LOOKING for: star fruit jam or jelly?

msprettykyJanuary 22, 2007

Ok one of the local grocery stores has star fruit on sale. I was thinking of making a jelly or jam out of them but I cant find a recipe. Does anyone have one? Would appreciate any help.


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I've put them up in a simple syrup, in the past. And they make a good marmalade. Never done a jam or jelly though.

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Gardenlad, Do you have a marmalade recipe for it. I couldnt find any when I searched. Do you use other fruit with it? Plmk!


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It was years back, Brenda. Kroger had them on sale at 4 for a buck and I had to experiment.

All I did was modify the Ball Blue Book recipe for Orange Marmalade, substituting chopped star fruit for the chopped orange. Worked out fine.

For the preserves I cut the star fruit croswise about an inch thick (you really see the stars when you do that), and put them up in a simple sugar, just as you'd do peaches.

Just guessing, now, but I see no reason you couldn't include them in a chutney as well.

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