Interesting Crossword Puzzle Clue...

lafonda_ranchJune 14, 2013

My dh loves to do the crossword puzzles in the local paper every day. The other day, the clue was "quilt filler". We had the letters "ider" figured out, but couldn't get that first one. We had to wait until the next day to get the answer because it was so bizarre. It was "eider" which is actually a bird. The feathers are used in down comforters. Does anyone know if maybe they used them years ago in quilts?


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Eiderdown was a familiar filler in Europe and their down filled covers were often called eiderdowns. It's a common term to me but then I am much older than you! I didn't know it came from a bird, probably a goose, so I learned something.

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I knew it, too.


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Nice to know age counts for something! I knew this one too. I remember my German grandmother talking about the quality of eider duck down and how it's renown for being particularly soft and lofty. I don't recall that she had eider ducks on the farm though so it must have been an Old Country Thing.

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I used to have an eiderdown comforter and I have a horsehair blanket I took home when my MIL passed away. If anyone thinks wool is itchy........then they definitely should sleep under horsehair. Quilts were batted with anything handy and the usual would have been wool, in this area anyway. In the south it would have been cotton or tobacco cloth, kapok is another or milkweed and rags of any kind. I have a wonderful collection of ladies' magazines dating from the late 1800s and if you want unusual, you should see what mattresses were stuffed with. Moss and seaweed is on the list.

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German heritage here as well, and I remember Grandma mentioning eiderdown quilts, too. I'd forgotten about them though, it's been awhile.

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I'm glad to hear the crossword puzzle wasn't making things up! Definitely had us lost and we're not that young :-)


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