Particle board with veneer VS all plywood construction

watercoloristApril 10, 2013

We are about to order a Dura Supreme kitchen for a second home at the beach. The wood is painted maple with MDF inserts for the door panels. All construction is plywood sides and we ordered the sink box in full plywood construction. The designer tells us we can save money by having the backs, bottoms, and shelving in particle board with veneer on the other cabinets. They say that particle board today is not what it used to be. It's thicker and better constructed. Is it worth the uptick to stay with all plywood? There is a life time manufacturing warrenty on all cabinetry.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

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Ply all the way!

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All plywood!

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Depends- I don't remember Dura's specs- as it happens everything I currently sell is ply but
I don't feel that is important- other than a lot of the public thinks it is. IF doing frameless it most certainly is not- my own kitchen is particle frameless 9 years old and I'd do it again in a heart beat.
If framed and it is at least 1/2" thick, and 45 lb density long grain.
Not crazy about it for backs UNLESS there is a solid or ply hanging rail with a minimum of 1/2" .
If they are using particle in place of hanging rails then stay away, especially on wall cabs.

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There are several recent threads on this (google search works way better than the site search engeine, just add "site=ths.gardenweb" to get results from only here). Might get more detailed info there.

It seems that opinion is split, but my recollection is the pros here use both but don't necessarily recommend paying to upgrade automatically. I don't want to speak for any of them, but in case more of them don't stop by that was the impression I got from past discussions. This also assumes the plywood is good quality (that's a whole other set of threads if you are interested) and the particleboard option is good as both products come in a variety of grades/quality.

I'm getting frameless, so consensus is high quality particleboard has an advantage for frameless. I saved the cost of the "upgrade", which even the cabinet guy recommended against.

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Thank you all for sharing your ideas with me. It's so helpful.

We had upgraded the end panels to 1/2 "plywood and made the sink base totally plywood. We also make all the shelving in the top of the hutch plywood to support heavier items like bottles. Tops & bottoms & backs of other cabinets would be 1/2" part. board with 45 lb density. Shelves are 3/4" furniture board and drawers are 5/8 " hardwood boxes. We decided to make all bottom panels around the island wood as my grandchildren are wiggly and kicky with their feet.

Any other thoughts are appreciated!!

Thanks for recommending the other threads. I will read them later.

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