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geezerfolks_SharonG_FLJune 29, 2011

I have finally gotten in touch with a member who used to be active here on the quilting forum. Some of you will remember that Lynn and her guild are involved with auctioning quilts for breast cancer that a military base puts on every year in Minot, ND. She has given me permission to post about her. Her email was really long so I'll post parts of it.


I am fine (high and dry). Unfortunately, I can not say that for the rest of Minot and my guild members.

The pictures that you see on the national news do not do justice of what we are experiencing. I personally had the chance to get to the water's edge this past weekend.... The "thunder" of the river rolling through was like Niagara Falls. Standing at the hesco barriers and looking down streets and seeing the water 6, 8 and even 10 feet deep with places we go under water was unbelievable! My husband and I then went to one of the Red Cross shelters...I can only say "how depressing." It truly was heart breaking and really hit home that it could have been me or one of my friends.

As for quilting friends, I know that some have not been as fortunate as myself. We are a guild of approximately 150 and typically have 70 at our monthly meetings. When the mandatory evacuation order was given, a quilting friend called me at work and said "I don't know what to do. I don't know where to begin." I told her we were on the way and my husband and I immediately left work and started moving as much as we could out of her house. In no time, we had a crew of about 7 guys bringing things up from the basement and loading things into the back of pick up trucks, flat bed trailers and horse trailers. In 24 hours, we had her 3 bedroom house just about cleared out. Her entire house is currently in my garage. Unfortunately, her house did not fair so well and the had water up to the eves of the roof. I believe her house will be one in the 20 percent condemed.

....when she called me at work in tears, I told her that while she waited for help to arrive, she needed to try to focus on gathering those things that were important to get out of the house! That was when she told me one of the first things that went into her car were her two sewing machines. A true quilter! So now you have 6 guys scurrying around, getting things moved out of her house. One guy (and fellow quilter) goes immediately to the sewing room and starts packing up her stash of fabric, because that is what we quilters do...save the fabric first!

Just a bit more background about our guild. We host a three day festival every March with a quilt show of more than 250 quilts and classes being taught all weekend (usually offering over 20 classes for the weekend). We typically bring in two national teachers and in 2010 we had Mark Lipinski and 2011 Sally Schidner. Both have been in contact with us and have asked "how can we help" which is so very gracious.


Lynn said she would be sending me updates. If any of you who remember Lynn would like to read her entire email, let me know and I'll forward it to you.

Having a basement flooded (I've experienced this a few times) is nothing compared to what many of the Minot quilters are experiencing.


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Sharon, thanks so much for sharing Lynn's story! There have been so many heartbreaking storms and floods this year. It's going to take a lot of people a long time to recover from it all.


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Thank you for sharing Lynn's story. It gives focus to a problem that I can only immagine. I see and hear all the terrible things that are happening around this country and others without being as close as others who are able to help as you friend has. My heart aches for them all and feel blessed that there are people who really make a difference. Jayne

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I grew up in North Dakota and have watched the sad story of the Minot floodwaters in tears; just like we watched a couple years ago as Grand Forks on the other side of the state experienced a flood and then fires. My hometown of Fargo had lesser floods almost every Spring and my husband's family lost their home to floods several years ago. These catastrophic events are beyond comprehension if you aren't there to experience how devastating they are. Nothing stops rising water. Lynn's story is heartbreaking, even when I can smile at the statements about saving the sewing machines and the fabric stash. So sad. So real. My thoughts and prayers are with all of the residents of Minot.

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I feel for you,we down herein Kansas are watching the Missouri river. They shut off last nite the AMelia Earhart bridge[between kansas and Missouri) from the North my husband said after today they will have to close off the bridge area from Kansas to Missouri. Its like being isolated unless you want to drive for miles to get around all of it. I hope these people and farmers get some help later,this was their homes and liveihood. Thank heavens our farm is far enough away from this. My heart goes out to all.

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finchlover, I didn't even mention the farmers with all of our flooding. Minot and the prairies around it are fields and fields of canola, flax, sunflowers and wheat. Becuase of all of the snow/rain, he farmers were not even able to get into the fields to get seed into the ground! Double wammy! From the way I understand it, crop insurance only comes into play when the farmer actually gets the seed into the ground by a certain date. In many cases, the farmers couldn't even get into the fields this spring to get the seed into the ground, so I don't know how insurance will come into play.

I have always heard the old wives tale about corn being knee high by July 4th. In cases where corn could be planted, it is maybe ankle high right now, with July 4th just around the corner.

On a high note, the river is below 1560 and we have limited travel on a our primary north/south road in the city! Oh, and the numbers at the Red Cross shelter were down again last night. We are making progress!

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dlhealdquilter...Your right...down here also some farmers couldn't get in fields and if they did its bad. It looks like from Minot and Nebr down everyone got it. It isn't raining here today but we will be getting more water from the above Missouri river. No one wants to point fingers but I sure hope the Crop of engineers kneww what they were doing about letting all that water out. We had several breaks down here. I pray for all of us not only the farmers It was so sad to see on TV last nite the elderly and crying, ones who owned their property for years lose it all.

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Thank you for the update, Lynn. I live on the Missouri River (not my house but my town) in South Dakota and many friends are affected by the flooding so am glad to hear that other quilters are ok.

It is just so hard to believe how this is affecting the midwest and of course the fires in Arizona are so tragic.

Prayers to all of you.


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