New kitchen photos, custom cherry cabs

bjwright1April 5, 2011

Here is a picture of my new kitchen with the details below.

We took down the wall to our dining room, bought a new table that extends as large as our old dining room table so we can use it for holidays but now we use it for everyday dinners, and replaced our kitchen table with an island with 4 barstools that gets used every day for breakfast, lunch, homework, hanging out, etc.

Custom, inset cherry cabinets with a cinnamon stain and coffee glaze, full extension glides with soft close drawers and hinges (Blume) - local cabinet maker Mike Santa

Knobs and drawer pulls by Top knobs

Seeded glass door inserts from Emerald Glass in Pittsburgh

Granite - St. Cecelia from Blum’s

Floor - Distressed Maple in Butterscotch color from Ark

Backsplash - 4x4 durango limestone with driftwood grout, ½” pencil molding and basket weave pattern above range top.

Under cabinet outlet strips (maybe it’s plugmould) and xenon lights - to allow for an uninterrupted backsplash

Appliances -

Wolf 36”gas range top

Independent brand range hood

Sharp microwave drawer

Miele Dishwasher

Kitchen Aid standard depth refrigerator KFIS27 (recessed to look cabinet depth)

Kitchen Aid double convection oven

Kitchen Aid garbage disposal and air switch

Franke Sink

Delta touch faucet

Custom made, distressed, wood-topped island - made by local cabinet maker, Jim Haugh, Haugh Woodworking

Tigerwood island top from Grothouse Lumber

Niche with computer monitor/tv screen, pull-out keyboard tray with wireless keyboard & mouse, drawer for laptop and charging station

Window seat with cushion

Table, chairs and hutch - Canadel

Barstools - sawhorse style, much larger seat area than saddle seat, only came in brown stain, repainted by Jim Haugh who made the island

Chandelier - Restoration Hardware

Light switches - maestro

Glass pocket doors to separate living room from kitchen

Appliance garage with doors that recess

Window treatment - would like to put something up on the double window by the table

Area rug - from Target

Favorite things about the kitchen - computer screen recessed into wall to save space on 18” deep counter, love to use the pullout drawer with wireless keyboard & mouse for the computer - it uses the laptop as a tower (laptop can be unplugged and taken elsewhere,) I always pull up a comfy stool from the island, computer screen also can toggle to a tv screen to show what’s on the tv in the adjoining family room, love my vertical storage slots built in above my double ovens, love how my silverware tray from the dishwasher and silverware drawer pull out to within 3 inches of each other - I easily can transfer the silverware from dw to drawer, love to cook on my gas range top (used to have smooth-top electric), love our standard depth refrigerator that looks like a cabinet depth due to recessing it just a few inches into the wall and building out adjoining cabinets to give the look of a cabinet depth, love my drawer storage for pots and pans under my range top (instead of getting a range with a large oven below,) love having the drawer micro in the island instead of in the wall across the room where my double oven is located, I love the natural light from the windows.

Here is a link that might be useful: Additional kitchen photos

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You have a great kitchen.

Thanks for sharing.

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I am not usually a fan of dark cabinetry, but your entire space is perfectly elegant and comfortable at the same time. Great planning, stunning outcome. Kudos.

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Beautiful cabs! I love the rich color and grain of your cabs. I love the mix of materials, too. Love the double islands! It looks like such a nice workspace. Enjoy your new space.

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Your new kitchen is really lovely. Love the cherry with the black accents.
It looks like a wonderful space to work in. Congratulations!

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Your kitchen is just AMAZING!!
what brand and color is the wall?

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The wall color is Sherwin Williams Compatible Cream, sw 6387, I'm not sure how to add that to the initial post. It looks like a yellow in our kitchen, we were deciding between that and a light tan, but we really are happy with the yellow color.

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Beautiful and functional, enjoy!

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Its beautiful~ You included tons of details, so I only have one question! Do you know the stain that was used on your wood floors? They are gorgeous!

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Wow, quality through and through. What a great kitchen it must be to work in or just hang out. The black distressed island and table and chairs look wonderful in the space as well. Congratulations! What an awesome kitchen.

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Love the black with the cherry and the island top is worth every penny you paid !

