Any Experience with Horizontal Wall Cabinets?

suzytx55April 14, 2013

Positive or negative? My next house will be my retirement house and I wish incorporate a number of universal design features.

I know IKEA carries them but I like a more traditional style. Do other manufacturers carry them and/or can retrofit a vertical cabinet with the proper hardware?

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Suzy - you might be new...I don't remember seeing your name on here before, so sorry if you aren't...but if you want to go with IKEA cabinetry, you can get custom doors made (at a reasonable cost) - I know of several people who have done that here and have been quite happy. I believe that Barker is one of the ones people have used.

Aside from that, I'm pretty sure that you will find some options with various manufacturers since it's really more about the hinges used than the cabinetry itself.. Hafele makes hinge units that you can use for this.

One thing that I considered with the horizontal cabinets is that the doors open UPwards and it may not be so easy to open and close them as you might imagine. There is an option available for an insert (can't remember for certain, but I think it's a Rev-a-shelf product) that allows for the upper cabinetry to open as normal and the unit has a pull down area to bring the shelves down to a lower area...that may be worthwhile looking at as well.

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Andrea, yes, I am fairly new.

Your last paragraph hit on some of my concerns, that I could open it but might find it difficult to close. I have seen the pull down shelf systems online and that looks like a viable alternative. I probably will lose some space but increase utility.

With all the chatter about universal design due to a rapidly aging population, I think it deserves its own category on the home forum.

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