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eileenlaunonenFebruary 25, 2009

I need a suggestion on a Spanish style cheese that would work well on a hamburger. I also want to be able to easily purchase it. TIA

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Manchego comes to mind. Or maybe a pepper jack.

Guess it will depend on what result you are hoping to achieve.


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Is Manchengo a melting cheese?

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All cheese is a "melting cheese" if it's "real" and not low fat or processed.
Manchego comes well aged and not so well aged....you will have to try both to see what you like.
Maybe provlone would work....even though it's not Spanish.
Linda C

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Here is a website with SPANISH CHEESE information.

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Thanks for the website!!!

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Here in Spain we tend to use slices of softer non-Spanish cheeses such as Emmenthal, Edam or Gouda for to melt on sandwiches or hamburgers. Manchego comes in three stages of maturity: fresh - (tierno), half cured (semi-curado) or cured (curado). It's used mostly for eating sliced or as an aperitif with sherry etc. or using the cured or semi-cured as grated. You could try the semi-cured, although it's not exactly a melting cheese. I have read that the Mexican version of Manchego is used for melting though.

Mahon cheese is another nice one from the island of Menora, but again it might go rubbery if you try to melt it. It depends what Spanish cheese you are able to buy there and why you would want a Spanish cheese for putting on a hamburger.

Here's another good list of Spanish cheeses. Although the text is in Spanish, you can see from which animal the milk comes, goat, sheep or cow.
Some cheeses are made from a mixture of milk from two or three different animals.


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Thanks great info

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