RECIPE: Hot tamales

jude31January 11, 2009

Looking for a hot tamale that is NOT southwestern style, hopefully one using ground beef and hot pork sausage. Any East Tennesee hot tamale makers out there?


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I too, hope someone has good recipes for this. gengenz.

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If you know what you want in them why not experiment and make your own filling?
Is this putting hot pork sausage in tamales a regional thing or do you just like sausage?

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I think it's regional although I do like hot pork sausage. I went ahead and made hot tamales yesterday but even though I kept tasting and adding I will add more chili powder and cayenne when I make them again....and I will!!! It seems most of the recipes I have seen here and on line are definately more southwestern or the delta area. I will try the shredded pork roast at some point after I get more proficient at assembling them. But for right now I want to "fine tune" the ground beef/sausage mixture.


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If you haven't seen ruthieg's thread on "Pork Butts" on the HF, check it out. At some point I will try that method.

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