troyersMay 15, 2009

We are moving cross country and using Cartus for relocation. Has anyone used them for selling and buying? Any feedback??

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Hi! We just used Cartus earlier this year moving from Chicago suburbs to NYC suburbs. Everything worked really smoothly (even when our rep left halfway through the process). Don't be afraid to question any little detail. The reps we had were great, very patient in answering questions, and we really felt well taken care of. They handled both our sale & purchase, but it definitely helped that our selling Realtor (who was with Coldwell Banker) had someone who specialized in relocations in the office (b/c the sale is a little more complicated than a typical transaction). Re-post if you have any specific questions!

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Thanks Jen! My husband leaves Saturday to start his new job in Texas, leaving me here in Birmingham with 2 teenagers, 3 dogs, a cat, and a house to sell! The HR from his new job is slow, and we haven't even been contacted by Cartus yet to put our house on the market! I'm a wreck....

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Hmmm, that sounds familiar! My DH left to start his job almost 2 mo before the rest of us got out there, leaving newly pregnant me, a 4yo, a 1yo, dog, cat & house to sell too! Good luck keeping the house in show condition, that was the worst, esp. on the days I was working.

I think DH had to make a lot of calls to his HR dept to help keep things rolling. If you have any Cartus info, like a rep's name/number or a case number or something like that, I would even use that to call them directly, you don't want to lose any "selling days", right?!! We ended up having a buyer (we were very lucky, Best of luck to you!

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We used Cartus 3 years ago when we moved from the midwest back to CA. My husband left in April and we followed as soon as school was out. So it was me who dealed with the realtor from Coldwell. It turned out pretty good.

After we moved, the house was vacant for 2 months before we sold it, and the realtor talked to us via e-mail or phone. Just be careful when your realtor faxes you something and needing your signature. Everything has to be done with Cartus. Cartus will send you the papers to sign,not realtor - like when accepting offer, etc. Our realtor's assistant sent us papers to sign to accept offer. Cartus should be the one signing the offer (if I remember it right) for us, after they talk to us since they have the power of attorney. We explained to Cartus what happened, so they still paid for the realtor's fee, instead of us, which is a big chunk at 6%.
Good luck.

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Looks like things are rolling with Cartus now. We're in their system and have talked to them a couple of times. Already done the preapproval for financing through them. Still don't have a realtor though! Our Cartus rep is supposed to call today so hopefully we will have it listed before DH leaves Saturday!

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