Basement Moisture Par For Course

grandmumMay 17, 2013

Daughter wants house with basement, no need to be finished, just for easy access to mechanicals and the fact she doesnt want a slab nor a crawl.

It seems that in most of the ranch/bungalow type homes of 60's vintage or there abouts has evidence of moisture problems. Some "fixed", "waterproofed" etc other not.

Im not sure what I am asking really, but she is thinking she should just accept this fact .....

thanks for allowing me to vent, any ideas?

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She would be correct. If she is not wanting crawl or slab, she wants basement and they will have water issues at some point (past, present, future, or all three). She presumably knows this and has determined that for her, she'd rather be able to SEE what she is dealing with than guess. This damp "con" does not outweigh the benefits of having a basement--for her.

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And tell her to educate herself on the causes of wet basements. Sometimes it can be a easy fix like proper gutters/downspouts directing water away from the house. Sometimes it can be much more.

And I agree with your daughter, I would rather have a damp basement, then a crawlspace.

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If a basement home is built correctly, it will remain dry forever.
Having said that, most do have some problems sooner or later.
I am with your daughter... I will never own another home w/o a basement.
90% ow basement water problems are an easy fix by having proper grading and proper downspouts. The other 10% can be costlier.

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