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orv1May 8, 2010

Just curious in the current market we have what people would consider an old listing?

Also curious what agents and buyers feel that buyer's attitudes are toward a house that has been on the market a long time.

What if anything can a seller do to make a listing fresh or new again?


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After our house was on the market for 9 months or so, we changed realtors, updated some light fixtures, took off more wallpaper, lowered our price by $30,000 - and had an offer within a week. We closed less than a month later.

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One thing to consider doing to get a quick sale is to price your house a bit less than the average for its peer group. Buyers are extremely value oriented, even if the housing market may be recovering in some areas.

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We were on for 3 months and had a few low-ball offers. Our real estate agency changed hands (new name) and we had to relist under that name. At the same time we lowered our price. Our listing was new again. Within 2 weeks, we got an offer and sold to that buyer. It then took 4 months to close...another story!

If you've been on for a long time, I would pull the listing and start over with a lower price.


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With the current market the way it is I think anything over 6 months is a stale listing. Much depends on the where in the country you are.

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Thanks for the replies. I've seen houses in our market(Springfield Mo) be on the market for upwards of 2 years. Most realtors in this area say that listings 300,000 and up(comparable to 800,000 and up for you East and west coasties) just aren't moving.

I'm really interested in what people think is considered an old listing and what buyer's attitudes toward them are.

By fresh I really didn't mean new paint or landscaping. All of that is in order.

Thanks again.

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