costs of raising a house up?(long island, ny)

mobgirl86May 7, 2009

Hi. I'm interested in purchasing a house that has no crawl space, no basement. I was told by the realtor that the house at one point flooded with 4 feet of water. The house is in a bay area in Island Park, NY. The price is reasonable but I have no idea the costs associated with adding a foundation or raising a house up. Does anyone have any advice or ideas of the costs? It's a small house, the lot is only 40x50, a very small 3bdrm "cottage". Your help is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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Only way to find out is calling contractors and get a quote. It really depends on how the house is built and what the foundation looks like now.

Also raising the house will likely cause cracks in walls etc. Somewhat similar to house moving although a little less in damage. We have friends who purchased a house and moved it. They had to do plaster repair in every room. Due to the cost of doing so etc. they ended up drywalling it. They said most of the cracks came from raising the house off the foundation and putting it down again, not the moving part.

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Though I'm in a different state - I asked a contractor how much it would cost to raise up a house to add another foot of head room in the basement and he said he had just done a similar job for $25,000 which is a lot less than I expected. But there are all sorts of variables that affect price. You really need to have a contractor look at the house and give you a estimate on the cost.

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And if you don't raise it or not enough, are you going to be in a flood zone and have to have flood insurance?
Kathy G in MI

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Also if it was flooded once, it could happen again--is there flood damage? New drywall? Mold? Can you get flood insurance and at what price.

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