on the porch/mailbox. If they don't take it, just stop at the PO on Monday and drop it off with them.

I had both card and bag and all is ready for tomorrow. But I needed a bigger bag. I always stock up at Aldi or other sales and store until collection day. Plus my dentist gives me trail size toothpaste, floss and brushes in a case for just this. just ask at your next visit. They get them from the sales reps for no charge.

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Our small post office has volunteers to go out and pick up the donations so the mail carrier can go ahead and do his route. They collect tons and tons from around here..Great thing!!

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I always put out food. Sometimes just a can of tuna and jar of peanut butter. One year I missed the pickup so I drove to my Post Office to drop off a bag of canned goods.

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