Are you quilting this weekend? June 21-23

lindaoh_gwJune 21, 2013

Wow, this week went by quickly. I didn't get the blocks done that I wanted to make but I did start an old 2000 Christmas BOM from JoAnn's. I helped serve a dinner at the church on Tuesday and worked in the garden and cleaned the pool on Wed.. I was so sore on Thursday that I didn't get much done except to go to my small quilt group meeting. I did get all my DD's baby dresses out of the cedar chest and washed them. I am going to visit her next week and want to take the baby clothes to her. This afternoon I have to do some grocery shopping and then hope to get back to my sewing machine.
Are you quilting or sewing this weekend?
Linda OH

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Linda, you must have been posting the same time I was! LOL


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Great minds think alike. lol I was a bit later than usual with my weekend post.
Linda OH

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I have several things that I want to work on this weekend. I am working on two Bonnie Hunter quilts. I am working on my gifts for this years retreat (can you say "getting a way early start" yay). And I have to choose which quilt top goes onto the frame next. Most of that has to be done tomorrow as we are going fishing Sunday morning.


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Does cleaning up the sewing area count?
After making the little quilt earlier this week, I now have to put all the leftovers back in their bins and clean off the cutting table. I would probably start something new but hubby is having a business meeting here on Monday, so I have to keep things tidy till then. But watch out Tuesday.
A friend once said that you could tell the state of her mind by the condition of her bedroom. If that is true, my sewing room means I am in need of serious help.

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Theresa, that totally counts!! I have to put some fabric away too... okay, more than 'some', but it's still a WIP.

I would like to putter down there this weekend, but not sure if I will have time. Saturday is Cynthia's Girl Scout awards ceremony, and Sunday she's riding.

I will help her with neck coolers, and I hope to work out a plan for my friend's Bargello UFO that I adopted. Strips sets are sewn, and partially cut, but I have no idea what the plan was.

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I am in the middle of marking my Civil War Remebrances quilt for handquilting. Very tedious job. I am hoping to get it finished in time to put it in my guild show in October. I hope it is a nice summer..not too hot and humid because I handquilt in a lap frame.

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I am more than knee deep in garden, and fruit......have more cherries to pit tonight, and almost enough cukes for a run of pickles this weekend. I did cut two lengths of cloth for the back of my depression block quilt. I decided to make this one daybed size and be done with it quick.

Sewing? Yes, I had my g'daughter and her sweet baby over yesterday and hurried up and put a buttonhole and button on the pinafore I made the little one. It's fabric I brought back from Mexico and the dress has been made for some time and I've been waiting for her to grow into it, and also it's summer appropriate.

I may sandwich the QIP this weekend, or I may not. It's a relief to just have the top done and I'm satisfied with the results.

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