How much did you pay carpenter for custom dishwasher panel?

needinfo1April 14, 2014

I realize there are lots of variable like type of wood, style details on the panel, local costs in different areas of the country etc. But, I am trying to get ballpark figures for how much it will cost to get a panel made (this is for a retrofit in an existing kitchen). thanks.

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needinfo 1:

Is this the only job he's doing, or it it an addition to an existing job?

It takes just as long to match a paint/stain for a panel as it does for a room full of doors and drawer fronts.

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The natural cherry dishwasher panel was listed as $90.00 on my cabinet order form. It is a simple stiles and rails panel. I used an Amish cabinet whose prices were much lower than quotes from others, so the DW panel price is probably on the low side.

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I have the matching stain from my cabinets. This would be a one shot deal, and I'm even willing to do the finishing myself. All I want is the panel.

$90 for a custom made DW panel. That sounds like an incredible deal.


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Be sure to allow for steam to escape without warping the wood. I don't know that this is always a problem, but it was with my dishdrawers.

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For someone to come out, get the panel profile (and hopefully he has the tooling), measurements etc, get the material, make the door and deliver it to you unfinished I would want $600 min

If he doesn't have the tooling you can double that price or find another guy to come out and start the process all over again

Then after you finish it and need it installed figure another $200-$300

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Wow! Now ajc71 has me up to closer to $1000. I do understand though that a small job that is standalone rather than a part of a bigger kitchen project can be more costly. But, at this price, I'd probably stick with just a standard door.

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If you are able and willing to stain yourself, I wonder if you might be best off checking out the online companies that do doors and drawer fronts (often for ikea kitchens). Barker's, scherr's and semi handmade come to mind.

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My high end custom line charges $246.50 without any other upcharges. With this manufacturer I'd need to add for wood, door charge, finish, freight and installation.

For a painted panel, matching integrated style? I would charge the following:
$340 for the panel
$40-$80 Packaging - Shipping or Freight
$125-$175 for trip charge, gas and installing panel.

Lot's of variables but I'd say $500 to $600 installed

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Ours was $100, but it was part of a full-kitchen order. I'm sure it would be more in line with the higher estimates above if it were ordered by itself.

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Of course, my kitchen is anything but standard. We have recessed panel, inset, birch cabinets from the 1920s to 1930s. When we did our remodel twenty years ago, we had matching cabinets and built-ins custom made. I stained and finished the entire kitchen myself, so just finishing one dishwasher door would be no big deal at all to me. But, I also suspect that the uniqueness of our cabinetry eliminates any chance I'd have at all of finding a match from any standard line of cabinetry.

Anyone know of a standard line of cabinetry that is unfinished and has flat panel, rail and stile doors with an ogee (at least I think that is what this is) trim on the recessed panel edge? Thanks again.

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Are any of these what you are looking for? If not, I would check the door styles on scherr's and semi handmade.

Here is a link that might be useful: Barker door styles

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I am going to call Scherr's tomorrow because I think they just might have something that works. I have birch, so that makes it even more difficult to find. It is hard to tell from the line drawings on their website, but I think one might be it.
Thanks much.

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