Can I get a construction loan?

lmrinc_gwMay 2, 2013

Bought a house with tons of potential but it was no bargain! There are lots of updates that need to be made and some add on construction. We have 2 mortgages because we still wanted to live in our house while reno'ing.

Would it be possible to get a construction loan considering we have both houses?

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That question can only be answered by a loan officer...

Good luck!

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Check out a 203k loan .. You roll up to 35k in repairs into mortgage

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An FHA 203K Streamline only goes up to $35,000, a regular FHA 203K can go much higher.

But your comment that it was no bargain means what? Any loan is going to look at the after-improved value to see if the repairs/renovations are worth doing, as compared to similar house values nearby.

There are other contruction loans, plus Home Improvement loans that are second mortgages. You need to gather your cost estimates and sit down with someone who can look at all the options with you.

You will need to be able to carry/afford all the mortgages at the same time.

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