Let's Share: Nightmare Guest Room Stories

lynninnewmexicoMay 9, 2014

Zen's thread showing us her beautiful, serene, comfortable new guest room got me thinking. (1) About how much I wish all the guest rooms we stay in could be as welcoming and comfy. And (2), it got me remembering the worst ones.

Sooooo, would you like to share your own stories of the worst ones???

Now, I do not need a fancy guest room to stay in. The furniture can be old and unmatched, even ugly; I don't care. The bedspread or comforter can be old and faded. No problem. What I do very much appreciate, though, is a clean room and decent lamps to read by and a couple of places to put down my things.

Here's one of my stories:
Great people that we get along wonderfully with. So darn nice. They're always inviting us to stay with them while we're in the area. Clean, very comfortable home. Sadly, though, the wife LOVES cutesy knick-knacks and they are crammed onto every available surface in their guest room. So, not a lot of room to put out our things like books, magazines, reading glasses, cell phones, etc. The bed is thankfully very comfortable, but there is only a small (cluttered) nightstand on one side, which DH always manages to get (darn him!). Her one "reading " lamp is pitifully small, approx. 12" tall with a 40 watt bulb, and is horrible to try and read by. The only other light in the room are the 5 lights with clear glass shades on their ceiling fan, and I swear, each lightbulb is 100 watts! No rheostat to dim them, either. The dresser is filled with their out of season clothes, as is the closet. There's only room for us to hang up a few things of ours. But the worst is that she LOVES windchimes and has 2 of them hanging in the bedroom itself. I can't tell you how many times I've run into them in the middle of the night! She used to have this tall Murano glass clown from Italy in there on the nightstand, but since I HATE clowns, I do make her keep it in their MBR during our visits. Fortunately, though, we get along fantastically and other than their screwy guest room, we all have a great time together. And, before anyone reminds me that perhaps they can't afford to furnish it better, I will say that they are very well off. She just loves her cutesy little things and is so proud of them in her guest room. How could I ever tell her differently? So, I don't.

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My personal thermostat is always overheated. When I stayed with a friend who is always cold, the guest room bed was right under a vent which blew hot air all night long. The ceiling was ten feet high so I couldn't reach the vent to close it. I was miserable. Luckily, I was only staying one night.

Another friend has bathroom counters that are so high, I literally need a step stool to use the sink comfortably. When I go to stay with her, I always take a step stool with me. Luckily, she lives within driving distance. Can you imagine taking one on an airplane or checking one? LOL!

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Fun2BHere, even though I'm an always-cold person, a heated bedroom at night is one of the worse things in my book. Ugh. Give me a bed I can be cozy in, but I need a cold bedroom for sleeping.

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Close friend with many cats. I love cats. I don't like cat boxes in the guest room--multiple, open catboxes.

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These were cousins of my late husband's, and I love them dearly, but dreaded staying with them ...

It was an old farmhouse in the midwest, and the guest room was at the top of the most narrow, dark stairs I've ever seen. The room was their junk room, with a small, old mattress on the floor. No tables or anything. No windows, and very little light. The only bathroom in the house was downstairs, right off the kitchen/dining room. I was mortified using it, as someone was usually sitting at the table, right outside the the bathroom door.

We were very young newlyweds then, and appreciated the free place to stay, but after doing it twice, decided to get a hotel room during future visits.

(I feel bad posting about it, because they're such wonderful people, and have since moved. But that room: ugh!)

Another place we stayed overnight (only once!), was another relative's, who would have been highly offended if we'd gotten a hotel room ... we were put in the main living room, on a pull-out sofa bed. There was a fish tank gurgling, with light on, all night. I don't think I slept an hour. Kids were coming through to get to the kitchen, really late, and really early the next morning.

These experiences helped me a lot in designing my now guest room! :)

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The absolute worst is anyone who expects a guest to sleep on a fold-out bed - at least the old ones with the bars in the middle. That has happened to me twice.

That, and heated rooms.

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I totally agree, Fun, Linelle & Tibbrix - too warm bedrooms are a nightmare for us to sleep in, too!
And pet hair all over the place in a guest room really bothers me. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE animals and have two furkids of our own, one of which sheds a lot. I just keep a kind of gate across the doorway of ours so the dogs can't get in there.

I was actually cringing, Miz M, as I read about that first guest room . . . and the location of the bathroom! I can surely understand why you stayed in a hotel after that!

Fun: bringing your own stepstool . . . LOL! But I can understand why.

Violet: OMG, even one litter box where I sleep would make me gag. I can't even imagine expecting someone to sleep in a room with one, let alone multiple!!!

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Totally agree w/u, lynninNM, re: wind chimes!!!!!

Aargh. I loathe them. I have some wonderful friends who let me use their gorgeous lake house in NH. First thing I do whenever I get there is take the wind chimes down. Not only are they annoying, IMO, but I actually WANT to hear the actual WIND!

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Open cat boxes in the guest room that aren't relocated (out of sight) before guests arrive?.........absolutely disgusting and inconsiderate.....unless your guest also has multiple cats and sleeps next to open boxes in their own home.

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Yep, the cat box thing is pretty disturbing.

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As a young woman in my 20s: being assigned the bedroom and the double bed to share with someone's grandmother.

I have had so many bad guest room experiences that I just about don't do it any more - a mattress that turned out to be a box spring and was set in at an angle; a house that reeked of cigarette smoke, a suffocatingly hot room due to the hostess not wanting the cats in the basement to be too cold.

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My in-laws' guest room is really uncomfortable. The furniture consists of an old double bed, a chair from their last kitchen table set, an end table as the one nightstand in the room, and a big lamp that used to live in the family room. The room is hot. The sheets are polyester and probably twenty years old. The guest towels were so thread-bare and nonabsorbent they wouldn't even make good rags. The closet is packed with stuff. There's very little floor space for our suitcases- and no place for our clothes except the suitcases. There's also a giant stuffed animal in the room. It's an alligator that's over two feet long. It's ugly and scary and the room is so tiny, there's no place to put it when it's not on the bed. We've only stayed there twice and I don't intend to stay there ever again.

They are nice people, but don't seem to consider the comfort of others.

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Furniture that 'moves' during the night, and is in a different place in the morning.

I take something so i can get a good night sleep when i'm away, as well as occasionally at home. For the most part, this means I don't hear a thing! The last time I stayed with my best friend in IL, there was a little stool in one of the corners she would used to get to the top of the closets in her 100 yo home. On my 2nd night there, the stool was in the corner, just like it had been all day, and when I went to bed that night. However, when I got up the next morning it had 'moved', and was in the corner opposite of where it usually had been. I was so freaked out since she had never encountered any 'weirdness', but her DH had said on occasion he heard funny noises, but not in any particular room. I told her about the stool. and she really got freaked out! She called her DH into the room and repeated what I had said, and he said, 'I told you it was a haunted house'. I told them I would not be sleeping in the bedroom for the rest of my stay, at which time they both broke into a roar. Seems DH needed to retrieve something from the top of the MB closet and while I was sleeping, she came in and got the stool. He returned it to the room, but didn't know exactly where it went, so put it in the opposite corner. I could have killed them both!!!

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Open litter boxes? Yikes! My eyes started watering just reading about them. There's no way I could actually sleep in a room with them.

This experience is a little off-topic, but I'm reminded of the time I participated in a sleep study. It was the kind where there are a bunch of sensors attached to your scalp with the wires running from the sensors to a device of some kind, so I was already pretty uncomfortable and afraid to move. Additionally, the mattress and pillows were encased in some kind of noisy plastic underneath the linens, there was no air flow and there was a door outside the room on an automatic closure that slammed every time someone entered or exited.

At the end of the night, the tech told me that I hadn't slept at all and asked me if I would like to come back and try again. As you might guess, I declined his offer. I'm sure my results were deleted from the study, but I can't imagine that any of the data gathered from the study were untainted by the uncomfortable environment.

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Ut oh, I guess I need to remove my out of season clothes from the guest room closet? It never occurred to me that someone staying a night or two would want to use the closet, although I do usually make sure one side is clear.

I also have guest linens in the dressers. But that seems to make sense. I launder them so that they are fresh when company is coming, Put the sheets on the bed, bath linens neatly folded on top, with extras back in the dresser (letting them know that they are in there). Would just using the lower drawers be acceptable, or should I find a new place (I don't like keeping them with our usual linens).

I do need another nightstand in there. Also better lighting, it never dawned on me that a guest might want reading lamps. I usually keep the heater vent closed in that room, and only open in partially when someone is staying (and my thermostat is set to turn down to 55F at night), so I think I'm OK there.

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This may be a bit OT but it came to mind as I was reading this thread. DH and I went to visit DD and family. As we drove up the driveway, one of our twin grandsons (about age 5 or 6) came running to us with a plastic bag in his hand. "Grandma, look what we found in your bathroom cupboard?" Well, it was a 5' long snake skin. DD had nearly fainted when she went to put fresh towels in our bathroom (lower level), and discovered this. Apparently the snake had crawled in through the plumbing and shed his skin in the vanity. I asked our grandson if he found the snake, and his response was "Not yet grandma!". Didn't get a decent night sleep the entire time we were there. They never found the snake, so he must have left the way he came in.

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So glad I never have to stay with anyone in snake country!

Once the guest bed we slept on at a relative's home had really old, really smelly pillows! I've since bought new pillows frequently for guest beds. Another time we slept in a different bed, a water bed, and I think it could have had more water. Amazing I didn't get seasick!

