LOOKING for: Pot Roast with Chocolate Gravy

lastsueJanuary 17, 2009

My mother in law used to make her pot roast with a gravy she made using chocolate snaps. I have done numerous searches trying to find the recipe, but have had no luck. Thought I'd try this posting, to see if anyone else may have it. Would love to surprise my husband with this.


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Are you sure she didn't make sourbraten and use gingersnaps to thicken the gravy?
never heard of chocolate snaps.\
Linda C

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Thanks, but it definitely was not sourbraten. Nabisco makes a chocolate snap cookie that she used in making the gravy, which the cookie made very dark, but gave it a rich taste.

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Naabisco made Chocolate Snaps. Unfortunately, they don't any more. If you try searching the internet for out of stock products you may find a company that bought up a lot of them and will sell them.
Good luck and post the recipe if you ever find them.

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Maybe she used this recipe, substituting for chocolate snaps.


Bottom round or chuck roast, 2 1/2 - 3 lb.
2-3 lg. onions, sliced
Salt and pepper
Dash of allspice
1 tbsp. Gravy Master
6-8 gingersnap cookies

Put meat in pot. Add small amount of water. Add sliced onions, salt and pepper, allspice and Gravy Master. Cook over low heat for 2 1/2 to 3 hours (depending on size of meat) until meat is tender. Add crumbled gingersnaps 15-20 minutes before meat is finished. Watch carefully. Gravy will thicken. Meat must be turned frequently after gingersnaps are added.

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I liked chocolate snaps as a kid!

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Look up Nabisco Chocolate Wafers. Maybe it is a New England item. I am pretty sure they are still in the grocery store. My mom used to buy them. I have a funny story about her cookie habit.

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