Will this picture work in this room? - and any other suggestions

natesgramMay 17, 2012

I've got another knot from not knowing what to do. We've juggled living arrangements the last few years and this is the current room in which we spend most of our time. I have no clue what "style" it is, and I'm probably the only person that has all recliners (sofa, rocker, and wallhugger) but it works. I like cozy and earth tones but I'm also not afraid to venture into more color. I'm open but clueless. I already have this large picture and wonder if it will work in the room.

The picture is 47" wide x 29" tall. The sofa from end to end is 94" but the top of the cushions measure to 83". If it does work, how high should it go? I see that there are other colors in the picture, some yellows, green, and even some pink roses. I want to get accent pillows too.

I could also use help with ideas for the rest of the room. I've had the brass lampshades forever, do they need a different shape shade or are they just wrong in this room? I don't plan to keep the maroon shade although the lamp is ok. The tv wall needs something, I do plan some photos above the dog pen (it stays for now and so does she) and if I keep the green vase, I need something in it.

The 3 drawer end tables and a coffee table were a CL find but there isn't room to recline and have the coffee table. I am not in love with the wooden knobs but the top of the tables are beautiful. The blue floral faux window shade was from the last apartment but doesn't have to stay.

I need to keep the sofa and tv/dresser there for now as I have to be able to get Nathan/wheelchair thru that area when he visits. I just don't feel settled until I get pictures and clocks on the walls. Please help with ideas, I can post more pics if needed but lets start here. Don't worry about hurting my feelings either. Give it to me straight.

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I think that picture would look great over the sofa. Your space looks traditional to me. I think added color with accent pillows would be nice. I don't know that you necessarily need to "add" anything to the tv wall, maybe bulk up the accessories on the tv table.

Looking at you last picture, maybe 2 stacked small pictures on the wall on the right or something decorative like plates..

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I love that picture! The size and the colors look like they would work well in the room. The blue in your picture picks up the blue in the recliner. Some throw pillows would look nice, particularly some with blue in them.
A plant would look nice on the tv console, and I would have something with similiar height on each end of the console. Maybe some candleholders with candles on one end.
Also since you have red lampshades, maybe some red pillows too, to help tie that into the room.

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Beautiful picture, and it will look just right over your sofa. Without actually being in your room, I'd say that the bottom of the picture should be about 12" above the back of the sofa. Maybe slight higher, but not too high!

I also like the idea of putting a group of pictures above the doggie crate. This would balance out the TV on that wall. Am guessing that when you're in the kitchen it's nice to see the TV, so the whole wall should look good. Just be sure that the photo arrangement is in balance with the height of the TV. You don't *have* to hang a photo grouping there, but if you have a collection you'd like to look at, then that's not a bad space for it.

I also agree that one or two blue pillows on your sofa, or a blue throw, will pull the blue from the painting and relate to your blue chair, a nice and easy effect!

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I love that picture for your room and I think it will go so nicely. The frame is beautiful and the shape seems right for your room.

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Thanks for the positive feedback on the picture. I'll get it hung this weekend. I also like the idea of grouping some photos above the dog pen.

The small lamp has a shade that is really more maroon than red. I will probably change it for cream or white. When I look for accents with blue, I'm finding mostly orange. Is that what I should be using? Should the pillows be patterned or solids? Any suggestions?

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Annie Deighnaugh

I think the pic is great and very useful. Lots of wonderful beiges, terracottas, gray blues and deep greens to work with.

However, I think the window valance should go. It is too small for the window and not doing anything to warm up the space. I would want a valance that is wider...say a foot wider on either side and then hang side panels. They need not draw across the window but just hang down the sides. It will make the window look much larger and more dramatic. And more fabric in a room always changes the acoustics and the feel of the room.

I think I might like a pair of small matching lamps on the dresser to add some warmth to that side of the room. The vase looks a bit out of scale now, but if you fill it, it may obscure the TV. You said you need to keep the dresser, but you might consider painting it to update it some.

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I agree that the picture seems to work very well on the wall over the sofa.

A few other thoughts.

I agree with Annie that the window treatment isn't adding much to your room. But the room seems to need some pattern, so I'd look for maybe a stripe or floral that picks up the blue and beige colors that you already have, plus at least one other color (maybe terracotta?) that you can then use elsewhere in the room, like in pillows.

I don't care for the maroon lampshade, and the other shade seems too formal for your room. Also, this is so nit picky, but it would bother me to be in the kitchen and see the top of that lampshade peeking over the half wall. Maybe a shorter, squattier lamp for the table there? Plus, it makes a room more interesting to have mismatched (but coordinating) lamps rather than three matching ones, IMO.

The chair that's in front of the kitchen -- can you scoot that a little closer to the sofa, and then move the table along too, so the table isn't so close to the end of that half wall?

I'd love to see a nice big coffee table to anchor the whole seating area but I guess you can't with all the reclining action. But a coffee table would go a long way toward making the room feel more cozy.

I think I might want to stain the TV console a darker color to coordinate better with the end tables. And maybe add something like plants on either side of the console? Something to soften all the angles.

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Gram, you have a nice, cozy living space to work with. That picture is perfect for over your sofa. Really like the bicyle print.

As others have mentioned, you really need some pattern and your window is begging for nice panels in a pattern. Ditch the valance; get a pretty decorative rod and look for a cotton or cotton/rayon blend drape. Take a look at the Pottery Barn Allessandra, Simone, and Camilla for inspiration or look at Country Curtain. I can see these soft colors in your room - not "too loud" but would allow nice choices for pretty throw pillows, lamp shades, etc. You could also go with a stripe or a nice plaid. Don't go with anything too stuffy or formal :). Pretty pillows will make a world of difference.
With your neutral basics, you have a lot of choices in colors.

