Curb appeal ideas... anyone?

poppingraysMay 20, 2010

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Anyone have any curb appeal ideas for this place?

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Try it this way... copy the address below and paste it to your address bar as I am HTML illiterate! Thx!";

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and be sure not to copy the (") quote mark at the end of the link or it wont work! Aggghhh!

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Here you go:

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Ha ha! Thanks terriks

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I can't tell where the front door is... is it on the right side? Can you paint the front door a bright color to make it
stand out? And do some additional landscaping around it?

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I hope this doesn't offend, but the pictures on the website are dreadful. They appear thin and stretched and many are blurry. Look at the listing right below yours...those pictures are clear, in focus and show a lot of green trees. Your house looks like it was photographed in the dead of winter, which makes it look dreary and drab in comparison. The pictures do not match the verbal descriptions; for example the shot of your property at the bottom does not showcase a "fenced pasture", because if there is a fence, I surely cannot see it. That picture makes it look unfenced. The interior shots of your house make it look dark during the daytime. Work on getting some pictures that show the house as light and bright.

Update the photos so that the trees are shown to be leafy and shady, as I am sure they are...I am guessing that is one of the highlights of your property. Plant some colorful pots of annuals to showcase the front door. Retake the interior photos to show a light and airy interior. Finally, update the verbal descriptions; how many stalls are in the horse barn? One? Three? Does the barn include a storage/tack room? How many acres of fenced pasture are there? What type of fencing? If you want to appeal to the horsey set, they are going to want to know these things.

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Can you find some better pictures and post them? I also looked at the pictures on the website. It's hard to see anything because they are small and the inside ones were dark.

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I don't know whether you need more curb appeal or not because I can't make out the front of the house.

Most of the photos on this realtor's website are poor, made worse by the fact that you can't click on them to enlarge; the ones of your house are particularly dark and could be framed better. Both of the interior photos came out dark because they are backlit from the light coming in the windows. That is an easy camera adjustment to make (I'm assuming you took the photos yourself) and try turning on all the lights in the room when you take the photos.

Better yet, check your local craigslist for a semi-pro photographer willing to come by and take some new photos.

That aside, what else is your agent doing to market the house? Signs on the road? The occasional newspaper ad? Listed on craigslist? A search on for a 4 bedroom, 2 bath house in Collins, OH does not bring up your house, which means you are not turning up in at least one major search engine. I just typed in your address to google and the onlything that came up with your Realty company, so that means your listing isn't getting near the exposure it should. It may be time to find a reality company that can market your property more widely.

Here is a link that might be useful: website link

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