RECIPE: Frisch's Big Boy Sauce

annieluJanuary 9, 2007

Anyone know the recipe for the sauce that they use on Frisch's Big boy hamburgers(there are some in Ohio). I LOVE that stuff, and would love the recipe!

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Not sure if this is what you are looking for but it sure sounds good!

Frisch's Big Boy Sauce

The sauce for Big Boy Hamburgers is a Tartar Sauce that is also used on fish sandwiches at Frisch's Big Boy in Cincinnati, Ohio.

2 cups mayonnaise
Juice of 1/2 lemon
2 tablespoons horseradish
2 tablespoons minced onion, scallions, or shallots
2 tablespoons minced red or green pepper, sweet or hot
1/4 cup minced dill pickle/gherkins/capers
1 clove garlic, minced
2 hard cooked eggs, yolks mashed, whites chopped
1 dash Tabasco Sauce
1/3 cup catsup

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I know that the Kroger stores in Cincinnati carry Frisch's Big Boy sauce in a Jar. When we visit Cincinnati we always bring a jar or two home with us. The cost is under $3.00. Maybe you can get a friend or relative to send you a jar or call a store. We also bring home cans of Cincinnati Chili too.

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Thanks! I also went to Frisch's website and I can order it too. I just thought if there was a copycat recipe out ther somewhere I could make it. I really love that stuff!
Chase, not sure if that's the sauce---the one I had had no catsup in it.

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Hooweeee!!! I found the Frisch's tartar sauce at Meijer's!!!! Guess what I'm havin for dinner???? YUM

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Just to clarify.... I grew up in the Detroit area, home of Elias Bros. Big Boy Restaurants. It was my favorite hangout, back in the days when it was a Drive-In type restaruant. Throughout Michigan the Big Boy Hamburger uses a 1000 Island type sauce and on the Slim Jims and Fish Sandwich the sause is a tarter sauce.

In Ohio the Frisch's Big Boy uses the tarter sauce on there burgers and the 1000 Island sauce on their Slim Jims. When I lived in Ohio, I had to order the Big Boy with the sauce they usually put on a Slim Jim in order to have it seem right to me.

Glad I moved back to Michigan! Funny how how you have it first is the way it seems like it should be.

BTW, I made the recipe that Chase posted and it is pretty darned good. I made my burger just like a Big Boy. I've just never been able to figure out what kind of Mayo they use, that's they only way I know that one could get the exact same flavor..

I have figured out that the tarter sauce uses a dill sweet relish...... I think!


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This is an interesting thread. I grew up in the San Fernando Valley, CA and ate frequently at the original Bob's Big Boy in Burbank. I knew there were other "Big Boys" out there, so I was intrigued by the references to Elias & Frisch. Anyhow, I looked up the history and read the following article.

My big question: What is a Slim Jim? It sounds like some sort of sandwhich, but the only Slim Jim I've ever encountered here in CA is a long, thin, peppperoni-like snack food.

Here is a link that might be useful: Bob's Big Boy Restaurants

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annielu will you please look at the ingredients list that would be on the side of the bottle and tell us what the ingredients are?


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Shambo, I made my version of a "Slim Jim Sandwich" ala Big Boys last night. It a favorite also and has been on the menu of all the Big Boy Restaurants I have ever visited.

For each sandwich you need:

Bratwurst Bun or Hoagie type Roll
Sliced Ham (I usually get Tavern Ham sliced med. from the deli)
Swiss Cheese
Sliced tomato
Tarter Sauce

Grill the cut side of the buns (I spread with a little butter) do this in a large frying pan unless you have a panini type of grill. Remove to a plate. Place sliced swiss cheese on the bottom side of the bun. Spread top side of bun with tarter sauce and add a layer of lettuce, then tomato slices.

Lightly fry the ham in the same pan and place on top of the swiss cheese. Flip the bottom onto the top to make a sandwich with the bottom of the bun facing up. Place the sandwich (with top down) back into the frying pan. Weigh down the sandwich with another heavy pan (in the restaurants they use a heavy bacon press and this pressing is where they get the name, the sandwich starts out puffy and ends up slim). Grill for a couple of minutes them flip right side up, weigh down again and continue grilling until the bottom is browned a little and the swiss cheese is melted. I like to have the pan just on med. heat for this so that it doesn't brown to fast, it's best when the swiss cheese has time to fully melt and I love any swiss that might melt out of the bun and fry a little.


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Here are the ingredients on the jar:
soybean oil, pickles, water, egg yolk, vinegar, onions, salt, spices.
I fixed a Big Boy burger the other night and it was just like eating at Frisch's!! Yummy!!!!!!

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Frisch's Tartar Sauce

1 quart mayonaise (not miracle whip)
3 Tbs grated onion
6 Tbs dill relish, completly drained
Take mayo out of jar put in bowl add
other ingredients mix together and put back in jar
Let sit in refrig. for flavors to blend at least 4 hours
You'll be surprised that it tastes exactly like Ohio Frisch's tartar sauce, only better!

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I just got this recipe last week from a friend. It's supposed to taste just like a Big Boy! Haven't tried it yet because I'm in TN and don't have the sauce.



 1 (one) BOBOLI Pizza Dough

 1/2 Jar (16 oz.) of FrischÂs Tartar Sauce

 About 20 Dill Pickles Chips (cover the entire top)

 1 pound Ground Beef or Ground Chuck (Browned & Drained)

 1/2 Bag Shredded Letuce

 1/2 Bag Shredded Mild Cheddar Cheese

 DIRECTIONS: Assemble in the above order on a round baking sheet and bake (YES, BAKE!) in an oven at 350-degrees for 20 minutes.


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