Celebrating ! Kitchen / ABB Club member

MNexlurkerApril 20, 2013

The replacement sink was installed late Thursday eve and plumbing by husband Friday afternoon. I have a fully functioning Kitchen after just under 4 months! So happy everything is in its place. Only a bit of a punch list to go. and of course I am now a member of the ABB club.

ABB- Husband likes the marble ceramic tiles and so do I when asked for help here answers come back white subway tiles which we like also-YET all who come see the kitchen say we need some color. I have silky white painted cabinets and walls - very little wall space shows- which mostly show up as creamy white even though it is really a taupe grey tinted white, shadows show the true color with black absolute honed granite. Silver mist appliances and re done wood floors. House is 102 year old 4 square style.

So celebrate with us and any help with back splash would be helpful.

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Pictures would be very helpful. What colors do you like? Would adding colorful accessories and curtains add enough color without adding color in a permanent backsplash?

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Sorry about no pictures, I forgot to mention that they will come later. I need to take the last few. Also our granddaughter -7- is spending the weekend with us.

A year ago after not knowing what to get the older 3 grandkids for their Birthdays. We started doing a "special" weekend with us - some much needed one on one with us.
We take them to Applebees. shopping for a toy within reason, overnight at our home and a movie. They look forward to it. She had to wait almost a whole year to do hers. We started with her older brother and their birthdays are less than a month apart.

I promise to get pictures done and hope to figure out how to post soon- Maybe DH will help me out after she's down for the night.

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