At 2 different places I've been a guest they have those folding blow up beds. Which I cannot recommend and would never buy. One trip was during winter in the north and while the ambient temp of the room was OK, that bed seemed very cold despite enough bedding. I woke up shivering in the middle of the night. I slept on the sofa in the same room (downstairs family room) the rest of the night and the rest of the stay. And turned on the gas fireplace to warm up. At the other place the bed needs to be pumped up every night.

I often wonder why some people use their old worn out bedding in guest rooms. My guest rooms have bedding that is as good as what I sleep on.

I think if a guest room had windchimes or too many knick-knacks I'd remove them and put them under the bed.

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Once I stayed ata freinds house with my then-husband. The guest room was actually a lower level play room. He got the decent bed and I got a cot that I referred to as the chamber of horrors.

The other worst was sleeping on a fold out sofa in my sister's playroom. Yes, I had the iron bar poking my ribs all night.

I don't need much, but I do appreciate being able to reach a lamp. I can always put my glasses and watch under the bed but I need to have a lamp to read and see where I'm going. Nothing worse than turning off the lights from across the room and doing that sweeping arm motion like a blind man or tapping your toe in front of you to find the bed!

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OMG, Joyce, the snake story is hilarious! I'm sure it wasn't so funny for you.

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Luckygal, I'm always horrified if I come across pillows that are bare under the pillowcase, i.e.: no pillow protector. I keep a stash of 100% pillow protectors, and every pillow in my house has one on it. They keep pillows nice and clean. Can't imagine not using them.

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Stuff stacked on the bed, all surfaces covered, a bunch of houseplants on the floor that easily tip over a couple feet away from the bed, etc. Can't hang anything up- the closets are stuffed to the gills with hanging clothes.

It's my mom's house. It wasn't this way when we were growing up! No wonder I am the anti-hoarder- I can't stand clutter in my own home at all.

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These are some of the reasons I will not stay overnight with friends or relatives with a couple exceptions. My husband's brother and his wife are great housekeepers, immaculate and impeccable but they always put us in their deceased son's room which has pictures of him. I guess that should not bother me but I imagine him watching me from somewhere.

We do spend the night at one son's house but he and his wife are anal retentive to the core and their house is like brand new all the time and groomed for guests with treats, water, lamps, reading material and a sitting area. The only problem is they are so squeaky clean, I am afraid if I needed to pass gas, I would be banned forever. ;-)

As a post script, I do remember my poo pourri when I visit others' homes.

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After a few years of marriage -- DH and I drove over 2000 miles to visit one of his oldest friends and his wife.

Well -- when we arrived -- DH took our bags to the guest room while I chatted with our host's wife. When he returned -- he had a look of "OMG" on his face -- and I will never forget what happened next .....

..... I walked around the corner and into the EMPTY guest room. Our hosts were SO proud that they had painted the room and cleaned the floor before we arrived!! But the room was utterly EMPTY!!!! :)

I thought it was a practical joke -- until they explained that they were going to purchase an air mattress -- but had not got around to actually doing that! So....... they thought that we would sleep on the bare floor -- with just a blanket and a pillow.

Soooooooo ........ I suggested (just imagine this conversation taking place at 2 a.m.) that WE should sleep in THEIR bed ..... and that they could sleep on the floor!!!

In their bed that night -- DH thought I was weeping -- but I was laughing so hard at the thought of this ludicrous situation ..... and DH said that we could stay at a hotel BUT noooooooo .... I was determined to keep a stiff upper lip ...... and we slept in the master bedroom for the whole week! :)

Of course -- we drove all that way (and back again!) -- and ended up with a GREAT story to tell at our dinner parties at home!

Sooooooo ..... would YOU stay at your friends' home (with the empty guest room) OR de-camp to the nearest hotel??????? Just wondering!!!!


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My sister and BIL made a very nice guest room out of my niece's former BR, but they have a very small 1940's cape cod home, and going to the bathroom during the night requires going down a very steep winding staircase that I am sure is no longer acceptable building code.

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Joyce, I had a friend who told me a similar snake story to yours. She had a turkey cooker that she used once a year and when she opened it up one year to prepare for the turkey day, there was a snake skin of about 5 feet in it. The pantry where it was kept was also the one where she kept all her baking and cooking pans, so she probably had been very close to it many times in pulling out pans.

That is another reason to have a house cat. Snakes do not like them and will not stay in a house long where a cat lives.

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Long ago we stayed with friends when much younger.

Guest room--cream color walls and carpet, basic double bed on plain bed frame, sheets and given a light blanket.

No bedside table, no extra blankets, nothing in room but that plain bed frame with mattress, sheets and blanket.

Bathroom had no towels or toiletries, about 1/20 of a roll of bathroom tissue left, and dried up sliver of soap bar.

Had a great time with great friends but amenities weren't a priority.

Some people do guests well, others don't!

I see similar stories so there are more people than I would have thought that don't do guests well. ;)

Good thread lynn!

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I used to sleep on the sofa in friends' apartment in Manhattan. It was really a patio sofa with foam cushions. It was in the kitchen. I had to stick my feet out under the arm to stretch out, and kicked the floor lamp every time I moved.

Once I had a headache and left a restaurant early and was given the keys. The single bulb at their end of the hallway was out. I tried the wrong key and nearly broke the key off in the lock. I called my SO and said if I had broken off the key in the lock I would have gone straight to the train station and come home. Somehow I bent that key back to almost straight. (This was Chelsea)

We still stay with them sometimes although they now have a proper guestroom. Sorta. It's been converted to a large walk in closet but it does at least have a full sized bed. When they first moved there, that room had no AC so we experienced the neighborhood with the windows open as it went from dead quiet all day long to super loud with sirens and kids outside playing at midnight. (Harlem). Sometimes we stay in a hotel instead.

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In our small spaces we have hosted most every relative I ever knew we had, usually for a week or longer. Some were wonderful to have others should have sprung for the hotel. Most are now to old to visit, the one that calls and drops the hints about spending time is the worst of all the guests, but we now suggest local hotels.

But, I have decided that once I finish updating the 100+ year old tiny house, our "guest room" is going to be a vintage trailer parked at the end of the garden complete with a portapotty......that should solve the guests that want to come and spend the summer with us :)

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Annie Deighnaugh

I'm a very picky sleeper, and while we've made our guest room as accommodating as possible...we even have those giant terry robes in the guest closet... staying in someone else's guest room isn't for me. I'd opt for a hotel every time. That way we've managed to avoid the horror stories.

I can't imagine snake skins, no furniture or wind chimes! Yikes!

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I love it, Kippy!!

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DH 's brother was very offended when his sister came to visit & purchased new sheets for the guest bed. I'm picky about my sheets but I thought hmm, I wouldn't have the nerve to do that. Until I found out the sheets had been used as drop cloths & had paint splattered all over them.

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Lynnie - Great thread and glad to be the source of inspiration. And so happy I came in on the positive side.

While I enjoy guests staying for short visits (no longer than 3 days) I prefer staying in hotels only because I am uncomfortable having to have someone go out of their way for me. Snakes, stools being moved because someone came into the room while guest was sleeping gives me the creeps, although perfect material for good stories and some laughs.

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I take my own pillow no matter where I go. I can smell "head" even through the pillow encasements and it triggers my asthma. I also take bedsheets just in case they don't smell clean. It's hard to clean polyester. Even the 4-star hotels use them nowadays and sometimes they smell like an all-night bachelor party with strippers that clorox could not disspel.

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Teacats.....so funny you turned the tables....and equally funny (weird!) they didn't buy a bed or air mattress the next day! Maybe they thought it was a waste of $ if they never have guests. I would have gone to a hotel for sure....and been so livid I probably would not have wanted to visit with them, especially after driving all that way.

Cat boxes, drop cloth sheets, no bed, snake skins......were these people raised in caves?! No excuse for such appalling manners!

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As a rule I normally do not like staying in friends’ homes. I would rather have a hotel room where I can wake up quietly and gradually in the morning without a lot of chit chat. Once though we were visiting and old friend of my husbands, the house was on the water and beautiful and they insisted that we stay. The guest room mattress was some sort of stuffed thing. I have no idea what it was but it made crunchy sounds when you moved. Are corn husk mattresses still made? What a nightmare of a night! I ended up on the clay tile floor with towels from the bathroom. It was so awkward the next day when they asked how we slept and we had to lie. They seemed so proud of being hip to the action with that weird mattress. I can only guess that many before us had lied as well.

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JoaniePoanie - I'm still laughing over your story. And would love to know how you managed to turn the tables? How in the world did you convince them and then stay a week?

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What a funny thread. Teacats, were the people shocked when you asked for their bed, and are you still friends with them?

Before we married, I had a week where I had to be out of my dorm and before we could take possession of the new apartment. I couldn't go home to my parent's house because it was in another town and I had to work that week. So a college friend who lived with her parents nearby said I could stay with her for that week.

When we arrived at the house, it didn't appear that she had asked her parents if I could stay, but arrangements were quickly made for me to take her sister's twin bed and the sister would sleep with my friend.

The sheets weren't very clean, but I didn't want to complain late at night so I slept on them. That night, a little dog jumped into bed with me and later peed on me and the bed. I jumped up and tried to clean myself and changed clothes, but the bed still had a wet spot, so the rest of the night was pretty miserable.

The next morning I told her about the dog and she said, oh yeah, he does that.

That day I called another college friend and spent the rest of the week on her nice, clean floor.

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OMG... I have SEVERE ophidiophobia. The snake skin would have sent me over the edge & I would have been physically incapable of entering the house!

You guys have me wanting to buy a mongoose! Riki-Tiki-Tavi to the rescue!

