2nd Lamp & night stand added to guest room - does it overpower?

zen4dMay 10, 2014

I decided to buy a 2nd lamp and moved a matching but round side table into guest room. DH thinks the lamps overpower the room. Something in this room is not feeling right and I can't pin what's bothering me. I liked one lamp, but thought I needed another lamp on the other side. Since I know nothing about scale, I'm wondering if scale is somewhat off. What do you think?

p.s. I'm sorry for posting so much today and feeling a wee bit selfish. Please know how much I appreciate all your help, and many, many thanks for your advice on this and the clutch.

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I think it looks good. Most people use lamps that are too small in scale on bedside tables. Maybe that's what your husband's eye is accustomed to seeing. If the top of the lamps are uneven, you can stack a book under the lower one.

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Love it!!!! When can I come stay in your beautiful guest room???

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Fun2bhere: Thanks for the reassurance. BTW, you have such a good eye! I was thinking just that but was "afraid" to use a book; was thinking of buying some lucite. Will put the book there right now. Thanks!

Lynnie - LOL

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Holly- Kay

Zen, it's lovely. You did an amazing job, the room is lovely. I agree about the lamps, I don't want anything skimpy looking in my room either. Your guests will love this well thought out and lovely room.

BTW, I'll bet I am not the only one who would love to see a pic of you in your lovely dress with the accessories you have chosen.

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I think it looks very, very nice.

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I do think the lamps are too tall for your arrangement. Since the lamps are a matched pair, but don't match in height because of the different height of your nightstands, this throws the room off too.

I reduced the height of the lamps by about 20% in the photo and think a slightly smaller lamp would work better.

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I also think the lamps are a little tall.

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To me, the table by the window looks bigger than the table by the wall making window side of the room look tighter than the wall side.

I would swap them if that is the case.

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beverly, you have such a great eye! I want you to come to my house.

Pretty room, zen. Your guests will appreciate the comfortable feel you created.

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I think it looks great, and it's really best to have lamps on each side of the bed for readers. I think the lamps are a great height because guests will actually be able to read.

One suggestion, rather than putting a book under the lower lamp, I'd put blocks under each leg of the table to raise it. They won't even be noticeable.

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I think the mirror is a wee bit too small for the wall. I'd put it on the wall by the door.

Pretty shade of blue!

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Annie Deighnaugh

Great job! I think it could benefit from a little tweaking yet.

I'd swap the night stands...the square takes up more room and is crowding the drape.

I think the mirror isn't the best choice. I'd put it on a side wall or some place guests can use it. The wall opposite the window will help reflect the light to that side of the room.

Instead, I'd like to see something longer and not so high, again to help create a horizontal line (which says relax).... If not a long piece of art, then a series of square frames of a theme would be nice too.

Beds always look best to me if they have a horizontal line on them like a throw folded up at the foot of the bed. You might try deleting a pillow or two and see how that works too...right now the pillows looks busy next to the simplicity of the bedspread.

But these are minor tweaks and any guest would be happy to stay there.

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Patricia - thank you. It's still not feeling quite right; i'll explain.

Holy Kay - thank you too. I thought GW deleted my "unrelated" post re dress! (At least getting my outfit right is something I'm very confident about!)

Beverly- I think you hit the nail on the head; just a little too tall and I also think those tables are contributing to that effect.

April Love - agree.

Kippy the Hippy - I did swap; the table by window is actually smaller but it's round so takes up less space. Think I'll switch again.

Juju: Bev does have a good eye.

May - Mirror is too small and I don't even like it. Had it and thought I would make use of it, since this is a GR. But I also thought the GR would be the easiest room to begin with :)! Great idea about moving mirror to ops wall.

Tib - for reading, it is a wonderful height.

Annie - thanks for that detailed advice. Like the idea of mirror and reflective light on the other wall. I've deleted a few pillows. It does look better. I'm even considering going sans the PB shams but don't know if I can return them after ironing them and throwing away tickets. You're right about tables. Thank you most of all for helping me to consider horizontal lines. Since I'm so new at this, it's not something I thought of as I was focused on learning about vertical lines. I need to see the big picture, not just go by instinct.

Everyone: I think the issue here, besides my inexperience in room design (have had a busy, busy life outside the home until now) is I'm using things that I don't really care for and never selected. Had them forever. The tables are not what I would have chosen and were a gift - years ago. If I had the freedom to do a complete makeover, i think I would have chosen mirrored nightstands or glass. I like the lamps (color, style, glass) but find them just a bit too tall and may return them. The mirror - well, it's really not attractive but I was using what I had (another gift) - which I realize is not always a good thing.

Everyone - I think I've taken up enough of your time. Thank you and Happy Mother's Day to all Mothers - woman who are like mothers to someone, to stepmoms, to adopted moms, to birth moms.

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I love the PB multi-colored shams.

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Holly- Kay

Zen, you are a totally charming and gracious young woman. We have all been there in regards to using what we have and not particularly liking what we end up with. I love your room and any guest fortunate enough to have such a lovely, well planned out room we be equally fortunate to have you as their gracious hostess.

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I think the reason people may think your lamps are too tall is that they are so used to lamps that are not nearly tall enough. The purpose of the lamps is to provide light for a person sitting up in bed reading, and that light source ideally comes from above the person's shoulder. There is an easy way to determine whether the height is correct; sit on the bed with a book and turn each light on. You'll know immediately.

I think you have done a marvelous job with the guest room. It is serene and lovely. The size of the oval mirror is just right over the headboard, as the ceiling is not high and you don't want the mirror competing with the lamps. If you are set on changing that, I would probably replace it with three smaller square framed prints in a horizontal row above headboard.

Great job!

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I don't think the lamps are too tall, but the skinny, clear bases make the shades look larger.

I think that something wider over the bed would balance out the lamps.

I like your choice of side tables for the room. And I love the drapes.

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Swapping the tables will make the spacing look more even, and raising the lower lamp with a book may take care of the height difference.

If the difference in the height of the tables themselves remains noticeable, you could add feet to the shorter one. Sometimes people do this with drapery finials.

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Holly- Kay

KSWL, I agree with your comment re lamps needing to be tall enough. The lamps I have on my chests now are ugly and the shade is overpowering on them but they are a good height for reading. I also like the mirror where it is. It's being used for form rather than function in this case. I love the way Zen's room turned out.

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A big vote for your taller lamps! With the wonderful tall patterned curtains -- the whole room appears to be much taller!

I do love a lamp that actally does shine down on the side of the bed AND help to light up the whole room! :)

Yes -- do try swapping the end tables .... room design can be a matter of mere inches! (just teasing!)

And -- for a quick change -- try stacking the pillows flat -- and then add one smaller (try the plain one) in front of the stack ..... just a quick change! We have the same kind of bed in our master bedroom .... and I have stacked pillows for years ..... :)

Lovely room for ANY lucky guest! :)

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The lamps need to be shorter and or the same height, imho

Pretty room!

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Love your guest room. I agree with Beverly on this. Other than that, really do like your room and any guest will just adore staying over!!

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It's not that a mirror is "bad function" over a bed. That particular one looks odd with it being too small and an oval turned on its side. A small oval painting would look off too. I agree with Annie that the bed needs a longer horizontal piece over it, so even a mirror with rectangular lines would work.

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The lamps could be quite a bit shorter and still tall enough for good reading. I don't think you could reach up from bed and turn the switch off/on (unless it's on the cord). I would be concerned about easily knocking them over, being so tall and skinny. I also would remove the mirror-what it's reflecting distracts me from the beauty of the bed. I love the color of the walls and the drapes are a great choice. The room appears very warm and inviting as well as functional.

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