what did you splurge on? any regret

plumberryApril 13, 2013

what did you splurge on? Is there anything that you regret skimping on? TIA!

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I didn't even worry about the cost of all my painted glass cabinets. They had to go in my kitchen.

Oh, and I wish I pushed harder for matching moldings in the rest of the remodel - but we can fix that later.

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When we moved into our new home five years ago, EVERYTHING was extra. Our preliminary invoice for upgrades was $71,000! So, we had to cut way back and the first place was the master bath. I do regret that now, as I hate the builder's grade tile in there. We had the vanity refaced so that looks better, but that tile......

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We're planning a kitchen remodel, and were going to go with laminate, but found a quartz that DH and I both loved.

We've ordered cabinets and counters, but they won't be in until July. I'll let you know then how I feel!

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My paneled sub zero fridge.

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Ditto (paneled sub-zero).

And soapstone.

I may be broke when this remodel is finished, but no regrets so far. :-)

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Holly- Kay

So far my splurge has been limited to a Waterstone faucet. I haven't decided on pull/knobs yet so that could be another spluge though I am not inclined to spend a bundle on them. I get hardware of my choice from Amerock as long as the pulls aren't over 3 inches but I am thinking three inch pulls are too small.

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Two things for us.
1) Brushed Black Pearl granite.
I was desperate to have the mat finish as opposed to polished. We are so pleased with it 11 months later.
We actually did not put in a new stove at the time of the reno.. That cost of which was almost the exact overage for the granite.

2) Corner banquette by a cabinet maker. She did an amazing job with the very small space we have. Still love it!

PS I'm am waiting on our new stove delivery as I type right now! Thankfully our old stove made it through.

Edited Sunday: and here it is!
From Kitchen Renovation Before During After

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My Rutt inset walnut cabinets with the walnut interiors. There are no words to describe how much I love these cabinets with the counter cabinets and all drawers underneath. As for the details that were extra I suppose, I especially love the spice ramp. The knife insert is just okay. Not sure I would do that again.

The Blue Star range with grill. Love this range. I am a little sorry I did not spring for a color. It would have been easier to keep clean, I think.

The Forms and Surfaces cabinet pulls. Hickory had something for a fifth of the price but the shape of the F and S was just a little more sleek. So many people comment on my hardware so I guess it was a good splurge.

The Miele Diamond dishwasher--this was a last minute upgrade after I saw it in a neighbor's apartment. I decided that the LED lights and auto close were too cool to pass up. I am happy with that decision.

The beehive pendants. They really make a statement. Love them.

As others have said, the Waterstone faucets and the paneled SZ.

Things that I did not splurge on and do not regret--Miele wine fridge and the Miele Master Chef speed oven. The Uline wine fridge is totally fine and the Miele regular Chef model speed oven is fine too. I actually prefer knobs rather than only keypads. Just those two items saved over $2,500.

The Julien sink. I do like it a lot but I am not sure it was worth quite so much money. However, I don't know if a comparable Franke or Blanco would have cost much less. I never got to see a Kraus in person.

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Our Miele plumbed in coffee maker. Ridiculously pricey and we waffled back and forth so much on it, but so glad we plumped for it in the end. Best thing ever! I almost want to kiss it every morning, lol.

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ÃÂ love Taggie's kitchen. And I agree about her coffee maker. I didn't t have room for that but I would have loved it!

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In my old kitchen a Sub-Zero, a Miele slimline dishwasher, and soapstone counters.

Some regrets about the Sub-Zero, mostly that the design hinged on it and it can only be replaced by another Sub-Zero, and there were a couple repairs. But it was the best refrigerator I've had, nonetheless.

No regrets about the Miele or the soapstone.

In the new house I probably will Not do another Sub-Zero, but will still do integrated. ( I just don't want to spend $7000) I may or may not do a Miele DW because there are many good 24" options vs. 18" options. I will be doing soapstone countertops again, but not a soapstone sink.

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Was there anything in your kitchen that was NOT a splurge? Wink-wink.

