Storm Debby

rosajoe_gwJune 25, 2012

We are getting a lot of rain from Debby and cooler temps. I know ours is not as much rain and wind as the Gulf area, but it is predicted to be here most of the week. Then the weather channel is reporting Saturday at 110 to 112 with the heat index factored in.

I have been playing with 2 quilt projects that I have set aside for now. I canned 16 pints of tomatoes and have been spending a lot of time pulling weeds.

The rest of the week I have to take advantage of this weather and get rid of the weeds that have been loving this rainy weather.

There is NO WAY I will be doing much yard work July and August! Have you been affected by the storm??


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Patio flooded last night and the pool was overflowing this morning even though we drained it yesterday. We had to go to work but one of my neighbors is draining it for me again today.

Rained so hard in Orlando that part of I-4 was flooded and down to one lane this morning in a suburb just north of metro Orlando (Lake Mary). We pulled our trucks off the roads for a while due to flooding and gusty winds.

Right now the sun is shining but we're still in a tornado watch and the chance of rain is 80%. The good news is that we needed water because levels have been so far below normal. It's tough when you get it all at once though!


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It started raining during the night Sat/Sun and hasn't stopped since, as far as I know. I think we're elevated a bit so we don't have much trouble with flooding.

My friend's son & daughter in law are boarding a ship in Tampa today for a cruise...could be interesting!


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Kate, Lake Mary is where we moved from and where my daughter lives. I've been watching the news and it looks like you are still going to have a lot of rain for most of the week. I said the same thing, we need it so much, just not all at one time.

Donna, a lot of my family had made plans to go to Panama City for their annual beach vacation - I think they may get wetter than they planned lol!!!

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Hope you all survive and escape flooding. Not fun!

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Sorry you folks in Florida are having problems. Minneapolis has been okay for the most part this year, but poor Duluth really got innundated last week. We've had tons of rain too, but not in increments of 5". Take care, all of you Floridians.

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We are in Brooksville, which I heard got 12 inches. Within 25 feet of our house is a lake now where there wasn't one before. We have clay soil which doesn't perk the water down. It is flowing down the side of the driveway like a river, thank God, but it has cut a canyon into the side of the road (limerock). My tall butterfly plants are knocked over, we have 2 pine trees snapped in half. The dog is driving me crazy because she wants to go out and gallop through the lake and chase frogs and crawdads. Our usual way out of here onto the main road (ours is a dead-end road) is blocked to the West, so we have to drive about 20 miles East and back again to go anywhere. I hate Debby.

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Please be safe my friends! Floods & high water are dangerous.

It is going to be a wild hurricane season. This stalled system is scary!

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Here in Brevard it's not been too bad....much needed rain, but now it's probably enough!! Luckily we're able to keep up with the water...all is draining away fast enough. God knows, in years past, we've had our home flooded - twice! So, we hold our breath every time there is a stalled system! Plants are VERY happy, however! Thinking of those with problems....

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Gosh, Rita, I assumed the west side of the state was getting more of the storm, but I didn't know it was that bad. Hang in there!


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The storm is scheduled to land close to where we live on Thursday at 8am. Beats me how they know the time. Our jungle has been flooded for a few days, the greenhouse is flooded (DH has a 'fort' built around it but it overflowed), standing water in the driveways. Since the house is on a little rise, it hasn't touched the house although the neighbors house next door is surrounded. Youngest daughter Holly's house is flooded with water in the living room and 2 bedrooms...the rain was beating so hard it came right through the walls...she even had a frog hopping down the hallway. I haven't heard anything from DH since an email this morning so I imagine he's helping over at Holly's house trying to do whatever he can. Holly said she'd try and pry him away from our house Wednesday night and stay with them, but I doubt he'll go.


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There is no controlling nature but it is difficult to understands at times. From being desperate for water to being flooded. So sorry for everyone as I feel blessed much of the time as so many of the storms have passed us by. Please keep safe and I pray the damage isn't too severe.

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I'm so sorry to hear such flooding for you guys. My house hasn't seen a drop of rain for all of June. It's baked.

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On no Sharon! Watching the Weather Channel, I wondered about Mr Geezer Guy!!! He knows to save your favorite sewing machine right? Seriously, I know how horrible flooding and too much rain and water is to deal with......he will do his best to keep your family safe.

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Looks like Debby will be around for a while. They said this morning it's drifting east toward FL. Not raining on the west side of Orlando at the moment but it's windy and looks like it could start pouring at any time.


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The path takes it across Florida and right out into the Atlantic. Once it's over the Gulf Stream it could pick up energy again and strengthen. Hopefully it will keep moving out into the Atlantic's cooler waters and die down. I'm already tired of this storm!


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Note from Mr Geezer Guy (love it, Marsha!), not much rain expected this morning but was windy. Unless we get a huge storm surge, I think our house will be ok from flooding. My sewing machines are close to slider doors so I'll have him move them in case of glass breakage. Thanks Marsha, I hadn't thought of that.

Debby is a slow mover (much like I am in the mornings).


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