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marti8a: Yes -- they seemed rather surprised that we were shocked and dismayed ....... and No -- we never saw them again .... and lost touch with them .... nothing nasty there at all .... just lost touch .....


P.S. I could NOT have stayed in a place with ANY possible snakes around .... at all ...... ghosts are tolerated BUT not snakes! :)

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I would run, not walk, to the nearest hotel in many of the situations described above. Once I was staying with a friend who said she had forgotten to go to the grocery store and so we went out to eat, then there was nothing for breakfast the next day! I went to my room and ate a pack of sugarless gum and texted another friend that i was starving. Somehow I managed to survive but on later visits took food in my suitcase.

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Many years ago, we stayed with a young prep school faculty couple in their apartment that was attached to a school dorm. They had a pull out sofa bed in the middle of the living room - the back of which was the launching pad for their Siamese cat to fly across the bed and on to the floor. This went on ALL night...And if you know this breed of cat- it cried like a human baby constantly. Needless to say- One night was enough! We would have moved into an empty dorm room - complete with dirty socks, gym bags, athletic equipment and all the rest in a heart beat!

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I'm like jterrilynn- I don't want to chat in the morning. Also, I need lots and lots of coffee, more than would be polite to consume at someone's house!

This was not in a guest room, but in a hotel room- a mouse.
(Not as bad as a snake!)

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believe it or not, I have a couple of WORSE stories besides the cat boxes. Just don't wanna even share . . . :)

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But that's what we want to hear Violet!

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Oh man, these stories are hilarious! In college, a friend told me when she was in high school she spent the night with a classmate and they had to wait for the stove to cool off and then they climbed up on the stove to go through a hole in the ceiling where the kids had to sleep "upstairs".

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Talk about no food! I drove from PA to VA and back to MD in one day, where I spent the night with my sister in MD. I arrived around 7 pm, absolutely famished from not having eaten since lunched. She literally had no food to offer. Not so much as a slice of bread Her husband went out to get something (not food) and I asked if he could pick up a snack cake or cookies from the drugstore counter. He came back without them saying "we don't eat those things". Well, fine, you don't have to eat them but I am ready to pass out from hunger.

The next morning she wanted to go out for brunch, so no breakfast. Finally at 11 a.m. we went to some creperie where I ordered nearly everything on the menu. I'd had nothing to eat for nearly 24 hours. It was so strange. I also got to sleep on the fold out sofa.

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This may be flipping the script, but my worst guestroom story is as hostess. My SIL's mother was to come across country and stay with me two nights before wedding and one night after. I had never met her. Well, she just adored my house. So much that on day 2 (without consulting me) she told her granddaughter and friend to give up a hotel and stay in my daughter's old room. She invited her friend to take the guest room bed I had for her saying, "I'll just sleep with you in your big ol queen size bed."
No. I did not share my bed. She and her friend slept one night in the guest room while the other interlopers took over my daughter's room. I told them all at breakfast that there was a nearby hotel as I was shuttering up for the wedding.

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This may be flipping the script, but my worst guestroom story is as hostess. My SIL's mother was to come across country and stay with me two nights before wedding and one night after. I had never met her. Well, she just adored my house. So much that on day 2 (without consulting me) she told her granddaughter and friend to give up a hotel and stay in my daughter's old room. She invited her friend to take the guest room bed I had for her saying, "I'll just sleep with you in your big ol queen size bed."
No. I did not share my bed. She and her friend slept one night in the guest room while the other interlopers took over my daughter's room. I told them all at breakfast that there was a nearby hotel as I was shuttering up for the wedding.

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Love these stories! I've got four ..........

Before my VDH and I were married he took me down to Southern California to meet his mother. She had moved since my husband had last seen her and told him on the phone that she (and her boyfriend) had plenty of room for us to stay with them. On the way down I got really sick and wanted nothing more than to take a shower and lay down. When we arrived I couldn't believe what I was seeing when we walked in. Her "new" home was a older 5th-wheel. To make it worse, she was a hoarder, with most of her stuff in five large metal shipping containers on their property. I didn't know what a hoarder was in those days, but thought she sure did have a lot of junk. You could barely walk thru her trailer. And the 'plenty of room' consisted of a small fold out couch, that was completely covered in dog hair and carp. She offered to make us some sandwiches and I felt even sicker when I saw the filth in her kitchen. I can't even describe the smell. Needless to say, we checked into a hotel. We cut short our visit and all future visits were in a hotel. And all meals were eaten in a restaurant.

Right after we were married we took our first vacation together and went up to Lake Tahoe (we lived in the San Francisco Bay Area at the time). It was the very first time in my life I had made reservations anywhere and because we weren't exactly rolling in money, I contacted a Motel 6 because I had heard they were reasonably priced. Surprisingly the place was really nice and the rooms large. ASA we walked into our room my husband's legs were covered with fleas. The hotel manager didn't believe us until he walked into the room himself and his shoes and legs were covered (for some reason fleas were never attracted to me). He immediately gave us another room but it ended up being really noisy all night and the bed smelled 'used'.

Our third experience was with another Motel 6. We drove straight thru from Tucson, AZ to Bakersfield, CA. My husband couldn't drive another mile and we pulled into the first motel we saw, which was a Motel 6. Because of our one and only other experience with that chain, we had doubts but checked in anyway because we both were so tired. Should have listened to our guts.

It was filthy. Asked the manager if we could have another room and were told they were booked up. Went to take a shower and black slime started coming up out of the drain and we weren't too sure what was coming out of the toilet. No showers that night. We tried to sleep on top of the bed with clothes on. All thru the night we kept hearing people coming and going. Several times my husband looked out the window and said it looked like we had checked into a hooker haven with all the men and women going into rooms and coming out within an hour or so. We didn't get any sleep and the next morning we went to a really nice hotel, slept all day and most of the night. No way would we ever stay in a Motel 6 again and after almost 36 years together we never have.

This one tale happened many years ago to my in-laws, my FIL and his wife, two of the loveliest people on the planet. They drove to Montana to visit my husband's sister. Evidently she had taken after her mother and was a total pig. They were supposed to stay with them but after a very short visit after arriving they decided to check into a hotel. Evidently the sister's house had dirty/used diapers scattered around and dog poop in the living room and kitchen. My FIL said that my MIL looked sick when the sister/daughter went in to make dinner. It was one of those 'we're outta here' moments and they left. I've never understood that kind of filth and laziness.

But I did remember the one and only time that my husband's sister had come to visit before we were married. They called the night before and said that they were at my FIL's and wanted to come down to visit (in-laws lived about two hours away) and spend at least one night. I had never met her before so was looking forward to them coming. I had been sitting at the kitchen table addressing wedding invitations when they arrived. She arrived with three dogs, a Great Dane, a Chihuahua and a mix of some kind dog, two kids (my husband didn't even know she had more than one kid), and husband. The husband sat down at the kitchen table and took his arm and swept all the invitations off the table onto the floor. Say what? One of the dogs did his business in our living room and they just sat there. My husband asked if they were going to clean it up and the husband said 'yeah, later'. VDH cleaned it up. Within a couple hours we had two dirty diapers sitting in our only bathroom, one on the counter and the other on the floor. Altho I was sickened by them I made a really super dinner. We had the two smallest dogs ON THE TABLE! Hubby told them in the middle of dinner that they couldn't stay with us and would have to get a motel room. They weren't happy about that but they did leave, after which I did a deep cleaning and santizing and shampooed carpets the next day. My husband called his dad and asked him why they hadn't called and warned us. MIL said that they were just so happy to have them leaving and trying to clean up the mess they had left that they didn't think about it. Unfortunately for them, when they left our apartment they went back up there. Before they left they asked us for money so that they could get back to Montana. FIL said they tried to get money from them too. This was about 10 years before my in-laws trip up to see them.

Sorry this got so long but my fingers kept remembering these things. :))


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On the flip side, I've been a less than perfect guest. While staying at my sister's house, I stained her pretty brass sink with my saline solution. I apologized and asked her about it, but she never said anything. I hope it was fixable, I'll have to ask her again.

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oh jenna, you brought back a repressed memory. Dh and I were coming home from a trip. When we got to Lubbock, Tx about 1am, we were both so tired we didn't think we could go another mile. We only lived another 50 miles away but we had both been falling asleep for the past hour and nearly went off the road once. We didn't know the area, I think it was the south side of Lubbock, and pulled into the first hotel we saw.

We did think it was odd that the rates were by the hour, day or week, and we too were kept up all night by the comings and goings in the rooms around us. We slept with our clothes on too, not so much for the cleanliness of them, but because we thought we might have to run for the car at any moment. We did get a couple of hours sleep, and then drove on home.

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I really can't compete with some of these horror stories. We were invited to my cousin's summer home in the Hamptons. Nice guest room, but when it was time for bed she handed me a package of brand new sheets! I don't know why I couldn't speak up and ask for sheets that had been washed. They were stiff and had that new sheet aroma to them. Not a comfortable night.

We went to visit my brother and his new wife. My SIL thought it would be fun for my young daughters to sleep in their camper next to the house. I was polite enough to look inside ( it did not really look guest ready) and besides there was no way I would let my daughters sleep alone outside in a camper in a rural area! They had to sleep on air mattresses in the living room which was fine with me mad my DD's.

