Salmon Quilt New design

artistlundJune 22, 2012


I just posted photos on my blog of my new Salmon quilt design. I start with pencil sketches and then bring into the computer. The quilt is nearing completion and I would love your comments on my new design.



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It's really cute :D

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Wow, very intricate design and very dramatic. Brings back delightful memories of a visit to Ketchikan! Are you in Alaska or the Northwest? I can't tell from the picture: are you sewing the edges of each piece of applique or will you try to catch them all when you quilt it?

Ken, you might want to leave your blog address off future posts so you don't get accused of advertising. I'm sure that wasn't your intent but it could be taken that way.


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I think he is advertising, since he just posted the same thing on another one of my forums.

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I agree, Donna! I was just trying to be subtle and not sound too much like the forum police! LOL

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