Getting cooktop off small island - layout help

megs1082April 14, 2013

I posted a few weeks back, with pictures of the kitchen in a home we are considering buying. I was looking for feedback on the layout. The general consensus was the island cooktop was unsafe. I agree. Here is the thread if anyone is interested.

We are still considering the home as nothing better has come up. We are going to hopefully get an estimate done sometime this week, so I'm looking for some more ideas on what changes are really feasible. This old listing on hotpads, has the best pictures,newHome,auction&pricingFrequency=once&loan=30,0.04,0&resultsPerQuad=24

We want the kitchen to be safe and functional, but aren't prepared a this point to redo the whole thing. Our current thought was to remove the wall oven and microwave, and convert the island cooktop to counterspace. We would replace the cabinet above the microwave with a shorter one, reinstall the microwave below it and install a range. Well, then I measured the wall oven and it's only 27". I don't think I'd want a range smaller than 30", which is what I have in my current home. I also realized that just sliding a range in that space, even if it was 30", might also be unsafe, since it's leaving another side of the range exposed (and by an entryway no less), just like it was in the island. So, looking at that wall oven area, what cabinetry could be reconfigured easily, to make that space functional? Is there room in that space for counter on both sides of a range, without making the cabinets/counter area too small to be useful? The options might be obvious, but I'm really unfamiliar with cabinetry and what can be moved/reconfigured. I want to like the outcome and also don't want future buyers to think we've ruined the space. At first I was worried about venting the range (cooktop is downdrafted), but our buyers agent said most new homes in our area aren't even vented, so most other homes we consider won't be either.


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It's to hear from you. It would be best if you can post the layout and photos directly in this thread. Many people (me included) won't click on links to find photos, etc.

If I remember correctly you don't have a diagram of the layout, is that right? Please get it if you can as everyone will be able to help you more. Also you would not be able to get correct estimates without measurements.

Just get back in the house and measure (everything) and diagram on graph paper with a dark pen or sharpie. Make copies as you will need them. Take a photo of the graph paper and post here.

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you have a ton of options-it's a big space.However the cabinets aren't especially appealing in my opinion. If the sale is something you'd like to proceed with, i would point out the deficincies in the style and functionality/safety of the kitchen which will help you in price bargaining. The fridge is protruding beyond the walkway to it's left..the awkward pantry to it's left has that odd depth change above it.....the microwave and oven stack have the same odd depth incongruence and the oven looks old and small and the cooktop obviously has safety concern...and to boot...the desk is in a visual line and is outdated/ using space inappropriately.don't worry-You can get a great kitchen here, but bargaining right now is what you need to do and it will allow you some capital to renovate the whole thing which I think it really needs-you can move in and plan a wonderful project not just piecemeal.

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