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gardenladFebruary 8, 2007

So, a long while back I watched Bobby Flay make Parchment-wrapped Filets in Anchovy Butter. I'm finally getting around to giving it a try. Flay used barimundi, but I'm thinking tilapia.

Researching anchovy butter to get some idea of the quantities I find recomendations for everything from 1 to ten filets per stick of sweet butter.

Anybody out there ever make anchovy butter? What ratio did you find worked best? What I'm looking for is that suble flavor addition anchovies provide, but don't want the saltiness to overpower.

Other flavor components in this dish are mint, parsley, and cherry tomatoes tossed in a balsomic reduction.

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I've never tried this recipe but thought you might be interested in seeing it. It's from the 1952 book entitled Culinary Arts Institute Encyclopedic Cookbook.

Anchovy Butter

1 cup butter
1/2 cup minced anchovies or 4 Tablespoons anchovy paste
2 teaspoons lemon juice
4 drops onion juice

Substitute herring, bloaters, crawfish, lobster, smoked salmon, whitefish or sardines for the anchovies.

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Thanks, Khandi,

That sounds good. It won't work with the fish dish I have in mind, though, because that also calls for a balsomic reduction, and there'd be too much acid.

Put I can definately see it for other uses. Heck, I can see it just on toast points.

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