June, 2013 Quilting/Sewing Goals

geezerfolks_SharonG_FLJune 1, 2013

Here we go again! It's June and the beginning of a 6 month hurricane season here in Florida. Time to refresh batteries in the evacuation tub. As for quilting and sewing:

1. Send Many Trips to the quilter
2. Work on Barns (since I'm not making the barn squares listed in the Quilt Along, which means 'making more' I'm using up what I already have made, so can go at my own speed.)
3. Work on Granny Squares
4. Quilt Pink 3D Pinwheels
This week: Clean a room a day in preparation for family arriving next Saturday.

And now, a note from Katie: "God really has got this!! We got better news today than we expected. My tumor is almost completely dead just a small rim of live cells!! They are still going to start the stronger chemo (VP16) so that we stay ahead of it. Thank you God and thank you all for your prayers!!"


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Just to finish the Depression Block quilt top. I really have no desire to tear into another quilt at this time. I can't believe I just said that.

That is good news, Sharon.

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Sharon - great news about Katie!!!

Quilting Goals for June...
1. Finish everything I've started. (Probably won't happen).
2. Start a couple new things. (Probably will happen).

Quilting-related Goals for June (and July)
1. Empty the guest room so we can install wood flooring.
2. Then move everything from the sewing room into the guest room so we can paint that room and install wood flooring in there.
3.Then sort through all my fabric and other sewing stuff, only putting back the stuff I want.
This is a good project for a Florida summer when it's too hot to be outside!

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God is good. So glad for the good news.

For June I need to

1) finish putting things back in the sewing room
2) finish Jennifer's mom's quilt top
3) quilt Sharon's quilt
4) quilt the donation tops
5) take a vacation.


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Someone check Callipe.... Something's wrong with her.

1. Bind/finish guild President's quilt (due 6/10)
2. Finish, quilt, bind niece's graduation quilt (due 6/22)
3. Finish refolding fabric
4. Finish putting stuff away on shelves (after folding is done)

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That's wonderful news, Sharon!

1) Finally finish DD's Asian inspired wall hanging. I know, it was suppose to be a Christmas present for last year, but she hasn't moved yet and doesn't want it until she does, so technically it's not late. Did you buy that?????

2)Make wall hanging for screened porch. DD in from CO helped me design and select fabric. I always try and use from my small stash, so the color combinations are not what I would use if I bought all new, but once it's all done, it seems to work out each time.

That's all. Summer is so short, I really want to enjoy being outside. Unlike Florida, we live outside in the summer, eating each meal on the porch, gardening, going to the wonderful Indiana Dunes State Park which is just five minutes away, etc. Summer slips by so quickly.

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Sharon: Such good news .....prayers continuing.
Bev2009: I grew up in South Bend and loved going to The Dunes!

June Goals:
1. Decide what items are going into the guild show in Oct.
2. Get a good start on handquilting Civil War Remembrances quilt. (it is going into the show)
3. Finish packing up DD's things and clean out her room in preparation for moving my fabric and related items in...I will probably still sew downstairs because the lighting is not good up there.
4. Make a couple of blocks for the block lotto....I was born in Illinois and have always wanted to use this block in a quilt.
5. The most immediate goal is to get the top and screens back onto the gazebo frame so I can sit outside and sew.


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My DH & I visited the Dunes many years ago...let's see...I think about 22 years ago now! Wow, how time flies. It was around Labor Day and we poor wimpy Floridians were freezing! LOL

Goals for June:

1. Bind magnolia wall hanging and put on a hanging sleeve.
2. Quilt and bind my sister's birthday quilt (not needed till mid August so I'm ahead of the game!).
3. At least start quilting my king size CW quilt.

After those three projects I'm not sure what's next. Maybe I'll take a break from the sewing machine and spend some time on my large cross stitch that's barely started. :)


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Well, I'm feeling very productive and just had to share...

this week, I've finished the president's quilt with the exception of the label which was delivered today. I've also completed my niece's quilt top and await the screen printing on the backing fabric.

I've also finished 5 pairs of pajama bottoms for my son, and am about to cut fabric for the two little girls for dresses. (this fabric has been pulled out for a size 5 dress since Cynthia was 5!!) Thought I'd go ahead and do these since the serger is sitting out.

Not sure what will follow after this, but I'm feeling very motivated! Hope you are all making progress too!

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I'm not making too much progress....some cleaning has been done with a little of this and a little of that. A box is ready to send to Beverly and that was the only thing I wanted to get done asap, so I think I'm ok.

Eye appt was yesterday.....surgery is scheduled for June 27th so I better get to work on quilting the 3D Pinwheel.

Maryv...I have family living in the South Bend area and we lived there for awhile, too.

All of you girls are doing great!


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Sorry, ladies, I've neglected this post..... :-(

1. Send Many Trips to the quilter - DONE
2. Work on Barns - I think I made one but have more 6 1/2" blocks lined up
3. Work on Granny Squares - Made them into a QOV and have put it away for now.
4. Quilt Pink 3D Pinwheels - It's sandwiched but not quilted.
I think I have the layout for the (not)Rainbow Crumbs, have made the extra blocks necessary, except for one more green one and need the white sashing on them. DH just keeps laughing at me as I stand about 10 feet away and stare at it. Oh well.....part of the process. lol

How did you do this month?


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I have half of the depression block quilt sandwiched and ready to quilt. The other half..stuff is sized and cut but needs pressed and pinned. I'm doing it in two pieces, obviously from my description. The cat is with me upstairs in the daytime since it's hot out and the sewing room now looks like the wreck of the Hesperis.

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I finished the magnolia hanging and my sister's quilt! I also have completed the quilting on the CW quilt...just needs many yards of binding made and attached. :)

I am off most of next week. My plans include making new cushion covers for the "mamasan" chair in our living room and figuring out how to resurrect the upholstered chair in our bedroom. It's suffered through many years of cat scratching...the cover is ripped and most of the stuffing has fallen out. I have a plan to replace the upholstery with foam cushions, since I know nothing about upholstering and don't care to learn. DFIL knows how and has upholstered that chair in the past, but he was very unhappy when our cats shredded the last cover he put on it, so I'm afraid to ask him to fix it again!

(I'd really like to just pitch it, but apparently DH has some attachment to it. LOL)


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Well, I didn't finish everything. but I did finish the Retreat Challenge Quilt and my brother's Alaska quilt - I feel pretty good about both of those. I finally pulled out the Moda Ruby fabrics quilt I started at Retreat last year and am ready to work on that again, so I feel pretty good about that too.

I did start something new with the quilted postcards. Fun, Fun, Fun! I'll be making more of those!

The guest room is emptied, the carpet torn out, and the room prepped for new flooring. We'll work on that next weekend when we have a couple extra days off.

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