Charming whirligig quilt

new2quiltingJune 8, 2011

I made this baby-sized whirligig quilt with the Charmed whirligig tutorial. I used seven 1/8th yard pieces of "Rhythm & Blues" fabric I'd bought and was in need of a project! The blocks went together fast and I ended up squaring up the block some.

Excuse the lumpy towels under the quilt. The quilt has been washed, the floor have not!

Here is a link that might be useful: Charming Whirligig Tutorial

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Cute, cute, cute! What a cheery quilt for a little one - you did a nice job!

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Your quilt is adorable! Thanks for the tutorial. Nice to know you can use 1/8 yard pieces to make this.

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Love the colors. I really like this quilt.

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Gosh, what a great job, this quilt is SO MUCH FUN! I'm sure helped by the fact that I love turquoise. Just terrific, makes me want to try to make this one too!!

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Thanks everyone! I just loved that fabric line the first time I saw it and knew I had to do something with it. This is the perfect one. And the blocks went together really fast. I've seen so many pretty turquoise & red fabrics that I'd like to try that at sometime as well.

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How did you quilt it?
I have mine sitting here and the more I stare at it, the harder it is to decide what to do with it.
Love the colours too!

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Great quilt. I love the colors. You did a good job.
I'm also interested in how you quilted it. Did you quilt around each whirligig? Is there a tutorial for this pattern somewhere on the web?


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I really like this pattern and like the colors you used, too.

I realize if using a charm pack you need to trim 1/2" off, but when I made mine I didn't have charms so when cutting strips of fabric, I cut 5" strips and then subcut 4 1/2" saving 1/2" of fabric per strip.

SharonG/FL-IN (just back from Ohio)

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I quilted down one side of the whirligig "row" (zigging down and over, if that makes sense) and then up the other, so it was a continuous line and I didn't have to move the quilt around (or freemotion). I did a zigzag in the border. I saw one that had been quilted with diagonal lines all in one direction to look like "movement" and thought that was neat.

I did the same, Sharon, and cut 5" x 4.5" with the colors, just as the tutorial says for the white.

Geraldine, I linked the pattern up there.

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I love it!! It has a way of "moving" when I scroll the picture up and down on my screen, too.


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Beautiful quilt great job. Love it.

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