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Oh okay…if we are going to veer off on hotel room stories I have a few that will guarantee weight loss. One of which consists of maybe a possible a colon cancer mishap along mattress and box springs down the open side of bed. All you had to do was draw back the used bedspread to view that art. This was during a budget trip with small kids to Disney. Another time was when my youngest was a tiny baby and we used to take the drawer out of the dresser for a baby bed. Well apparently the room was used for errr… some sort of adult entertainment as behind the drawer there was much porno material stashed. This hotel was actually fairly reputable ------suits. Since then we never cheap out on hotel rooms!

However, As far as house guests go I think I’m a good one in a weird way. I’m so paranoid about being a good guest that it starts to be sort of like a job. I don’t really relax. I even dust (after getting the ok). The last time I was a guest was at my father in-laws a few years ago. I asked that he stop the maid service on his condo while we were there. I did it. I think because I don’t particularly like guests in my home I over compensate

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Hotel story in NOLA. I asked my husband (using phony names here because real names are easily recognizable) to call Ray and ask him about getting us a room in NOLA for the weekend when we were visiting our son and taking in a football game at the Dome.

When we arrived at the recommended hotel, it did not take me long to figure out this was not the kind of place I wanted to spend the night. Many men were getting off buses here and women were coming in through back doors. The whole lobby smelled of strong clorox. There was a sign that said, "massages/videos..."

I knew between the visual of men, women, buses, videos, massage and the smell of clorox, I was in the wrong place. I took my husband by the hand (to his relief) and we left, never checked in and later told our credit card company who guaranteed the rooms of the conditions and we were not charged.

We went all over the downtown/French Quarter area trying to find a room and finally got one at the Windsor. I asked my husband why did he think Ray, being a resident of NOLA, his wife a former Garden District resident and him a coach here, think we would spend the night in that dump, and I was going to talk to his mother when we returned home (old friends).

He said, "Ooops. I thought you meant for me to call Ray, the guy in my building (formerly of New Orleans) who does the mail." Oh, dear. What was my DH thinking!!!!

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At my friend's mom's lake house there were cobwebs and grandaddy long legs in the corners of the ceiling and between the bed and nightstand. The front porch was covered in them. No one else cared, but I decided to head for the nearby hotel. My friend didn't mind, as she knows I'm ridiculously terrified of things that crawl. But I always wondered why she didn't get her husband to get rid of them or something. No one else in our group cared, though, and they stayed at the lake.

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Oh, and I've got one more. It's a bad guest story.

My husband's college buddy and his wife came to see us for a couple days while they were visiting a nearby by tourism destination. We have a great guest suite, completely furnished, terry robes, a small coffee service area, and a spa influenced en-suite bathroom. I really enjoyed fixing it up when we built our house. However, it is still a guest suite and is not as large as the master suite. I have an i-Home radio and docking station in there, as well as wi-fi, but there is not a television.

I guess it wasn't good enough though, because later when I went upstairs to let them know that dinner would be served in a few minutes, I found them napping on our bed in the master suite with the television on. The wife said that she can't sleep without television and wanted to know if they could stay in our room instead.

That was just weird and hugely presumptuous. How dare someone climb into my bed! So I lied and said that I had to have a TV too, and we booked them a hotel. My hubby and his college friend are still in touch, but they don't come to visit.

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We like to have guests. And the vast majority have been a pleasure. But we have had a nightmare or two as recipients of others' hospitality/generosity.

We often attend charity auctions for various causes we are involved in as volunteers or donors, as well as for our children's schools. In our area at least, one of the things people often donate are their ski houses, beach houses, pied a terres, etc. We ourselves have done so. We like to stay in homes rather than hotels when we can, so these are things we have gotten at auction a few times. I do always stress when I tell these stories (pertinent details adjusted for anonymity), that the donor's motivation was to do good, and for that they should be lauded. We had a few home runs, like a lovely home very near a beautiful private beach in Martha's Vineyard.

We had a bit of a clunker once. It was an apartment in Boston's Back Bay. Steps from the park, gorgeous old building. They said it slept six. What they MEANT was, we have two futons in the main room that you can open up into double beds if you don't mind climbing over people to get to the BA, and we have one Q mattress on the floor in the bedroom. Oh and no A/C and it was 95 and humid. And the whole place was very Mrs. Haversham. We moved to the Four Seasons after one sleepless night.

The second time was absolutely hilarious. The auction booklet advertised a Manhattan triplex apartment with a rooftop terrace. 3 BR and a den with a day bed. Our family planned to meet up with two relatives to spend the weekend in NYC. I was kind of excited because a three level apt in NYC is quite rare and has to be quite nice (I thought). The location was very nice, too.

We arrived first, as the family was leaving town for the weekend. We were greeted at the door by a shirtless wild haired middle aged male. He proceeded to show us around the apartment while his sulky teenagers sat.

The place was not dirty, but quite messy. A desk in middle of the LR heaped with precarious piles of papers. Boxes of cereal on the kitchen table. Towels with holes in them in the bathroom. Piles of books askew all over the places. First problem; they had three cats. And we are allergic. Second problem?

We go up to the second floor, and in the hallway where the bedrooms are, is a 6 foot high metal cage. In the cage are 3 chinchillas. We are told that they are nocturnal, and so you must "sleep with the door closed or the sound of the wheels will drive you crazy" (oh). We are instructed in their care and feeding.

After the donors left, we all sat around and looked at one another, in between sneezes. We thought about taking allergy meds, but it was dusk and the chinchillas were already going at it. Their exercise wheel needed a good dose of WD-40.

I went into the powder room, and a cat had relieved itself on the floor. That ended deliberations.

We called around and found two lovely adjoining rooms all the way at the other end of town at the Ritz Carlton Battery Park,and had our friends meet us there. The irony was that, for the rest of the weekend, twice times a day, my DH took a 25 minute taxi ride to go take care of chinchillas!

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I have hooted, howled, and shook my head in disgust over these stories. Some are so funny and some are so very sad too. It's hard to believe some people, especially family and friends (so-called?) can be so clueless, ill-mannered and such poor hosts or guests.

It's been a while since we've even stayed in someone's home, and I guess the worst experience I can remember is having pillows with a bad smell. When we're traveling by car we take our own now. And most of the time we stay in a hotel wherever we go so we just have that as an excuse that we sleep better that way.

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How about a guest house nightmare?

A friend of ours offered us a weekend at her home in Stone Harbor, NJ. for a last minute winter getaway. We'd never been to the shore in the winter and it seemed like a nice change of pace.

We arrived Friday night only to discover that her furnace had failed causing the pipes to burst. The carpets were soggy and the drywall was saturated in the living room. We called her at home and she said she'd have her brother come over to check.

We found the main water shut off and started mopping and using beach towels to absorb the excess from the carpets. Her brother came over and got the furnace running and we then spent hours spinning the water out of the sodden towels in the washing machine and then drying them in the dryer.

Oh did I forget to mention that we had our children with us? 3 under the age of 8. They thought it was an adventure - we thought it a nightmare.

We did our best but left as soon as kids woke up the next morning. She never invited us back and never thanked us for our efforts.

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I took a pre-dawn flight to visit a friend and she left me a key to her house so I could snooze till she got home from work. Exhausted, I gratefully dumped my baggage in the guest room, pulled down the shades and curled up on the bed for a nap.

Dozing in the restful darkness of the empty house, I heard a thin reedy voice.


I jerked awake.


The unearthly question seemed to be coming from a pile of dolls in a chair in the corner. Horrified, I crept up on the chair and warily inspected its menacing occupants.


I stared at a Furby, apparently activated while I was slinging my luggage around in the area. I'd never encountered one before but I'd heard of them. Relieved, I picked it up and laughingly scolded it for frightening me.

"Tell me a story," it chirped.

I had no intention of telling the little rascal a story and crashed back into bed. However, I didn't know that once a Furby is "awake," it continues to sing and gurgle and squeal and that any interaction with it (such as roaring "Shut up!!!") only encourages it to be social. I tossed the fiendish creature into another room and shut the door, but I was certain I could hear its little beak clicking. I managed to grab a few winks but I kept one eye open.

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22 yo daughter and I planned to stay one night with my sister a few states over en route to an event. Her son and his new wife had just moved in with them until their house was ready. They had 2 newer couches and because it was only one night I thought the couches would be fine - and actually they were quite comfy.

The following week my sister called to talk about a "rash" she had. From what she told me, after doing my "Mayo Clinic symptom guide" I said it sounded like shingles. She eventually went to the doc and it turned out to be scabies!

Good Lord, I can still start to scratch every time I think of it because I remember her sitting on the couches on a few occasions. Next time the hotel for sure.

As I am reading, I wonder if it might make sense to make a travel kit (easier if a road trip) with new towels, shampoo & conditioner, some nice soap, and whatever you think would make you comfy and leave it behind in a nice basket as a hostess gift, Don't know what you could say they were for (guests obviously) without upsetting them, but maybe they'll get the hint for those who come after you???

Of course be sure to have a second one for YOU to actually use.

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What great stories! I have been enthralled reading these early this morning.

What is funny is the one place I would run from is the haunted house!!! Patty, I would have died and gotten the hell out of there. I have seen too many stores on ghosts I guess. That is the one that really sticks out to me. Granted, all the others are pretty horrific and terrifying as well! Hot rooms, insane animals, bugs, feces, indoor wind chimes, filthy sheets and pillows…. wow! I would run from those too!

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When this thread started, I never thought there would be so many stories to be told, I am astonished at what I'm reading, I am also amused.

I don't have any stories of my own except uncomfortable beds.

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Annie Deighnaugh

These stories are just amazing...I never dreamed there could be so many and such a wide variation of nightmares! To donate your house, enjoy the tax deduction and then expect you to pet sit besides! Outrageous! I'm sure the chichillas and cats were appreciative that you were so responsible as to continue to care for them...other people might not have been so. And spending your vacation dealing with a plumbing crisis....not my idea of a good time.

