RECIPE: has anyone else ever wondered . . . .

wyocmrJanuary 20, 2012

What could be the reason for continuing to package baking soda in that clumsy box? I mean, baking powder in the nice neat tin with a lid can be nicely sealed up to store after it's opened -- wouldn't baking soda be better and stay fresher if it were packaged like that? Jes' wonderin . . . .

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When I have an empty baking powder can, I put my baking soda in it and label it. Problem solved! HA!

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Feel the same way when I find cornstarch in a box rather than a tin. :)

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Thanks for the idea, Arkansas girl -- I think I will start doing that too, and labeling in nice big letters. And Kim -- I have found cornstarch a few times in a plastic container rather than that wonky box.

But you have to wonder, with all the extra-secure packaging most products come in nowadays, why the manufacturers haven't thought of this. Especially baking soda -- I feel like when it's open and sitting in the cabinet, it's prob'ly absorbing all kinds of odors!

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Trader joes has it in a can! I've been refilling the can ever since.

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Frankly, I never thought of it....I just accepted it as "the way things are"......
I do empty a box into a glass container and keep it near my cook top in case of a fire.
And what's with that notion that an open box of baking soda absorbs odors? It doesnt!....guess it's a marketing ploy to get you to buy more.

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Yer no doubt absolutely right about the marketing ploy to get us to buy more baking powder. Even though I don't quite believe that, I still associate baking powder with odor absorption.

and I will look for baking powder at Trader Joe's -- maybe buy a cool can and keep refilling it too! Thanks!

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