I am in your shoes, actually. I "splurged" on practically everything. And things I regret are the ones I wanted to do differently but did not b/c of cost considerations. :-(

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My whole house was a splurge :) but mostly the kitchen.
moss green BS RNB w/griddle and a matching Pro-line hood
Wolf Steam and convection wall ovens
copper sinks, island prep and main both w/disposals
paneled Sub-Z
paneled Bosch 800+
marble on island and 1 perimeter
soapstone in the rest of the kitchen
over and under cab lighting
built in coffee maker

DW splurged in the master bath w/marble counter tops and tub surround, heated floor, and 'mood' lighting :)

We also did over 1500 sq ft of colored lightweight concrete for our decking under the covered porch and the 20x40 covered outdoor living area. DW said 'no wood' which also meant no wood 'type' products like Trex (which we had at our old house). All the outdoor railing, almost 200 ln ft, is custom wrought iron.

After over a year we'll be moving in within the next week, YAY!!

Now we just have to pay for it all, we blew thru our 20% contingency without stopping :)

We actually did start to regret some of the things until we actually saw the completed house. We absolutely love the way it turned out so are putting that behind us with a big smile.

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granite (typhoon bordeaux) and 48" Blue Star range - splurges. don't regret it all.

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My splurge was the custom banquette built into a bay window and the custom table we are having built. No regrets as the floor plan hinges on a banquette as opposed to a kitchen table and chairs.

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Cambria quartz counter tops was our splurge...regrets? Not having a bigger kitchen :)

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There's an old saying I learned over forty years ago, "The quality remains long after the price is forgotten" In 1986, when we last re did our kitchen, we did not skimp on a thing, and I believe the quality we paid for then is the reason it served us well for so many years. We've just completed a moderate makeover, and since this is likely the last go round for us, we again did not let cost be the driving force. Not to say I don't appreciate getting a good price on something, but once I make my mind up on what it is I want, the cost becomes secondary.

Edit to add... in 1986, splurges were Thermador 36" cooktop with grill, Thermador micro/ convection/warming drawer, Amana built in refer, Kitchenaid Superba DW, Kohler cast iron sink, solid wood cabinets, 3/4" oak floors, etc....regrets in 1986? ...none that I can think of! 2013 splurges: Bluestar 36RNB range, Custom Prizer hood, Liebherr refer, Silgranite sink, soapstone counters, Mesquite bartops...Regrets in 2013 - not knowing about soapstone in 1986, not knowing about single compartment sinks in 1986, and not having the choice of a range like Bluestar in 1986...

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Bluestar RNB range
MW drawer
high-quality hinges, glides, and pantry pull-outs
Miele range hood to match the kitchen decor

No regrets!

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My Dornbracht Profi brushed nickel faucet & sprayer was definitely a splurge 9 years ago but when I look at what it costs now it's turned into an investment! Who knew? The price of the faucet has tripled and the style has become a basic. It's such high quality it looks new.

My Ann Sacks handmade glazed Sur La Mer tile -- two walls of a Eurosplash also was a splurge which I will never regret as it makes the look of the kitchen and has worn super well. I never tire of it. Same for the stainless steel counters.

9 y.a. when the kitchen was done I paneled the dishwasher, which was a big upcharge at the time but well worth it now. The 36" bottom mount Viking fridge was the right choice as I didn't care for the SZ interior at that time though I would go dual compressor now after having a Liebherr for a while.

OTOH, it was harder to splurge back then as there was far less available pre building boom. If I were doing a reno today I would be in so much trouble as it would be hard to keep me away from a multiere sink, an induction cooktop, a Miele dw with interior lighting and a breakfast bar with built-in espresso and SZ fridge drawers.

So I wish someone would post a weekly Powerball ticket reminder for those of us who are still acquisitive but forgetful.

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That's an easy one. My Rachiele copper sinks and my Waterstone faucets!

Love my sinks because they are gorgeous and bulletproof. Don't have to worry about chipping or staining. Super easy to clean and love watching the copper change with use. Had planned on a fireclay sink before I discovered Rachiele's copper sinks and know I would have been worried about chipping or cracking. Hadn't expected to spend so much on sinks but zero regrets.

The Waterstone faucets are gorgeous and just feel luxurious to use. I was intrigued when I saw a picture of the 5600 PLP Traditional and sold when I actually saw and touched one in person. They still make me smile every time I look at them.

And my Miele DW! Best DW I've ever owned. I was worried about how tedious it would be to load the silverware, but you get used to it and it does such a fabulous job of cleaning. I love not rinsing anything. Just scrap excess into the garbage and load.