At least now, with the internet, you can get current reviews of hotel rooms so you don't end up in dives...but there aren't any reviews of guest rooms!

Mom did a great job of making our stays in FL as pleasant as possible. She was just wonderful to us. But for whatever reason, I always had an issue with her and clocks. Unbeknownst to me, the clock in the room had a satellite connection to reset itself at midnight. Yup, when it reset it also beeped like crazy just to let you know. Thank you very much. So the next time I stayed there, I made sure that clock was out of the room. In fact I made sure there weren't any clocks in the room at all. Wouldn't you know she had a portable battery powered clock in the desk that had the alarm accidentally set at 2 am? Have you ever had fun hunting for where the heck that noise was coming from? Yup, pulled the batteries on that one!

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On my college-student wanderings in Europe, I stayed with relatives in Denmark. They gave me the younger son's bedroom, which was fine, but...it was a very cold and snowy winter, and unbeknownst to me they turned the radiator heat in the bedrooms down during the day. Way down. So I spent several nights sleeping in my pajamas, sweater, long johns, and socks, under those great down comforters! And shivered.

It probably turned out to be a nightmare for them, too, as it was so snowy the trains stopped running, and my 3-day planned visit turned into 10 days.

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Okay, here's a sad one. When I was 17, my parents bought me an all-summer Greyhound bus pass to travel around the country by myself and said, "bye! have fun!" (looking back, I'm like -- what were they thinking?!) So, I traveled around, making several stops and staying with friends and relatives. All went well, until . . .

I stayed with my college roommate in Scarsdale, New York. This roommate was hardly ever in the room (had a boyfriend) so I didn't know her all that well, but we got along fine and were friendly. She was tall, beautiful, and well-off, and kind of a New York Jewish princess type (I don't mean to offend anyone by that characterization -- just setting the stage).

Anyway, she had a nice enough place, but -- we didn't do anything. At all except sit around for 3 days. I was expecting/hoping to be shown around, taken to the City -- something. It was weird, and I was getting a weird vibe.

Well, I did get taken to the City eventually, as my roommate finally hemmed and hawed and told me she as a junkie, and she and a friend had to go into Harlem to buy heroin. So we did. Very scary! I'm glad I'm still alive.

Needless to say, the next morning I hightailed it outta there to my next stop.

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All of the above are the reasons why I much prefer to rent a hotel room rather than stay with friends or relatives. The only friends we do stay with have pretty much the problem described in the first post - too much stuff on every surface and a jammed closet leaving no where to hang good clothes. Aside from having no where to set your things, the clutter just drives me crazy.

Worst experience I had (which applied to the whole house not just the guestroom) was one that smelled like very strong cat pee and was flea infested. This was an out of state relative and we didn't know how much their place had gone downhill. Never stayed there again.

We have a weekend lake place where we have a lot of visitors. I wonder what they think of my guest rooms. I try to make them the way I'd want my guest room to be. A digital alarm clock, decent bed linens and towels, not a single piece of clutter, a nightstand on each side of the bed, lamp on at least one side, an empty closet and a luggage rack.

We do have cats but fortunately they don't spend much time in the guest rooms - just our room. And the litter boxes are no where near any guest rooms.

I think the biggest problem we have is that the rooms are small so the beds are full size. This is probably a horrifying experience since so many people have king size beds these days. Fortunately most of our friends/relatives aren't large people. I also noticed someone asked for extra pillows in a room that only had one set so I guess I need to have four pillows in each room. I can understand that as I like that for reading in bed.

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I don't have a horrible story but I did recently visit some friends out of state and stayed in their guest room. It was a double bed but I can deal with that for a couple of nights but it was pushed up to the wall so I had to crawl out of it. No nightstand, no place to put any clothes, no mirror. And there were so many decorative pillows on the bed- I just had to dump them on the floor.

I made a point to sleep in my guest room and discovered the ceiling fan was noisy and the bed table lamp was poor. I bought a new fan and lamp.

Recently we did put a sleeper sofa in there but I bought an American Leather Comfort Sleeper with no bar, it's actually comfortable. Two nightstands, two lamps, tv, magazines, tissue, full length mirror, a folding luggage rack for a suitcase, a place to hang clothes, and a clock radio.

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Years ago, my sister-in-law invited her family (3 siblings, their spouses and children, her parents and grandparents--21 people) for a Christmas gathering at their new ski house in Big Bear. We were reluctant--our daughter was struggling with anorexia at the time, and life was difficult. But SIL insisted that all would be well, and she was very excited to show off their all-new vacation house (luxurious and beautiful, easily accommodating up to 25 people, with a tiny adjacent sleeping chalet for 5).

After an arduous day of travel, we arrived around dinnertime. My SIL did not greet her guests; she was in her bedroom resting. I discretely asked her husband about dinner arrangements (my daughter had not eaten in hours), and he shrugged. Finally SIL appeared and announced that there was no food in the house, and she had no intention of providing meals for her guests. She said she "hoped someone would figure things out."

I was frantic to feed my daughter (she would not eat in restaurants), so I created menus and shopping lists to feed 21 people for 7 days, drove back down the mountain to a grocery store, purchased foods and ingredients and prepared every meal--3 meals a day--for for my SIL's assembled guests for the entire holiday stay.

Soon after that stay, she bitterly complained that they had had guests for a weekend at their lake house who had not understood that guests were required to cook, clean, launder, vacuum, and babysit their children. Puzzled, I asked her what she thought being a host entailed; she said that hosts should provide beds, but that guests are expected to do everything else. These are people who are fabulously wealthy (retired in their early forties) and can afford any sort of services and amenities, bar none.

Since that trip, we have declined all invitations to be their houseguests. She has been a guest in my home many times. I work full-time, but prepare lovely meals and do not expect my guests to clean my house or do maintenance. We provide tourist and event information, and even drive people to/from the Metro. Often our houseguests are friends and family who are in the area to enjoy DC (whom we did not invite for a particular occasion); we still regard them as our guests.

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Oh gosh, this has been a hoot ~ as well as very entertaining~ reading all of your guest room, hotel, motel, guest house, etc. horror stories! I'm shocked and amazed by the environments some folks put their guests up in!

Like many of you, I can't stand the thought of sleeping on a pillow that smells of previous users. It makes me shudder just thinking about it! As a result, we always travel with our own pillows everywhere we go. We even have small, down-filled travel pillows that smash down to almost nothing, when we fly and need to pack tightly. Because of my feeling like this, I wash my guest room pillows, blankets, (of course, my) sheets, comforters and mattress cover after every guest leaves. If I can't do it, none of my own guests have to sleep on them either (LOL).
I also can't imagine using a bar of soap that's already been in use by anyone other than my DH or DD. So, we travel with small bars of soap, just in case. And that's what I put out for my own guests. Are we starting to see a pattern here with me and my own neuroses (LOL)? Clowns, wind chimes, hot bedrooms, pillows, soaps, etc? Scratchy sheets, too.

Well, I hope this thread continues for a while longer because it's just so darn much fun reading all your stories.

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"she bitterly complained that they had had guests for a weekend at their lake house who had not understood that guests were required to cook, clean, launder, vacuum, and babysit their children. Puzzled, I asked her what she thought being a host entailed; she said that hosts should provide beds, but that guests are expected to do everything else."

that's so odd -- exactly the reverse of what I have always been taught; that is, guests shouldn't have to do anything for themselves. I wonder if she mis-heard her mother or something?

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When DH and I got married, we each had a waterbed, so one went in our room, the other in the guest room. Since we rarely had guests (and were poor), we didn't keep the second one heated; if we knew we were getting company, we turned the bed heater on a few days in advance.

DH's parents showed up at our door unexpectedly to spend the night. We put every extra blanket we had under them, but they still practically froze to death. They never again showed up without at least 3 days' warning!

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What, no haunted guest room stories? I'm one of those people who 'listen' for noises when staying at a strange house or a hotel. My 'sleeping aid' usually knocks me out fairly quickly, but until then my ears are on high alert. I also need to leave a light on whenever I'm sleeping away from home. I guess I'm a big baby, or am gearing up for an evening visitor of the ghostly kind. A faulty heating system(breathing-like sounds!)in a San Antonio hotel had my son and I up all night~ the next day we moved to another room for the remainder of our stay. I always love to stay in small boutique hotels/bed and breakfasts, but they seem to be the worst.

I've never stayed in a hotel where the pillowcases weren't crisp, meaning they were recently laundered. No need to to carry your own when you can ask for fresh ones, and if those aren't acceptable, talk to management. My DD works in the hotel industry and has given me a lot of tips. ;)

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Just when you think you've heard it all...another great story pops up here. Good grief, kkay, I'd never return either. I don't think any of us mind pitching in to help our hosts with meals or clean-up after, but really!! I know we certainly don't expect to be entertained 24 hours a day when we are guests and none of our guests have made us feel that way either, but we do try to make our guests feel special and do things for them they would like.

I had forgotten about DH taking a trip recently to his hometown in Ohio. He had to drive a childhood friend from TN to Ohio due to the death of his mother. Long story, but friend's wife was already in Ohio on business and he doesn't drive much, so DH obliged so they wouldn't have 2 cars up there. They stayed at his friend's parent's house, which of course DH had frequented as a kid growing up and on a few visits back to his hometown. He slept one night in their guest room and when he called me he was removing dolls from the guest bed. He said there must have been about 20 dolls and he was having trouble finding a place to put them. I had to laugh. Next night he checked into a motel though.

