what is the longest time you 'found' something

rosajoe_gwJune 25, 2012

you didn't know you had lost lol???

I was watching TV and DH had gone to bed. I heard a loud crash and went in to see if he was OK - he didn't hear anything.

The next day I found my closet shelf had fallen - what a pain in the butt! I had to take everything out of the closet until DH could fix it.

When I was putting thngs back I decided it was a good time to go through and throw out (Goodwill).

In a box with old pic albums I found a Dresden Plate acrylic template that has to be 10+ or 15+ years old judging from the price tag!

I also found 4 yards of a pretty floral and about 2 yards of a plaid flannel that will be perfect for my black denim project. Heaven only knows how long ago I bought those. PLUS a pair of earrings I had looked for and could not find since moving here 6 years ago lol!!!!

Hopefully self will agree with me that it is time to get my closets in order!!!!!!!!!


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I found a set of graduated round templates that I'm certain I bought for a reason... but the reason was so long ago I've completely forgotten what it was! For a Drunkards Path or just drunk when I bought them? I don't know. It had to have been years ago because I found them in a box with a mover's stamp from Baltimore and we've been here 14 years.


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You inspire me, Rosa. I have lost the box with a set of sewing machine attachments when Is Judy moving also?I moved bedrooms a year ago. I know it is in the house somewhere so maybe I just need to clean a few closets.

I have more in the "lost" column than the "found" one at the moment.

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I can't think of anything myself, but our good friends "lost" their wedding silverware. Couldn't find it for years! They finally found it in the back of a closet. They couldn't see the dark wood box in the dark closet.


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Not quilt related and not very long "lost". I was cleaning dresser drawers earlier this month and found some candy dishes I had bought early in 2011 for Christmas gifts. So now I have started my Christmas shopping for this year. (If I don't forget about them again)
I know there are other treasures hiding in this house just waiting for me to find them.

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The other day I found an orange sweater balled up on the floor in the far corner of my closet. Worst thing is, I don't ever remember wearing or even owning it. I must have "lost" it quite soon after I bought it. It didn't have time to make much of an impression. I really have cleaned my closet in the 14 years since we've been here, but because of where it was located, I would never have noticed it unless I had taken all my hanging stuff off of the rack. It's a low rack for blouses and such, and everything rides just above the floor. Oh well, now I have a "new" top for next fall/winter.

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I don't have a clue, Rosa, but when I find it, I'll let you know. LOL


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Sure wish I'd find that red white & blue log cabin quilt that was all cut out... It went missing when I left my first husband and moved 17 years ago! It was in a brown box...I can still visualize it. (I moved again 6 years ago, so I'm sure it's gone)

It's not like me to have something missing. I'm too organized for that.

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