Love my paneled SubZero, but that wasn't a splurge as I planned on that from the start.

Here is a link that might be useful: Rachiele sinks

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Soapstone counters, custom soapstone sink, and Capital gas range. It's working really well for us. The Beleza soapstone is bulletproof. Love the large single sink.

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Solid walnut cabinets. Small kitchen so not much extra$. People love them or are overwhelmed by the crazy NOT matching grain, but I am so happy. I still sit on the floor and admire the gorgeous wood and marvel at what nature produces.
Regret - not splurging on the Julien sink that would have given me a 24" interior. Have a 21" now which is fine, but for an additional $800 I could have had 3" more...

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Well, seeing as how I have only purchased one thing for my upcoming remodel and it was a splurge... not sure what I can add to the list a year from now... ha!

My splurge is a Rachiele copper apron sink with patina. Haven't used it yet so I don't know if it's worth it. Frankly, I don't know if any sink is really worth it but I'm taking Pooh at her word that it is.


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Twenty years ago I was first installing a basic kitchen here (very old house, no kitchen at all when we arrived) I splurged on a 48" double-oven range (Jade Range/Dynasty, brand no longer made). Aside from the farm and farm equipment, and cars, it was the most expensive thing I had ever written a check for.

Love my range, and am doing a real kitchen remodel now but there is no reason to replace it. It's having some repairs done, but I expect to keep using it forever.

I remember the salesman stood on the open oven doors, as I still do when reaching for pots hanging high above it.

At around $5,000, (and that was 20 years ago!) it runs out to have been the cheapest long term solution for a cooker that I could have made. Plus the dealer gave me a US savings bond for $1,000 which matures this July, so I've have something ready for another splurge..

The only thing I regret about it is that I ordered it with a char-grill section. Totally dumb idea. Many years ago I had the whole assembly removed and replaced by a litte granite counter right on the stove top. That turned out to be a great idea. Plus I now have two unconnected handle positions left over from the grill section explant. What I'm thinking about doing is having two in- oven actual temperature readout gauges (like Thermador ranges of old) mounted in those positions. Wonder if I can do it for less than $1,000? Or I may have the the whole stove painted another color than basic black. Or buy it doors with windows.

My range has almost no electronic components, and is built to like a tank. And it is simple and field-repairable by my DH. There's a lot to be said for choosing similar items - they are way cheaper in the long run than fanci-fied stuff with tons of bells and whistles. I have plenty of Miele, Viking, Asko, etc.for other appliances, and the things that go wrong on electronically- sophisticated machines are pricey to get repaired.


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Yes! Why don't ovens have actual temperature readouts like Thermador had?? Not rocket science, and what a great feature!

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My antique white 36" dual fuel AGA Legacy! Worth every penny IMHO! It was my one huge splurge of my whole house Reno.

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Wow sounds like some amazing kitchens and houses! Looks like I will be googling to have a peak of some of these!

We were on a "budget" as we had to gut pretty much our entire house, so we could not splurge as much.

We splurged on our taj mahal quartzite counters with no regrets.
We also got inset beaded white cabinets that I love. They are not top of the line and we got such an amazing deal on them. When all was said and done that they were not really a "splurge" because of how cheap they were, but so happy we went with them.
We did "splurge" on a DCS 36" pro range as it came with 2 dish drawers. I love the extra tall dishdrawers on either side of the sink we had them paneled. I am not a huge fan of the range, but honestly we could not afford any other brand of pro range like wolf, bluestar that I really wanted. The range is much nice than the non pro range we upgraded from. Sometimes I wish I had went with a 30" of a better brand, kind of a toss up.

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Our splurge was soapstone. Best splurge we ever made.

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Another refrigerator splurge here-my build in paneled Kitchen Aid. I 'saved' by not going SubZero, but still the fridge was by far the most expensive single item in the remodel (aside from cabinetry). I knew I wanted it because in my small galley kitchen, my goal was to maximize the appearance of space and having a hulking refrigerator sticking out just wasn't acceptable.

Regrets-not at all. The vision came true and everyone who comes into my kitchen thinks it is larger than it was before the remodel. I know much of that is because of the integration so for me, it was money well spent.