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I like it! But I disagree with the suggestion that the bottom of the picture should be a foot above the back of the sofa. That's way too high in my opinion!

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I like it! But I disagree with the suggestion that the bottom of the picture should be a foot above the back of the sofa. That's way too high in my opinion!

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Ok happyladi, about how high would you suggest? I'm glad you like it.

All such great ideas. I have no problem ditching the current window treatment. I did look at Pottery Barn and think I might have a feel for a softer patterned look in drapes.

I can't move the blue recliner any closer, the sofa reclines pretty far, but I can switch places with the blue recliner and table and still have them both closer to the sofa. I don't like seeing the bulb/shade from the kitchen either. I just stuck it there because I didn't know what to do with it.

Regarding the brass lamps being formal: besides the shade, is the lamp part ok or should I be going for a different look altogether? If the base is ok, what shape shade, and should I keep it in ivory?

Keep the ideas coming please.

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I would keep the lamp shade ivory and try to have both lamp shades match as much as possible or at least be a similar shape. I would put the picture 6" to 8" above the sofa so that the middle of the picture is eye level to you. I would have no valence and put a rod over the windows with blinds open on the sides to bring out a color in the picture that you also use on the pillows.

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The pretty painting will look great in your room! I spotted these pillows on the Pottery Barn site and thought of your decor. If you click the smaller pics on the page there's a room with colors similar to yours. I like the way these pillows pick up the neutral and blue tones but also add some livelier colors. You wouldn't have to do a bird motif; you could get the same cheery effect with 2 or 3 other large-printed or patterned pillows. I'd also remove the valance and use a decorative rod with floor-length solid neutral panel curtains hung on rings. Your home is pretty and welcoming, and I love your cutest accessory (the little doggy).

Here is a link that might be useful: Pottery Barn throw pillows

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I like the picture with your room.

I would be tempted to slide the TV base to the right maybe a foot. Feels too far left to me. I'd want it parked squarely on that wall, without the doggie cage given equal prominence. OK if the TV can't move with it; then just put something very tall in one of the vases on the right side to balance the TV.

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You haven't given us the dimensions of the sofa wall, so I may be wrong, but...I think the picture may be too small for the space. Also, I realize color & color combos are a matter of personal taste, but I think the picture, which indeed "works" with the other colors in your space, is somewhat lacking in vibrancy. But that may be me, as I'm currently interested in adding color and pattern to my own place. In the end, what matters isn't what I think; it's what you think of the art you like in your own home.

As to how high to hang the picture, I think 12" would be fine. Too low, and people sitting on the sofa run the risk of putting their heads through the canvas. We have a painting above one of our sofas & I just measured it: it's hung about 12.5" above the back of the sofa. Also FYI it's about 37" high and ~55" long; that includes a fairly wide frame. Also, the ceilings in the room are low, so that may partly explain why the painting hung as it is looks good.

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First, thanks to everyone who is helping me with this, I feel the support. We hung the picture, it's 9" above the sofa. It isn't canvas, it's glass which unfortunately reflects (won't be changing yet) but what are your thoughts about height. Is it ok?

I temporarily put on my green throw, I have a blue one that matches perfectly with the picture but it's packed away somewhere. I'll keep looking.

The wall is 13.6 wide and we have 9' ceilings. The wall space from the right of the picture is 66" I have the clock below that I'd like to put somewhere in the room. Could it go on the picture wall? Could it go on the kitchen wall (see pic above) to the left of the lamp? The clock measures 13x34".

I've started looking for panels but haven't found the right one yet. Also looking at tablecloths again, they are so easy to hang.

I'm not able to change the color of the tv unit but we have seen the one in the picture below. I think the color would go well with our endtables. It's affordable, solid, and hides the tv electronics. I could even put it in the corner where the dog pen is, or center it on the wall or ???

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I like the throw with the sofa and picture. I also love that TV stand. The crown molding in your room is great also. I feel the height of the picture above the sofa is perfect! I love the clock but I will leave it up to others where it should go.

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Get something at the hardware store to plug into the outlet on the wall nearest the kitchen at the end of the sofa. It will expand your outlets from two to six and you won't have cords draping everywhere on that half wall.

The picture looks good where it is placed. I think the lamp to the left (looking at the photo) could have a larger shade. If you need a new tv stand the one pictured is nice but I have personally always liked longer, lower pieces and think the lighter color of wood helps your room not feel so full of furniture. I know the current trend is towards higher and darker wood, though, so the new piece would look more updated.

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Good suggestion on the cord outlets but that's actually temporary puppy proofing, we have a 4 month old chewer :)

Any suggestions on a new shade style or all new lamps? Still unsure if I should change the tv stand.

Clock placement ideas anyone?

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Your picture looks fine! And that is a pretty clock. I would hang it centered on the kitchen wall (the area with the end table and lamp next to the sofa). I was going to suggest something on that wall in my first post, and the clock would be good, IMO.

I also like the TV stand that you're considering better than the one you have now.

For your lamps, a slightly larger shade with straight slanted sides might look better than the ming style you have. The round drum style so popular now would be too modern, I think, especially with the clock.

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I think you could use bigger lampshades as well. Maybe try a drum style?? Although more modern, they'd add a bit of transitional style to your pretty room. Look at the shade in the pic with the PB bird pillows. (love those pillows)
Also, what about brass sconces to flank the new picture? I got mine at an antique shop for $21 and love them....
Finally, I love that you are picking up the blues and greens in your new artwork. Maybe add some botantical prints too~

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