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Annkh, when I was pregnant I could never get comfortable for sleep. We visited my BIL and SIL, and they had a waterbed in the guest room. I'd never slept on a waterbed before, and it was the first full night's sleep I'd had in months! 3 days of heaven :)

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Annie Deighnaugh

happyladi, great idea about sleeping in your own guest room.

Perhaps we should put together a list of nice to have and need to have for a decent guest room. DH and I have stayed in enough hotels over the years that we have a pretty good idea at least of the things we look for. Because our guest room is in the lower level, it's the largest bedroom in the house and it has an en suite bath.

Here's what we offer
2 twins (to accommodate marrieds and unmarrieds...when uncle and his stepson stayed they were glad for the twin beds!)
Each has a bench at the foot for luggage or sitting
Each has a glass-topped end table with own lamp, a couple of small decorative bowls to hold watches, rings and things
Wi Fi
Clock Radio
Cable TV w/ remote
Closet with hangers and 2 large white terry robes
Desk with chair, lamp, pencils, pad of paper
Luggage rack
Linen closet has spare blankets, extra set of towels, empty shelves for storage
Make-up vanity with mirror, tissue, q tips, cotton balls, lotion
Sleeping pillow and sham pillow for each bed
Two sitting chairs: one rocker, one recliner w/reading lamp
Magazine rack with "coffee table" books
Pair of slippers and slipper socks

Large mirror
Separate air jet tub
Bubble bath for tub
2 sets of clean towels
liquid hand soap
bar soap
liquid body soap
clean drinking glasses
hand towel
basket with toiletries: toothbrushes, toothpaste, mouthwash, shampoo, conditioner, clean scrubby, razor
spare toilet paper
hair dryer
handheld mirror
night light
waste basket
toilet bowl brush

And there is a small fridge in the store room just outside the guest room...we turned it on for our "overnight" guest who spent 11 days here so he could fill it with his goodies he bought.

As I'm having guests again this weekend, I'd be happy for any suggestions of anything I missed.

Perhaps we need a list of what it shouldn't have:
too many tchotchkes
wind chimes
snake skins
pet access and/or accessories like litter boxes

And a list of things you wouldn't think you'd have to mention:
clean sheets
clean towels, no holes
running water
a place to actually sleep

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Annie, I add a small basket w/ fruit(2 or 3 pieces),breakfast bars, candy, and chips~I set it on the antique vanity in the room. If it's a good friend, you'll know the favorites, if not too well, a general assortment, nothing with nuts. I'm sure the person would read the labels if allergies are a concern. I know I sometimes 'get hungry' after everyone has gone to bed, and would only 'raid' the kitchen of my best friend!

I also have a small basket in the vanity drawer of the guest bath where I keep Tylenol, Aleve, Pepcid, Tums, Imodium, dental floss, and mouthwash. I tell the guest about it beforehand and then there's no need to ask for something they might personally find embarrassing.

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Bottled water, too!

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I've never had a guest room other than the futon in my living room and the floor. Never had any guests, either, other than my daughters and grandkids, and they don't care. I'm really uncomfortable with people in my space, and vice versa, anyway.

I now have an "extra" room which I am planning to make into a bedroom. Someday. After I finish the rest of the house! If someone wants to visit me, I guess I'll hurry up and buy a bed.

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We have good customers, a couple, about 4 hours away. We were scheduled to spend 2 days at their company and they invited us to stay at their house rather than a motel. They took us to dinner. They were fun and charming. I later found out that they were swingers. Luckily they keep business and swinging separate. I was so embarrassed because everyone in their company knew we had stayed over and I assumed they thought we were more than what we were.
Since then we have become good friends. They have their lifestyle and we have ours and it is clear never the twain shall meet.

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OK, Patty Cakes, here's a haunted guest room story for you . . . our own guest room. Some of you all have probably heard this one before from me.

Our brand new, custom built for us on never before built on land here in the mountains of New Mexico, has been haunted from the get go. By three spirits. The one that has been seen ~ but ONLY by 3 of our many guests in the past 21 years here~ is an older Indian man, wrapped in a long blanket around his shoulders.

The first guest who saw him was my mom, when she flew in to take care of us when I went preeclamptic with DD. She woke to see him crouched down in the corner of the bedroom, as if he was looking down at something. She never saw his face. And, although startled, she didn't panic. She's always had clairvoyant tendencies, and she's very calm, so she just sat there watching and wondering what exactly she was seeing and why. She only saw him that one time in the month she stayed with us.

The next guest who saw him ( and we NEVER talk about this to anyone but a few very close family members and my best friend) was about 10 years later. It was a guy in his early twenties. He woke to see our Indian standing in the corner of the room. When he started to panic, the Indian seemed to run across the room and "through the bedroom window like it wasn't even there!". Poor guy,
he saw him every night for four nights before he finally told us. He slept on our living room sofa, far away from the guest room, for his last 3 days here. I still can't believe he stuck it out that long!

The third person who saw him, was a female guest, also in her early-twenties. This was about 11 years ago. She saw the same thing: our Indian standing in the corner of the room, and then running across the room and "through the window". Unlike the guy, she screamed bloody murder, waking the entire house up. She slept on the living room sofa for the remainder of her stay here and hasn't been back since.

But, in all of the 21 years we've been in this house, only those three of our many guests have seen him. I've never seen him and neither has DH or our kids.

Right after that last sighting, which admittedly shook us all up, we brought in a group of 3 highly recommended and respected "ghost busters", although that's not what they are called IRL. The one gentleman saw our Indian and convinced him that he was dead and to "move on".

Thankfully, no one has seen him since. But . . . the ghostbusters did detect 2 other ghostly beings in our kitchen that same night. They didn't see them, but there were big spikes on the instrument they brought with them. I was told by them that I'm probably what they call a "ghost magnet". Anyhoo, the other two "ghosts" are my second mom and dad and are friendly ones . . . but that's another story.

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How about the other side of the coin? My guest bedroom has a new queen-size, pillow-top bed. I always put new, fresh sheets on when guests are coming, and an electric blanket in the winter for my frigid friends. There are two nightstands, a reading lamp, alarm clock and an empty closet. The windows open for fresh air and the fan is remote-controlled. There is a separate guest bathroom with new towels and every toiletry one could need.

My last house guest stayed two months.


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Annie Deighnaugh

Whitelacey, that is always one of my concerns...but most of my guests are by invitation only and we discuss ahead of time how long they will stay. I almost feel like I need to email a confirmation including check in and check out times! But then again, when x had a death in the family, he was not expected and stayed much longer than we thought....he also had full use of our car and DH did his laundry too!

Our well water is cold and fine so I don't use bottled water. I try to encourage a healthy lifestyle for us and our guests, so sweets and snacks are not something I'd even want in the house around me, let alone guests. And we feed our guests very well. But the medications you mentioned would be a nice courtesy and are a nice idea.

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I was just reading through to see if my dad had posted anything about the lousy "guest room" in our house. LOL. Our house is just big enough for the 5 of us -- no spare bedrooms except for this one tiny room on the second floor that doesn't even have a closet. It is big enough for a twin bed and a nightstand. That's it. Fortunately my dad -- who visits from 2 hours away about 4-5 times a year -- is (1) single and (2) very easygoing. And, since he still works, he visits for only 1-2 nights at a time.

We do have a nice guest room at our beach house.

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Lynn, a fascinating story of your ghosts! They don't bother me, and in fact we have been on local ghost tours and some in several cities we have visited. Very interesting. I think you are talking about a medium or a sensitive or a clairvoyant, right?

I don't know much to add to what Annie and Patty Cakes have said. Our guest room is closer to the kitchen than our Master Bedroom, so we usually make coffee the night before, set out cups and invite our guests to turn it on and help themselves if they are up first. We also ensure we have a bowl of fruit (usually apples and bananas or whatever might be in season such as fresh peaches) and I put out some energy or protein bars in case they want to grab one either in the evening or in the morning before breakfast.

I also have a drawer in the bathroom with items guests might need and I make sure they know they are there, plus I put a basket of things out on the counter. There is also lotion, tissues, etc available, and I more or less give them a tour of where things are in the linen closet extra pillows, blankets, towels. plus the bedroom closet where they can hang their things.

The only thing not in our guest rooms is a TV. We're funny about TVs in the bedrooms I guess. Most of the time we have guests, the TV isn't even on unless we need to watch the weather or news for some reason. But there is wifi in the house and reading lamps on both sides of the beds and places to put things.

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I love your Indian ghost story! I 'm sure it's the land your home is sitting on and he still feels he belongs there. The running toward/thru the window could just be his exit and in 'his world' the window doesn't exist since material/tangibles probably don't, but what do I know. I'm simply a believer in spirits. No explanation needed. Lynn, I take it you are also. ;)

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next should be hotel horror stories :)

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After reading all of these, I have started to feel horrible in the way of being a hostess.

My in-laws were coming in town to visit. My now husband and I were getting married (just a justice of the peace type deal). My sister in law decided to surprise us and we live in a rental and are now building a house.

We did set up the guest room and bath. However, we had not known to make another space ready for another guest.

We had to put her up in our loft (which gets incredibly hot when the heat is on). We live in central Texas and for some odd reason it was very cold. We had 20 degree temps and freezing rain.

Needless to say, on the second night I found her on the couch with a tiny blanket. She was over heating up in the loft.

