Did your tile man have to return to replace bad tiles, etc?

ruthie51April 13, 2013

I don't get it...we had our backsplash installed last week. I told the tile man that we had a lot more tiles than necessary, so if there's any question at all about a tile just don't use it. After he left we turned on the oven surface light and right in the middle were two bad tiles, one chipped, the other with a jagged edge. WTF? I called him and he's coming back Monday to replace them. There are other questionable tiles, but they're acceptable. Plus there are some small areas that didn't get grout and one of the electrical outlets needs more tile to close gaps. Did you need your tile man to return to replace bad tiles and/or fix things or was everything perfect after install?

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Yes. But I watched as they worked and they were barely even looking at the tiles, they were picking them and and putting them in place so fast. They put a couple in facing the wrong direction and we had to have them back out.

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Our tile guy and his helper are extremely meticulous, so we are very fortunate.

There is a a section above our range hood where the wall must bow out slightly (where two pieces of sheetrock meet up and are seamed and taped perhaps?). The light reflection on the glass tile is what "gives it away"(that portion of the wall happens to be near the recessed lighting, too, so it really reflects the light there). One of the tiles (maybe a couple) really looked wonky initially (because of that, though I wasn't aware of the wall situation at the time), so I asked the tile guy about it. They had noticed it too, and planned to pop it (or them) out the next day, and build up the thinset where necessary (tiles were back-buttered with thinset as part of the install) in order for it to appear as level as possible.

They come back whenever I need anything re-caulked, or to replace a tile after DH popped one of the bs tiles out while working in the adjacent bathroom!

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Our tile guy was also pretty meticulous so no mistakes.

BUT, we changed out our ORM to a real hood after the fact so he had to come back and add tiles for the mosaic up to the new hood. That necessitated some rearrangement of the adjacent subways. We were lucky to have extra of both.

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Sorry. ORM= OTR microwave. My brain must be on extra slow this morning.

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When we had our bathroom tiled I went through the boxes and pulled out the bad tiles. Did it again with our hardwood flooring. And yes I embrace my anal tendencies:)

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When our backsplash was installed for the kitchen, some of the accent mosaic tiles were crooked and a corner did not line up. Our contractor was always wanted to make sure we were happy and he made his tile guy come back and fix things.

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We also have crooked mosaic, but we're letting that go mainly because I don't like to make waves. Corgimum, my husband wanted to go through the boxes of tile like you, but me being so naive assumed the tile guy wouldn't install any bad tiles after I told him we had a lot of extras. Had we done that, there are quite a few more tiles I would've pulled out but will let go now since they're already installed. I'm not thrilled with the work, but it's okay.

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I had to seal the tiles before the guy came so I was able to pull out the bad ones. He did a good job with the backsplash. But the tile guy that came for the floor on the other hand, had to come back three times to pull tiles out. A few of the entryway tiles were not laying flat, they cut the tiles too short in front of the bathroom wall register, and they grouted where the the wood meets the tile (my kitchen installer noticed, luckily).

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I laid out my tile floors with my contractor in another room - moving tiles, pulling out ones I didn't like, etc. He then carefully piled them up and laid them out just like we had them. There was one or 2 tiles I didn't catch that were chipped and my contractor came back and changed them out. Will do it again in the guest room suite this month.

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