Weekend quilting plans? 6/18-6/19

msmeowJune 17, 2011

Wow, I beat Linda OH to the weekend question! :) What's everyone up to this weekend?

Tomorrow we're going over to Lakeland to visit parents. I have one more Ode to Blue & Grey block to get caught up, so hopefully I can get that done Sunday afternoon. I want to make a few more minis for the AAQI, then I have 4 more little tops to quilt for my guild's charity. That will keep me busy for a while! LOL Plus I'll be working on Mark's BD quilt whenever he's not around to catch me. I'm off the week of July 4 so I should be able to make good progress on his quilt that week.


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I'm going to work on quilting my circle quilt. I had planned to give this quilt as a Christmas gift last year but I was only done with the top. So I showed the quilt top and then took it back to quilt it. I made significant progress early in the year and then hit a mental block on how to finish quilting it. Last night I finally made a decision and I'd love to finish it or come close in the next weekend or two!


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Go Lola, go Lola! You'll be so proud of yourself when you finish quilting! I'm glad you are over your block...that's really frustrating.

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Am working on a sailboat applique baby quilt this weekend. And have started a crocheted afgan this afternoon. Hope everyone has a great weekend. We are in drought and desperately need some rain.

Best to you,

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DS is on his way to town so will take he & girlfriend out to dinner when they get here. Packing the motorhome tomorrow for a week in the Mesa Verde/Four Corners area - leaving Sunday. I will try to work on hand quilting an queensize UFO (10+ years!!!) in between packing ... too big to take along. I have a small baby quilt to hand quilt for the trip. I am trying to decide on fabrics for another baby quilt for a July 10 shower (guess I'd better get busy!)


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Greetings from Columbus, OH! My DD and I went to the NQA show today and found lots of goodies. We took lots of pictures. I will post more later.
Linda OH

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Sandra 'd love to send you some rain:) We have't had TOO much, but could certainly share!

I had hoped to sew all day today & get caught up w/blocks for another swap I'm doing, plus get block #3 for the June lotto done. Alas!, DGS#2 spent the night last night (which is why I'm online now! at 4:30am lol) He will be here all day today while DGS#1 is in a soccer tournament out of town. He will entertain himself part of the time, so I'll be able to quilt a little, just not the marathon I had hoped for! :) Oh well, time w/them at this age is short, I'll enjoy it while I have it!! (I have learned a few things over the years, TH!!)


Ahh!! The first birds are up singing!!

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I'm making a June/July lotto block, now that Michelle has kindly taken over moderating! Plus grooming our dogs, cleaning the oven and other not so fun stuff.

I guess you can tell I have company coming in about a week!


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I am in Ellicottville, NY for the weekend without a sewing machine and I didn't bring any handwork either. I did however go shopping in Amish country of Western NY. I bought 108" wide backing fabric for 5.25 a yard and 45" quilting cottons for 2.99 a yard! I will have to wash everything because their shops are on their farms. I wish I had bought more. I hope to get a couple of blocks made when I get home tomorrow.

Have a great weekend everyone


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Thanks for the encouragement Donna. I did quilt quite a bit on Saturday, but unfortunately, I think I underestimated how long this is going to take me - definitely more than one or two weekends. Oh well, if I keep at it, eventually I'll finish, and then I'll post a picture.

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Sunday I spent some time pawing through my stash for batiks for a new quilt. A friend wants me to make her other daughter a quilt - after I made DD#1 a quilt a number of years ago. Evidently DD#2 has been pestering her mom for "her" quilt! I think I have enough batiks for the blocks, but will need to get a background. I don't want to use WOW or white muslin - I think I want a light batik. I will be doing another Nickel Quilt from the newest book.


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