Did I mention we had two new little kittens? I cannot remember why, but they were loose in the house and bit my father in laws foot and he kicked the kitten across the room. They also played on top of my poor over heated sister in law up in the loft! I am not sure how much play time they had on her while sleeping as she is so kind and gracious and would never tell you of any complaints.

Reading these stories, I look back and realize what a horrible hostess I was!

One funny thing i did as a prank to my sister in law was to put a large piece of fake poop on the floor. After everything else she had experienced it was all to believable. I was dressed up to go get married and pretended I was too good to clean it up and asked her to do it. BTW I would NEVER actually ask someone to do this if were real poop. I was on the phone and turned around and she had taken an entire roll of paper towels and was covering it so as to pick it up without touching it. When I saw this I started laughing hysterically and told her it was not real and just a joke. She is so sweet, she started apologizing for wasting the paper towels!

The moral to this story is, next time I have guests I am going to think about all of the potential things I need to do to make sure the person or couple is comfy!

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One more thing I thought about last night, and this is especially for those of you with grandkids (or who may have them in your future).

When our grandkids were small, our sons and DILs, who live an hour and 1.5 hrs away, liked to give them baths at the end of the day before they drove home. Even our DGD who lived 30 minutes away always liked to get in our big soaker tub or big shower, especially with her girl cousins. This was always fine with us because the grandkids were worn out and dirty from playing outside on our farm, and Mom and Dad could put them in their clean pjs, the kids would go to sleep in the car and then they could be put in bed when they got home. So we always had plenty of towels, kid-friendly soaps/body wash and shampoo, small wash cloths for the little ones, kiddie toothpaste and bath toys.

Oh, and did anyone mention extra tooth brushes? That is one item that somehow gets left at home a lot. I always keep some inexpensive ones (or those free ones we get at the dentist that I don't always use) on-hand for guests that forget.

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After staying in many friends and family's guest rooms over the years, I've consciously made an effort to have a very user-friendly guest room. Plus, living out here with no immediate family anywhere in New Mexico, I want them to want to come back and stay again.
These are the things I've furnished our guest bedroom with:
~ a variety of pillows (down and foam; firm and soft) to choose from, all washed after their last use
~ a variety of blankets and comforters, all washed after last use
~ pretty, but non-fussy bedspread that invites napping
~ throw at foot of bed for napping
~ empty bedside table at each side of bed with
~ one good reading lamp on each nightstand. 3-way bulbs in each.
~ covered water carafe
~ small basket of snack bars, etc.
~ desk with variety of local postcards, postcard stamps and pens for them to use if they choose
~ fresh box of Kleenex
~adjustable blinds on window+ curtains
~ ceiling fan (with no light) for added air circulation, if desired
~ a nightlight to use if they choose
~ the most comfortable reading chair in the world with side table and reading lamp
~ tv with list of local channels
~ alarm clock radio
~ bookcase stocked with a stack of magazines, books on New Mexico and things to do and see here, books by our late, beloved NM author, Tony Hillerman, as well as a number of current paperbacks that DH has read and no longer wants, just in case they need a good book for the trip home.
~ walk-in closet with nothing but (many) hangers and empty shelves for their own things. Oh, and this is where I keep the extra blankets and sheets, in case they need them. I also keep an extra iron and ironing board in there for them.

In the guest bath:
~ a large basket that I pull out from a cab and leave on the bathroom counter for them to use if they've forgotten or need anything: extra wrapped toothbrushes; travel-size toothpastes; small bottles of Tylenol and Tums; new small combs; Travel-size wrapped soaps in several varieties; Travel-size shampoo and conditioner; a couple of new mini-puff/scrubbies; a bottle of good sunscreen; new travel slippers, wrapped, in several sizes ( a gift from one resort we stayed at, but never used); a few new Chapsticks (our humidity is very low out here); cough drops/ throat lozenges; a small, new bottle of Afrin nose spray; a few wrapped shavers; travel shower caps; a travel-size container of shaving cream; dental floss; packets of the individual Tide Spot Removers (*** those are always used and much appreciated!)
~ spray air fresher
~ Kleenex
~ a lower cab stocked with lots of extra TP, so they don't ever need to ask for more
~ hairdryer
~ another nightlight to use, if they need it
~ linen cab in bathroom stocked with lots of extra towels and washcloths . . . plus a box of sanitary necessities, just in case.
- Hand/body lotion

I've always been someone who really enjoys organizing and that's probably why I stock all of the above for my own guests . . . that, and I've personally needed just about every one of them at one time or another when I've been staying at someone else's home! (LOL)

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Annie Deighnaugh

Very thoughtful, Lynn....I cracked up at the feminine products...me and my friends are beyond worrying about that! If anything, I'd need to add a box of depends!

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So welcoming, Lynn and others. Strangely, I have no "nightmare" stories, not even the wild raccoons who liked to wander through the house at night (no prob, I just wasn't pre-informed). We have had a pet or two decide to sleep with, or in one case on top of, us, but not a problem.

My most repetitive discomfort experiences are three such easily fixable ones:

One is simply no reading lamp. Obviously, a large number of people who don't read in bed as part of going to sleep, or read when they're having trouble sleeping, just don't foresee this need. (Usually. On a previous thread on this topic a poster said she expected her guests to be out with her when awake. Umhmm....)

The second is pillows that don't fit guests' comfort requirements, which is so easy to take care of by offering different softnesses and types.

Three, already mentioned with tossing and turning, is the inability to adjust the amount of covers for personal comfort. Worst is a friend's bed covered with one thick comforter. Absolutely no way to add or subtract, just suffer. This should be #1 on a don't-do list.

Otherwise, looking back, my #1 could-do-better for many is simply welcomingly empty drawer and closet space. Not just scuba gear and extra clothes pushed aside to make "enough" space to do, but completely empty and dedicated to the guests' needs.

Here in our little 50-year-old vacation mobile home "fishing shack" in Florida, our one guest room is 7 x 8 feet total, with the sliding door facing a window, good twin bed to left of window, and 2 closets flanking a built-in dresser with mirror to the right. For obvious reasons, its only occupants have been the occasional grandchild and DH's nonclaustrophobic fishing buddies, but I've outfitted it based on what we've learned from personal experience.

The "far" closet serves as our broom closet as there literally is nowhere else, but when a guest arrives the built-in middle dresser and the closet by the door are completely empty -- except for items for the guest's comfort: pillows of different softnesses (3 on the bed for propping, 1 in top of closet), extra blankets, electric fan on closet shelf in case needed, and radio alarm clock and a box in the top drawer holding some travel items. A folding wood dining chair is stored in the closet to serve as a bedside table under the window if desired, or a luggage rack, and a wall-mounted swivel lamp in the corner takes care of reading. There are NO knick-knacks or decorative pillows. :)

I love your stocked bookcase, Lynn, and magazines, Annie. These guests have to hit the one in the living room before retiring. You guys are making me realize I should add a cotton robe, though. The one bathroom in this trailer is shared, and I really doubt anyone's ever brought one.

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Annie: (LOL) I'm beyond that time, myself, but my (just turned) 20 y/o DD loves bringing friends home from college with her for visits. It's mainly for them. For last year's Spring Break, she brought 5 girls and 2 guys home with her for 10 days. Let me tell you, teenagers forget a LOT of necessities! They used up most of that entire basket plus the extra one I put in the powder room.

Rosie, even though yours is a small guest room down at your Florida home, it sounds really comfortable and thoughtfully laid out for company. If I was a guest there, I'd love it.

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These stories are hilarious. But after living in Florida, where every family member and friend visits, and having some terrible guest stories, I much prefer to stay in a hotel and always have hotel suggestions for visiting guests. Much rather have friends than save on hotel bills.

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Hmmmm, Lynn, I’ve always loved New Mexico and wanted to spend some more time there. After reading about your guest room provisions, I just wanted to let you know I”ll be there next week - for an indefinite length of time, LOL! Sounds so comfortable and delightful! See you soon!

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Lol Nanny! I live in Florida and have had many rants here about long lost people inviting themselves. Just yesterday my husband received an email through his work (through a google search) from someone he knew 38 years ago in England. I’m betting the next email will start with “we are thinking of coming to Florida”. That’s how they all start before they invite themselves. However, I get it too from long lost people, friends of family that I don’t really know and very distant cousins. My husband thinks I’m wrong so we will see.

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LOL, Nanny, and thanks for pulling up my old "Nightmare Guest Room Stories" for Jjam and all. Such great ideas on this thread. Funny you should mention it, but if you read my initial post of the guest room I hate at our family member's home (who we adore) . . . that's where we'll be again next week (LOL)! They've moved to a new, even large,r home since we were there last and I'm hoping she's redone the guest rooms, as well!

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Lynn, yes, let’s hope that the clown is no longer living, and that she’s found new locations for her wind chimes and all those beloved nick-nacks. I hope you enjoy your visit!

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My dad has a condo in Palm Springs, on a golf course. We had a family reunion there. My brothers and I arrived a day earlier. My father had a big court case and was to meet us the next day. He was flying down from Alaska. The condo is only used once a year, but my parents pays someone monthly to clean it, even though no one is living there. They even pay someone to clean the windows when they are not there. They like it clean and spotless when they arrive.

When I arrived, it was clear that NO ONE had been in that condo in at least a year. There was an incredible amount of dust and sand inside. I immediately started sneezing and could not stop. As I looked around, I started noticing spiders... BLACK WIDOWS...EVERYWHERE. They had infested the condo! I have no idea what had happened...how the sand and dust and spiders had moved in, but they did. I was horrified. I spent the night in a hotel. My brothers, however, coralled themselves into one room that they cleaned of spiders.

