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fredinvaJanuary 7, 2011

Are you using computer software to store your recipes?

Years ago my wife used MasterCook, but that personal confuser crashed and we couldn't reload it on our new OS.

what's a good program if you are using one?

thx in advance,fred

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I have Master Cook on my PC....but have also devised my own method that is more convenient for me.

I buy blank CD's for my "E:-drive". Label each one with a catagory (Cakes, Meats, Vegetables, etc) Whenever I come to a recipe that I would like to keep, I copy (or paste) it into "my documents." Then when I have the inclination, I move it from documents onto the accordingly labeled CD. In that way, if I should ever get another computer.....or need to use a different PC, I would not loose my recipes.

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Thanks for the reply.

But that brings up a point. Why buy CDs?
why not get a usb thumb drive and save them there?

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If that is a way of storing your recipes and cooking information, it is probably another good way to go.

I am not familliar with a usb thumb drive, so find the CD's more convenient for my use and purposes.....perhaps a thumb drive is a better way?

How can one find out about usb and how to use it?

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Many Thanks, Fred, for pointing me into the right direction !!! Very helpful !

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I have Cook'n on my computer.

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WalnutCreek Zone 7b/8a

I used to use MasterCook. But now just copy and paste a recipe or type one in a Word document and save to my portable drive, similar to lisbet saving to CDs. Each category has its own folder and then other folders within the main category folder; for example, I have a main folder labeled Sweets, inside that folder is a folder for Cakes and within that folder is a folder for Cakes from Scratch, Cakes from Mixes, Cheese, Fruit. Then there are other folders within the Sweets folder: Pies (and within that a folder each for Cream, Fruit, Nut, etc. In the Vegetable folder, there are individual folders for Beans, Peas, Potatoes, Tomatoes, Eggplant, Crucifers, etc. You get the idea. Though this sounds cumbersome, it really isn't once the folders are set up, and it makes it very easy for me to locate a recipe.

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