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Lovely. Very, very nice! Makes me crave cherry cabs in my kitchen. : ) I have a few questions, since I'm trying to decide on 1 looong island or 2 smaller islands. How much space is there between the 2 islands? Do you like having 2? Do they both get used the way you thought they would? Thanks!

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Our flooring is prefinished solid maple from Ark, French Collection, in the color Butterscotch. We wanted prefinished thinking it would be more durable but since we have a golden retriever it is already scratched.

We love our 2 islands, we thought about 1 long island but didn't want to have to constantly walk around it to get to fridge, oven, front door. We always use the wood topped island to scoop ice cream, fill cereal bowls and drinks, as a landing spot for baked goods coming out of the oven. There is 49 inches of clearance between the 2 islands. If you look at the slideshow, you can see how the spacing looks from a different angle.

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those cabinets are stunning. probably just what my dh wanted! ;) and that tiger wood on the island is amazing. thanks for sharing your really beautiful kitchen.

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Thank you for your quick response! : )

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Liking those cabs - congrats to you - enjoy!

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LOVE LOVE LOVE your kitchen! Do you mind if I ask which Top Knobs hardware styles you chose?

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Verrry Niiice!

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That's really gorgeous! Would you mind sharing some more details about your "computer nook"? I'm intrigued.

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Beautiful!! You created such a warm and inviting space.

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Beautiful kitchen. You should be very proud! Can you tell me about the backsplash?

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Beautiful, very warm and comfortable. Love the window seat. The whole kitchen seems like a space you would really love being in. Your cabinet maker did a great job. Congratulations!

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Gorgeous! Bon Appetit! It's so rich looking!

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What a beautiful and warm space you have. I love all the colors, your woods are gorgeous. I just love how you did everything. Its ALL beautiful. Congratulations on a job well done.

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The monitor is actually a flatscreen Samsung LED TV that can be toggled between "TV" or "PC" inputs as desired. The LED TV (because it is much thinner than a standard LCD, and the connections are oriented more favorably) allows the monitor to hang fully incased in the wall recess. As you see from the photos, the "PC" portion is controlled by a wireless bluetooth keyboard and mouse in the very flat drawer directly below. The monitor gets its signal from the larger drawer below the "flat" drawer, where a laptop sits and performs the same function that a tower performs for a desktop computer. (there is simply a setting in Windows that tells the laptop to "do nothing" when the lid is closed instead of powering off or hibernating as it usually would). The monitor/TV is inset into the wall and cords come up through the wall from the larger drawer as needed. Audio/video cords also come up through the wall. The main TV setup in our house is in the room behind the kitchen and all the cords run down into our unfinished laundry room, then up to the computer/TV in our kitchen (again, through the interior wall space). Hope that helps, let us know if you have any other questions.

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I think the whole kitchen is amazing, but I am totally loving that computer area! What a functional and beautiful kitchen!!

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I am in love with your kitchen! I love the computer area, the granite you chose, the gorgeous maple floors, the gorgeous rich cherry cabinets, the appliances, the backsplash, the lighting and the two islands. Thanks for sharing.

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This is tremendously tasteful, really roomy, and inviting. A happy workspace.

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Gorgeous! I love your little window seat. Thanks for sharing with us all.

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um, WOW! What an amazing kitchen! You did a fantastic job,
and it must be amazing spending time in that gorgeous space!


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Beautiful! Very well designed! Love the pc/tv area, alot of people will be copying that idea ;-). The tiger top is lovely! You must be so happy.

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Can you tell me about how the cabinets sit next to the sink over the window? Is there space between the window molding and the cabinet, and if so, is it painted or tiled? How much space? I'm planning cherry cabinets and white window moldings, and I'm getting different advice from each cabinet guy about how they should be spaced. Thanks!

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That wood just glows. Congratulations on such a warm and inviting kitchen.

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geeze, this is beeeeeeautiful!!! I love the kitchen area, ditto on what everone else has said. I also have to say I think your dining room area is wonderful and so cheerful -- LOVE the rug. I think it's great that by opening the space you not only got a huge kitchen, but now you get to see and use that gorgeous room on a daily basis. Win! :-) Thanks for sharing.