Knowing that my father was coming off of a big case and that our parents would be exhausted from the flight, we started cleaning the next day. I caught a couple black widows in a jar. We had to overturn furniture to make sure we got them all. At some point, we left to eat. My brother got the time wrong for my father's arrival, and he arrived while we were out to find overturned furniture and full garbage bags (of dirty paper towels). He thought we had been partying in the condo and left a nasty note. When we all finally met up, I showed him the jar with the spiders. The whole family spent the vacation in the hotel on the golf course. The condo had to be fumigated. Because of the dust, I think the HVAC system and furnace had to be replaced. All I can think is someone (a cleaner?) left the arcadia sliders open and maybe a golfer or maintenance guy eventually closed them, because they were closed when we arrived.

The place has since been gutted and remodeled. I have never seen a black widow in Palm Springs since. I still dont understand where they all came from.

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How did I miss this the first time?

I stayed with a friend in Berkeley, California. He lived in a house that was part residence, and part art studio/gathering place for some interesting artists looking for day time space. Once I stayed there and got the guest bed- which was fine. The second time, the young woman who rented the whole building had her parents there (and her boyfriend) who cooked the worst smelling food. They, of course, took up the guest room. There were two male college students (friends of her family) that were attending some event at a technology company, and they were occupying the living room sofas.

I must have had a worried look on my face at this point; I was told there was an extra mattress downstairs. The basement was well-stocked with previous renters left- behind possessions. I helped my host bring the mattress upstairs, and was asked where I wanted to put it- on the floor in his room, or out in the living room with the boys. Uhh, I guess in your room? The bathroom was off of the living/kitchen area and I couldn't imagine 6 people tripping over me on their way to the bathroom, nor being exposed to their noises either going to bed or getting up the morning. I think another 2-3 people also slept there that night on sofas in the art studio. I should have stayed in a hotel.

These days, my one pet peeve is not having a trash can in the bathroom, or if there is a trash can, not having a liner in it (yuck!).

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After reading some of your stories, I consider myself lucky.

When I was in college, I went to London and while I was there I went down to Southampton to visit my pen pal whom I had corresponded with since I was 7 years old. She had already come to visit me in the States. It was in January, and their only heat was a little coal stove in their living area. I slept in my long johns, jeans, coat, gloves, hat, etc. When I got up the next morning to go into the bathroom, the inside of the windows was coated in ice! They probably thought I was the grossest person ever because I didn't shower for the 3 days I was there. That bathroom was the coldest room I had ever been in.

The last time I stayed with a friend, I slept in a twin sleigh bed (I am 5'9") and her pug jumped on me all night long. Never again.

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As a student, I went to visit my great aunt in Florida. The accommodations were really pretty nice - including life sized dolphin plaques on the walls! : ) There was some kind of a plaque on the bed with jingle bells on it. It had a somewhat raunchy poem about what would make the bells ring. I was afraid to move all night long fearing those bells would go off and the whole house would be laughing.

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OMG Black Widows -- I would have run screaming. loudly. for about a week!

good luck, Lynn!

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Fun2BHere - The same thing happened to me when I tried to have a sleep study for apnea. Miserable!

For the person that went to visit SIL's mountain home with 21 others. Didn't anyone take food for the visit? I would never dream of going to someone's home for even a night without taking some offering. When that many people are invited to someone's home, they should offer to bring food. The hostess should never be expected to feed that many people on her own, although she should have had a plan and said something up front, and asked guest to help with meals beforehand.

I cannot think of anything too terribly horrible when we have been guest, or vice versa. I try to make sure that my guest have everything they need, and we have always been accommodated fairly nicely when visiting others.

My only quip is when my family visits my brother and SIL's home. They do not drink coffee or OJ, so they do not provide it. I think that a good hostess should. They know that we drink both. We vacation together several times a year. I provide hot tea and yogurt for my SIL when she visits our home.

Many mornings, while visiting my brother and SIL, my poor son-in-law has made a "coffee run" to a local Roadrunner to buy coffee for everyone. We take our meds and eat breakfast (which I contribute to) with lemonaide or water. Thinking about giving my SIL a Keurig coffee maker for Christmas that she can keep in her pantry, and then bringing our own OJ the next time we visit.

One funny thing that happened when visiting my brother and SIL. The guest bedroom shares a bathroom with my college age niece's bedroom. On one visit to their home, my niece walked in on my DH while he was sitting on the commode. She walked all the way into the bathroom, took one look at DH and casually said "oh!, hello Uncle V" and then walked back out the door. My husband was in shock! He assumed the door was locked to the adjoining bedroom and that our niece would be using her sisters bathroom while we were visiting. We have all laughed and laughed about that one!

One other funny bathroom story. When I was in college, my then boyfriend invited me to his family's home for the weekend. I did not care for his snobbish parents. The guest bedroom was upstairs in a VERY nice Spanish style home. When I awoke the first morning there, someone was in the guest bathroom, or so I thought. So, I crept downstairs to use one I had seen earlier the evening before. Well, that door was closed, so I waited on the foot of the stairs for availability. As I was crouched waiting, the mother came around the corner and we both had a good scare! When I finally gathered my wits, I told her that I was waiting on the bathroom and that someone was in the upstairs bathroom. She checked the bathroom that I was waiting on and declared it empty. Same for the upstairs bathroom. She just kept the doors closed to the bathrooms.

More bathroom chuckles. My brother-in-law has walked in on me while in the bathroom. My sister has walked in on my husband. And most recently, my brother walked in on me at a party the other night! The lock on the door was missing. Oh well...at least it's all in the family!

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Mine isn't a guest ROOM story, it's a guest story. As in, why didn't they stay in a hotel instead of asking to stay with us. We had a 4-bedroom house, all of which we used (us, our two kids, our au pair). Friends were coming to California, I think going off on an Alaska cruise, then returning for one night before returning home. They asked if they - SIX OF THEM (them, their three kids and their traveling au pair) - could stay with us that last night (we lived quite near the airport). These are wealthy people, who could easily have afforded another night in a hotel. I was so nonplussed, I had to say yes, fortunately, it was only one night.

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We've had relatives, a family of 5, come stay with us many times for one night stays. One particular Christmas night, they showed up with 2 extra's...a mother and teen daughter. Really?

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There are some real nightmares here! I should be more grateful about 1) sleeping on a futon with my head assigned to what is usually apparently the cat's nap spot (no, I don't actually need to be able to breathe the next day, thanks). 2) the multiple times in different households of getting the slow-leak airbed assignment (hip usually hits the floor around 2 am). Another airbed assignment with no sheets and just a scratchy mexican blanket on top (huh?)

Lots of you provide really nice set-ups, no wonder people want to stay a long time! We are building our retirement house and decided that there was no way we were going to dedicate any square footage to rooms that would not be used daily. So again, we'll have guests on the sofabed in what is usually the tv room. We have slept on our American Leather pull-out literally for months during a remodel, and find it comfortable. Reading lights and nightstands are a must, plus the usual clean sheets and pillows. But we are not going to keep a closet empty for you! Some hanging space and a spot for a suitcase, yes.

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Love this thread. Gotta bump and hope to hear more stories.

I just experienced the hellish guest room but won't talk about it. Don't want to cause any bad feelings in the family. Actually it wasn't a room so much as a 50 inch wide saggy leather loveseat with no offer of a sheet, pillow or comforter. No food except the offer of munchies and candy. And we were there to care for her after surgery. For seven long days and nights. She thought that her city location was so fancy pants that that fact alone would render our stay there as a vacation. Imagine that!

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I just had to jump in here and say this is the best GW thread I have bumped into. Funny and scary at the same time.
My #1 nightmare was staying at an ex SIL's. We were given a filthy twin bed complete with sand for me my husband and baby followed by a homemade breakfast with brown scrambled eggs and I don't remember what else. It was pretty gross and we never stayed there again. She took B&B to a different level.

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Hmmm, I wonder who that might be?

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westsider40, thank you for bumping this thread...or maybe not. My backside is killing me from sitting at the computer and spending the last two hours reading the entire thread! LOL Oh My Word! I can't even wrap my brain around the experiences some of you have had! I've laughed at some of the stories but mostly have sat here shaking my head in disbelief and utter disgust! I don't really have anything interesting to add. We rarely spend the night with anyone or have overnight guests. My husband's sister and husband visit occasionally but usually have their huge travel trailer with them and stay in it. When they do stay in the house, we give them our bedroom because it's the most comfortable (and largest) bed in the house and they have the privacy of an en-suite. I'm confident in my ability to make them feel comfortable and welcomed. And the only place we stay overnight is with them. I have no complaints. She's an excellent hostess (puts me to shame!)
I have one bad/funny hotel experience. Right after DH and I were married, we traveled to west Texas for a family reunion. We got into town late at night, wasn't familiar with the place and stopped at the first hotel (rather MOtel) that we came to. It was a dump and we hid our valuables under the mattress! DH was in bed watching tv and I was in the bathroom taking my bath and washing my hair. After washing my hair, I wrapped it up in a towel, looked in the mirror and saw (what looked like) long black spider legs! I screamed bloody murder and when I scream the whole county knows about it! DH came running in the bathroom to find me beating myself in the head while ripping the towel off my hair. It wasn't a spider with long black legs. It was a hole in the towel and my dark wet hair sticking out of it :o That's a story that has never gotten old LOL

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Oh my gosh, it's so funny to see this thread pop up here again! I started it, and like everyone else, I loved reading every wonderful story! Yes, I cringed along with you all at many (including mine!) and laughed until I cried at many more, including Westsiders latest!

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