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susytwoJanuary 28, 2007

Many years ago I had really wonderful Nasi Goreng in a restaurant. It was made with currents and nuts and yogurt. I have found many recipes online for Nasi Goreng, but not many that contain these ingredients, so I'm wondering if what I had was something else?

Does anyone know of a dish similar to this? I'd love to recreate it.

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Sorry Susy -- doesn't sound like any Nasi Goreng I've ever had... My understanding (and actually what I remember, as I spent about a month in Indonesia a long long time ago) is that Nasi Goreng is basically Indonesian fried rice... What type of restaurant were you in when you had the dish -- was it an Indonesian one?


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No it wasn't Indonesian. The menu was what I'd guess you'd call continental. It had a mix of different things.

I've been looking around a little more, and am wondering if maybe what I had was a Biryani.

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