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Ginny20, you asked about the upper cabinets above the sink. As you can see from the photo, we have very little space between the window molding and the cabinet. They are 1 inch off the window trim. Our cabinet guy wanted us to have a few inches of space on each side of the window trim above the sink and window seat to allow the cabinets to look more custom but we did not want to give up the space in the upper cabinets on each side of the range. I use the upper cabinets for spices on one side and flour, sugar, and other baking supplies on the other. We were also concerned with how the substantial crown molding above the windows would look with our white window trim but we are happy with it. We love the detail they put into the crown molding and how the installer angles the molding at each point where there would usually be a corner instead of having it come to a point at each corner.
We also like how they put the detail into the molding on the sections that were bumped out a little, making it look like there are feet on the cabinet of the range and appliance garage.

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jgs7691, you asked which top knobs they are M752 and M792.

Ginny20, I forgot to say that we have paint next to the cabinets except for at the height of the backsplash where the tile is left to extend up to finish the row of tile instead of cutting it off at the same height as the light rail or bottom of the cabinet.

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Wow!! This is a pretty kitchen.

I cannot load the album in the link provided; hopefully it will work later. I would really love to take a look at your floorplan. Your concept of two islands is fantastic!

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What a lovely space. I esp. love the window seat by the cooktop. I can just imagine one my kids sitting there hanging out talking about their day with me while I stir a big pot of soup on the stove. Notice I said I not you! Beautiful job.

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Thanks for the answer and the great pictures. The way he detailed the cabinets makes this especially elegant. I don't have nearly as much space as you, but I'm going to show your pictures to my GC. This is definitely the feeling I'm going for. It's fabulous! Congratulations!

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Hi! Your kitchen is gorgeous. Someone recently told me about Mike Santos (we live in the burbs of PGH) and I was about to give him a call. Did you like working with him? How can I see more pictures of your beautiful kitchen?

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clueless in pgh, I don't know why the link to the photos isn't working. Maybe I'll try to put it together on a link to photobucket. Send me an email to get more info on Mike Santa, or for more photos - he's a really nice guy to work with.

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Really a gorgeous kitchen! You've done a great job and I'm saving a few of your pictures to show my cabinet guy this weekend. I'm trying to figure out how to do an enclosed cell phone charging area and I would love a tv that I can just pull down from under a wall cabinet; you've given me some ideas to think about. Thanks for sharing all your details. We are almost down to the studs so maybe I can have the hubby run the cable in case I figure something out down the road.

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i'm not a fan of the all stained kitchen, but yours is beautiful! the cabinetry looks absolutely lovely! good luck with it, enjoy!

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Beautiful. Isn't it nice to have a great craftsman build your kitchen. Your cabinets look amazing.

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I LOVE your kitchen....especially what you did for the TV / computer setup. Can you tell me--does the laptop get hot being closed up in the drawer? After seeing your picture, I'd like to hide my laptop in the drawer, too! It's currently on a built-in desk I had put into the laundry room instead of the kitchen (I tend to have a messy desk, this way I can hide it). Thanks!!

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Thanks for everyones nice comments about our kitchen!

Tracey_b, we have our laptop plugged into a laptop cooling mat that goes to a USB port. It has a fan that runs when the computer is on so it never over heats in the drawer. It has worked out really well for us because in our old kitchen, the laptop remained open and turned on for long periods of time. It collected dust and sometimes got splattered so it didn't look so good sitting out. This works out for us to just push closed the keyboard drawer when we get up from the computer and the area doesn't look messy.

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Hi Bjwright1,
Your kitchen is beautiful. We are about to begin the demo on ours and are interested in the Ark flooring as well. After looking at many samples, I like the antique collection Maple butterscotch the best. Are you still happy with them?

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Perfect example of why I LOVE the look of warm wood cabinets!! Beautiful!!

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2boyz, you asked if we still like our Ark floors. We are really happy with the way the floors look but we have a golden retreiver so our floors are scratched. The scratches have not damaged the finish, they are more like dents in the wood, but if you look at the right angle you can see them. The scratches from our dog on our old oak floors were much more evident because the flooring had a gloss to it. Our Ark flooring does not have a sheen to it and the slight distressing helps to hide the scratches, but I know they are there!

We don't have any areas where the wood has chipped and you see a lighter, unstained color. I love the width of the planks, the color, the very slight bevel but I believe there is just no way to avoid scratches on hardwood floors.

So, yes I still am happy with my Ark flooring!

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just bumping to more recent in the list so my contractor can find the post more easily

    Bookmark   February 3, 2012 at 5:38PM
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