Black granite problems

MeleganApril 28, 2013

Hi All,

A week ago we had our granite kitchen work top fitted. Within 24 hours of fitting we noticed what can only be described as a haze over some parts of it, like its been wiped with something, we have cleaned it with granite cleaner and water and the marks do not fade. I've attached a picture to show what I mean. Then approx another 24 hours later we noticed 2 ring marks made by glasses, the only thing these glasses maybe contained would be cordial and ice. Since then more haze marks have appeared and also more ring marks. I have NO idea what to do about this, we haven't yet paid for the granite, well not all of it, and the company who supplied and fitted it are coming out on Tuesday to have a look. My problem is if I don't know what's wrong with it I don't know how they can remedy it. I'm worried that they may just fix the marks that are there now and then we pay and a few days later there are more elsewhere.
I just wondered if anyone had any ideas as to what may have caused it, and how it can be fixed, or if it can be fixed!
Many thanks for any advice.

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It most likely was sealed. And it doesn't need sealing. It needs the sealer removed. Acetone usually works for that.

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Thanks very much. Really worried about this. Hopefully the company will just remove the sealer then, without damaging the rest of the kitchen?!?!

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The granite guys won't be happy but they will just have to suck it up and remove the sealer. Some black granites should not be sealed because they do not absorb the sealer and it sits on the surface causing the kinds of problems you describe.

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