Thank Heavens!

azzaleaMay 30, 2012

For Great Buyers!!!

We had our settlement yesterday, selling the home we've lived in for almost 40 years. The buyers were wonderful from the start--considerate, willing to compromise (as we were), pleasant, cooperative. No outlandish or expensive requests. BOTH our agents commented on what an easy sale it was, how smoothely it went.

I know this isn't the norm, but just had to acknowledge how much we appreciated our excellant agent--who found us buyers in 5.5 weeks, our buyers who have become friends, and their lovely agent who also helped move things along.

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Congratulations! Wish everyone could be so lucky.

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I'm so happy for you!


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40 Years? Must have been tough to move out of that house.

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Barb--you don't know the half of it--LOL! We actually bought our 'new' house 4 years ago, and have been gradually moving for the entire time (well, sorting, tossing, moving, reorganizing....) Unfortunately, there were a few things happen along the way that prevented us from listing as soon as we'd have liked to (health problems, both DH and I; then aunt's health took a turn and I had to assume responsibility for her; then they had our street torn up for the better part of 2 years to replace the water, sewer and gas lines.....for starters). but it all worked out--now we're old enough to retire, the market is rebounding in our area, and we found just the right buyers for our home and the neighborhood.

I wish everyone could have the positive experience selling that we did.

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Well it's nice that you were able to move slowly.

We have only been in our current house for a little over 10 years and I dread moving all this "Stuff" again. (DH is a packrat).

We have no immediate plans to move but I hope to be able to sell within 5 years. I have started making trips to the dump & goodwill etc purging what I can.

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