Snowflake Granite owners - Absorption of Liquids?

NYMKApril 28, 2013

I fell in love with Snowflake granite and Brown Fantasy quartzite. I came home with samples of them both. The Brown Fantasy etched when I left lemon juice on it for 30 minutes so I guess that is out. I put lemon juice, ketchup and water on the Snowflake for 30 minutes too. The Snowflake did not etch but it did have water stains like it absorbed the liquids. Eventually, it evaporates but I found that unusual. Opinions? Is it just because it hasn't been sealed? When it is sealed, will this problem go away?

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Still need some advice! Anyone have a similar issue?

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hi, we got Snowflake just a few months ago. Although the fabricator sealed it, we did notice water stains. On the advice of oldryder on this forum, we sealed it again ourselves, using Dupont Bulletproof (I forget the exact name, you should be able to look for oldryder threads to find it). I applied two coats of sealer to be safe. Since then, no issues with water stains. Not sure how long till we will have to seal again.

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Soilbean, thank you so much for commenting. I saw your post about Snowflake granite but had no idea how to reach out to you other than to post on this forum. Are you happy with your choice? It is such a gorgeous granite. Any chance you would post a photo of your countertop? Did you happen to get your granite at All Marble and Granite (

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Sorry it took me so long to respond. I started a new job and am feeling a bit overwhelmed. We got our snowflake in Massachusetts. Here are photos:

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Thanks Soilbean. It really is beautiful!

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