drywall scare stories

susana_2006May 21, 2009

I've been hearing some bad stories about problems with Chinese drywall. Is this adding to the problems with new construction sales? Is this issue a reason to not buy newer homes? How long has the building industry been using Chinese drywall?

Thanks so much.


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There is news posted on this almost daily on www.hadd.com and www.hobb.org. I think the two sites do a good job of posting only news and potentially helpful info. From what I've read, most 'experts' (for whatever that's worth) believe it was used between about 2001 and 2008, mostly in the Southeast but it is in multiple states. So far I've not read about any houses that have it without the 'symptoms' of rotten egg (sulfur) smell. But the harm is in what the fumes from it do to metal components like wiring and HVAC systems, and possibly to people's health. I recently read on www.policyholdersofamerica.org that much of the effort to restrict lawsuits that builders fought for is coming back to haunt them. They want to sue the manufacturers and/or distributors and now may run up against some of the same limitations they sought to put on their own customers. Given that it's a Chinese product, good luck to anyone trying to recover damages from the maker of these boards. Though some govt agencies have said it's a problem, I don't know that there is any solution on the horizon. A lot of the home owners will suffer monetary loss and if there's ever anyone held accountable it may be too late to be of much help to those people. I personally am concerned that in the future i might have to watch out for this, too. I imagine a lot of people are.

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The folks stuck with the bad drywall will spend more money on attorneys trying to hold someone responsible than they would if they just tore it out and replaced it.

Attorneys earn a LOT more than drywall crews.

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