RECIPE: Becky, Ginger, Sharon, et al -- My cottage cheese tale

shamboJanuary 21, 2009

Thought you might be interested in the chronicle of my cottage cheese adventures. I used many of the ideas and suggestions that you gave me. Thanks for your help. I finally finished off the last container a few days ago. I don't think I'll ever end up with six pints again. But you never know...

Here is a link that might be useful: Too Much Cottage Cheese

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I had NO idea you had a blog. What a wonderful job you did with it, too. So glad you were able to use up all that cottage cheese!

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Just happened to think, adding salty stuff to the no salt cottage cheese would probably result in not having to blend the no salt with the low salt types. At least your DH wouldn't be confused the next time he went to the market. :)

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Thanks for sharing - glad it all worked out in the end :-) And I agree with you - the Egg Puff is a nice starting place for adding other vegies and subbing different cheeses. However, I would probably have some sort of mutiny on my hands if I messed around with it on Christmas morning LOL. And for waht it's worth, I omit the baking powder with no ill effects.


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