Update - My Row Quilt! (RowRobin#3)

K8OrlandoJune 20, 2011

Hello, ALL! I'm been home recovering from my knee surgery and have gotten absolutely NOTHING done. Sad, but true. The recovery is going well but I just haven't gotten to any of my projects. I am hoping to get back to sewing today because I'm back to work next Monday!

On Saturday I had a real emotional boost when I received my Round Robin Rows (RRobin#3 - Quilting Queens) from Linda. I am so thrilled with the rows!

Here's a picture of all the rows:

The top row of Island Shirts is the one I made.

Next are TWO (yes, two!) rows made for me by Kay (Kay_in_PA).

Then a beautifully paper pieced beach scene from Anne (Annesew).

Marie (Wynative) did the row of pretty embroidery.

Last, but certainly not least, is the row of adorable flip flops from Linda (LindaOH).

I wanted you all to have a better idea of the beautiful work that went into these rows so here are a few detail pictures.

Thank you, Quilting Queens! You're the best!!!


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Such a neat idea! Great work you got from everyone!

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Hey, Kate - I was wondering this weekend how you were doing! I'm glad to hear your recovery is going well.

Love the row quilt! It's sooo FLORIDA! Is it done or will more be added?


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Kate, glad to hear that your recovery is going well.

Your row quilt is beautiful. Lots of creativity and hard work there. Everyone did such a wonderful job.



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What a fun Row Quilt! I love it. It makes me feel like going to the beach. Thanks for sharing the picture. Also glad to hear you are healing well.

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Wow! That is such a treasure of quilting and friendship! It is just beautiful!

Glad you are making such good progress with your knee replacement...


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Fantastic Quilt! Definitely worth the wait! Everyone did an unbelievably great job!! Each row is full of personality~ sunshine & happiness.
I was hoping we would hear from you - so happy your recovery is going well. Enjoy your time off.

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Wow! That is going to be a great row quilt! All the participants did such a wonderful job! I love it! Can't wait to see it finished.

Take care you don't overdo it this week K8!

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How fun!

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Kate, Glad to hear your knee is on the mend. Your quilt rows are fantastic! All the rows are awesome!!!


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Glad you are mending well!
What a lovely row quilt made by such a talented group.


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What a fun quilt you ended up with! That would certainly boost your spirits. Glad you are on the mend.

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Everyone did an awesome job!! I love all the details and effort in these row, they are beautiful!! What a wonderful treasure.


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