Carnuba wax on granite countertops?!?!

avesmorApril 7, 2011

Long story short, two granite workers were over the other day and one of them told DH that we should "seriously consider" sealing our granite with cranuba/car wax. He told him, "The granite industry would never endorse it because it would take too much profit from the companies that make all the expensive products, but the best sealer for countertops is regular carnuba car wax. A ton of people do it."

That concerns me for a few reasons: silicates, petroleums, seepage, etc. And everything I'd put on the countertops would just glide right off. :)

Do any of you actually do this? I've never read about it here, so I assume it can't be some new standard I've just never heard of.

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Does the stone you have require sealing?

Not all do.

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On granite I never heard. I used carnuba was on my concrete bathroom counter. It was a nice finish--not slippery and I have not touched it since--that was in 2004.

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Pure Carnuba should not be a problem. Just Google "carnuba on granite counter" and you will see lots of recommendations. Do not get just any car was. Some car waxes have polishing and cleaning compounds that could do more harm than good. Pure carnuba is what you want.

Here is a link that might be useful: Flitz Granite Wax

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The everyday granite cleaner the fabricators gave me does infact have carnuba wax in it. Let us know how it works if you decide to use it.

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I want to repeat for emphasis what Brickeyee wrote - not all granites even need to be sealed. Mine isn't sealed and looks great. What is the name of your granite?

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do you want to eat car wax? one of the requirements for a countertop sealer is that it be food safe. would you roll out cookie dough on your newly waxed car?

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Pure Carnuba is just wax from palm leaves, and is on many things that you eat every day, like candy and medication. I wouldn't hesitate to eat off of it.

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"Pure Carnuba"

And your source of food grade wax is?

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