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We splurged on our counter tops and our range. We had laminate in our former kitchen, and it was pretty great. Easy to clean, subdued, no problems. We actually thought we'd go with it again, but didn't like the laminate that we saw initially, and then I saw a quartzite that DH and I both developed a passion for, and that was that. MAJOR splurge, for the island and a backsplash piece, and then we did the rest of the counters in a moderate granite. No regrets on this so far!

The 48" Capital Culinarian range top with 6 burners +grill was a super-splurge as well. We do both love it, but the grill part is a PITA to clean and we're still learning it.

We didn't exactly "skimp" on the rest of the kitchen, but the quartzite and range top were definite splurges

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Just starting to think about a kitchen remodel and it's great to hear about all your kitchens and splurges, but even more I would love to see your kitchens. Any of you willing to go back to your post and add a link to your final reveals or pictures? Pretty please? :>) Thanks!

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I wish I were at a point in my reno where I had a splurge item, but alas the splurging has only been done in my mind so far...

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I don't know how to link it from my iPad, but my pics are posted in the thread that is entitled "almost done--NYC galley with walnut and calacatta".

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I went "Binging" for eurosplash since I didn't know what that meant and came across a "Swedish inspired" kitchen that I adore: Ann Sacks tiles, Viking fridge, stainless steel counters -- rococogurl, is that yours? I think that I may steal your color scheme if I ever do add backsplash tiles, or at least do it in paint!

Well, my "splurges" will be on a much smaller scale, and since we won't even be starting demo until the end of May, I can't testify as to regrets (in fact I am still waffling on a few things). These qualify as splurges because I am in a "starter" house in a "starter neighborhood", many of these homes still have their original 1941 kitchens! I just hope that I am not over-improving for the neighborhood ---

But, I HOPE that finding and getting custom made and painted cabinets instead of the Ikea that I was about to buy will be a not regretted item! (+ $2000, and it keeps going up because I keep thinking of tweaks!) Nor getting Silestone counters instead of laminate (or even less expensive granite) (+$1000). Plus many other small but practical design decisions could be thought of as "splurges" on a tight budget, but really serve to get the most bang for the buck!

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Most definitely it was my appliances: A Miele Optima dishwasher (after not having had a dw for 15 years previous); a Liebherr 36"FD fridge (replacing an old Maytag); a Modernaire vent hood (after never having any type of mechanical ventilation in a kitchen whatsoever) and, ta da. . . my claret red Aga 6-4 range (replacing an inherited vintage stove that died in the middle of the remodel) ! Yes, I guess I also kinda splurged on the cabs, and the calacatta mosaic backsplash and soapstone counters, "the bistro area" and the vintage poster art. Oh, heck -- the whole kitchen reno was my late-mid-life-finally-gonna-have-it-the-way-I-want-it splurge! LOL

No regrets for any of it. In fact, I'd do it all again in a heartbeat with just a few changes: First and foremost, I'd rely way more heavily on the GW crowd for advice -- especially on layout-- because nobody beats the wisdom, honesty, taste and flair of the GW TKOs! Then I'd make sure to never rehire the same overly expensive GC and the fairly clueless ID. (What a splurge those two ended up being!) But then, who am I kidding? There will be no more talk from me of a "next time around" unless I'm holding that winning Power Ball ticket that Roc was hinting at earlier. :-)

Here is a link that might be useful: My Splurge

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My Waterstone faucet was 3 times what I planned but it is gorgeous!
My pull-out pantry(next to the fridge and an add on after demolition) and my his and her caves (in the sunroom)

I would like to have that winning PB ticket - but I think you have to buy one first....

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My big splurge was a 36" AG DCS range, and the appropriate venting it required. I knew I wanted a splashy cooking tool and could afford the range's price tag. The ventilation costs were totally unexpected, as it turned out I needed heated make-up air to meet current codes for a 600 cfm vent. In the end, the venting costs, including the hood, ducting, and MUA system cost amost twice what the range did. Regrets? No. Sometimes you just have to bite down and accept infrastructure costs that no one will ever see, understanding that they contribute to the safety and function of the entire home.

I did economize by using RTA cabinetry, although I had it custom finished, which resulted in a very unique kitchen that I'm still loving 4+ years later.

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OK,here is a picture of my splurge-and it is a Jenn Air, not a Kitchen Aid (maybe I've buried the brand cuz it was even more expensive!). Anyway, fridge is at the end of the run on the right. Still love it, well worth the $$$:

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My big splurge in our very modest kitchen update, are two james moder florale chandeliers. They aren't installed yet so I don't know if I have any regrets, but I am so excited!!

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My splurge was a Franke Orca sink with shelf grid. Never in my wildest dreams imagined that I could love a stainless sink given how I hated my former builders grade SS sink. It was a big hurdle to get over spending that much for a sink, but it's one of the favorite parts of my remodel.

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No regrets about any of the splurges -- in fact if I were doing it again might even splurge more! Among the things that give the most satisfaction though -- I really love the Perrin Rowe faucet with spray. Was concerned about going from a pullout to a hand held spray. But love the solid feel of it. Very happy with this choice. Also love the marble and tile. The copper hood -- less so. If I were doing it over I might go stainless and take the dollars saved to make things quieter by using a remote motor. Still loving the Blue Star range -- this was not really a splurge as it cost less than the Wolf I was considering. Chose to get the 30 inch RNB because I knew I really did not need a larger range and the 36 would have required a much bigger reworking of our vintage cabinets. The size of the 30 has indeed been perfectly adequate-- I don't need a larger range -- but -- the 36 would have looked better in the space, I think.

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not in any particular order....it was all a splurge
adding 8ft of counter/cabinets--the single best thing for function
Franke PSX1103012 sink with grid along with Franke soap dispenser, filter and pull down spray faucet--no regrets. The sink size is wonderful and I really like the finish. Barkeeper's Friend will make you happy if you are considering SS. I also hated the previous tiny SS sink I had before.
KitchenAid undercounter fridge(not wine cooler)--no regrets. It is so handy for what I store and I love the glass door, everything is on view so it's easy to find what I need and restock .
Original PA Soapstone counters and windowsills--NO REGRETS, looks and function in one stone !
Miele Crystal DW-best DW I have ever owned
Shiloh Inset cabinets--no regrets(aside from the dealer/KD). I really like the construction and wood stain/paint combination(cherry/white). Open pantry(Shiloh bookcase)open cupboard and glass cabinets---I love having everything stocked up in front of me.
Philips eW powercore UCL--These LEDs are perfect

small regret: I did not extend cabinets to ceiling, instead I put up cove lighting which really brightens up the space. I chose 42" uppers which was way better than what I had before. I had to stop the madness somewhere so I put that money towards the soapstone counters and windowsills. I was going with soapstone even if I had to delay having uppers but fortunately I was able to get all cabinets at once.

splurge to come sometime within this year or the next....
new stove and install a backsplash and tile 1/2 of window wall...I will need EAM, deedles, Angie and oldbat's and others help with the tile choice :)

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When we re-did our kitchen, it was all SCRIMPS -- no real splurges -- but I can tell you what I regret and don't regret:

Wilsonart Laminate countertop -- REGRET. With miles and miles of countertop, it was what I could afford at that point in my life, but it's full of small scratches. it just hasn't held up.

Cheap cabinet knobs from the internet -- LOVE. They're the very same ones I wanted to custom-order at Lowes but couldn't afford. KnobbyNeeds.com

Discontinued floor model refrigerator from Sears -- LOVE. It's big, practical and has held up well over the years. The price was right!

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Our soapstone was a splurge that sort of crept into our remodel-from the start I thought I wanted granite until we started actually looking at stones. LOVE the soapstone and can't imagine having anything else.

The other splurge that crept in were our pendant lights. The lights themselves weren't too bad, although more than we had budgeted for (and we have 6). But - it took us several iterations and then completely changing out the ones we chose originally (after trying 3 different styles of glass shades) to get the ones we have. It would have been a HUGE regret if we hadn't changed those, and we LOVE the lights we finally chose.

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@raee -- yes, that's mine. Thanks for the kind words. Glad you like the color scheme. It's been 9 years now and I never tire of it. And with the four colors its easy if I ever want to change out the counters or repaint the cabinets since it could all look very different with, say, gray cabinets and walls and white counters. Also, I have variations on all those colors, plus green, throughout the house.

I fell in love with the eurosplash idea which I first saw in someone's apartment kitchen. She is English and her walls were completely tiled. I didn't love her tile especially but I instantly connected with how the walls looked glossy and luxurious (also I knew I'd never need to repaint LOL).

I'm odd this way but I start a kitchen by going to the tile store and seeing what I like. Tile choices are overwhelming and when I start with looking for something that calls to me vs something that's a compromise to "fit in," it seems easier. Once I pick the tile, I work in the reverse that most people here do -- I pick the paint, cabinet colors and then take all those with me to pick the counters.

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Like rococogurl, I worked backwards from the tile and chose the counter last. To me, it's easier to find a cabinet color and counter that works with a tile you love than vice versa.

We didn't have splurge items, per se, in our kitchen. We see our home as in the upper end of the mid-range in our area, so we pretty much did upper-mid-range all across the board. While it wasn't cheap, nothing really stood out as a splurge. I didn't really have a dream faucet or sink or appliance. Of all the things in our kitchen I love our tile the best, but we were able to get a great price from Walker Zanger (I believe we benefited from a computer error on their pricing), so even that wasn't as crazy as I'd feared.

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Our splurge was a Bluestar range.
It's been 2+ years.
We'd definitely do it again.

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Our kitchen countertops - Super White.

Also, the Cambria countertops in the bathroom.

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My kitchen isnâÂÂt even done, but I can tell you already what my splurges were and how really glad I am that I chose to do them. One is the wall of windows in the back, which was the first part of the reno. It took quite a bit to break down the outside wall and add ceiling-height windows. But the light is glorious, and the glass opens up the kitchen. Just that alone has made it all worthwhile. Even though the rest of the kitchen is still a construction zone, I like to sit in the window and enjoy. The second splurge is the soapstone. I have always loved it; I have always wanted it; I will always love it; and I am so glad I did it. Not a shred of regret.

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Splurges: walnut island, marble perimeter. Love them both.

Regrets: wish we had splurged to get the integrated, paneled KA fridge instead of my d@mn stainless French door, CD, KA. It's not that I mind the look of SS, it actually complements my marble and white cabs quite prettily. I just hate all the smudges and fingerprints that I am incessantly wiping. Plus, the fridge doesn't hold enough, the freezer doesn't hold enough...Ugh.

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laura mcleod

We splurged on what would help integrate the new (and relocated) kitchen into our older home - so for us that meant

1. wood floors (notched in/stained to match originals)
2. chunky molding, baseboards, and trim like the rest of the house
3. windows that match our other orig. divided light windows
4. and a pair of doorway arches that match a set of originals at the front of the house

All of these seemed more permanent and just made the kitchen flow with the rest of the home, which makes me happy. No regrets at all!

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Aw, I can't really play for another few weeks, but so far on paper:

Kobe hood, so excited about the vent! Assuming it works (still in box), I think it will be worth the expense.

Advantium 240 built in. I'm hoping once it's installed we take the time to figure it out. I think it's going to be either the best thing ever or the biggest waste of money, depending on how we adjust.

Franke Orca, literally a last minute decision after The Great Sink Freakout. I can't believe we are trying SS again, and I can't believe I just spent that much for it, but I'm very excited about it. Haven't figured out the accessory situation yet though.

Only one regret so far. I somehow missed, along with the cabinet guy and the hive mind at GW, that I have a 12 in pull out spice rack planned for between the wall and range. Right next to my new 22 inch deep hood. Oops! I'm hoping there is still a good amount of accessible space, will know in 4.5 weeks!

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I don't feel like I've splurged on anything, but I'm realizing now that I may have to just to get this kitchen done. I've got the most horrific stainless double bowl sink sitting in the counter waiting for a replacement. It's set up with my old high arc faucet. The combination makes a big wet mess with constant water spots. I continue to deal with it waiting for a bargain on a sink I like. I'm not sure how much longer I can tolerate the clean up and soaked shirts. I've still got a complete countertop on the island that needs a prep sink, once again, waiting for a bargain. Two sinks require two faucets, two soap dispensers, and of course, I like the most expensive ones. They might be my big splurge on the kitchen. Is there a rule that says you shouldn't spend more on two faucets than you did on your kitchen cabinets?

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Ubatuba granite in the kitchen and new Venetian gold in both bathrooms there was not enough money in the allowance for this. Hasn't been installed yet, but I don't think I regret it.

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