Show me you kitchen bay windows above sink

docmammaApril 10, 2012

Do you have a bay window in your kitchen? I am planning on one behind the sink but am trying to decide if the larger window is worth giving up the cabinet that was going to be there on the left side of the sink.

I also love the idea of having a granite sill - thanks GWers for the inspiration. Have you done this?

I am also trying to figure out how high above the counter to place the window.

I would love to see pics of your windows above your sink.

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We installed one, loved it so much we installed one in Family room too. They let in a lot of light and ventilation great too, plus the views out aren't too "shabbie" either!

We have a granite platform outside the bay window that we use for a passthru to serve food out on the patio, the platform gives the "Illusion" that the bay window sits on a huge block of granite.

Here's some pictures for ya, docmamma.


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I just installed a smaller one than Dodge's above. Mine is a casement and it will be about 3" higher than my countertop. My cabinets are not installed yet, but here is a picture of my space. The bay window is an Anderson 400 series and its on the right (green sticker) and will be above my sink.

I love big windows, but I think the size of mine was a good compromise which allows me to still have a good amount of upper cabinets. I didn't want to do 2 windows because then you look at trim when you are facing the window.

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Dodge and Dilly - thanks so much for the pictures! Can you tell me the overall width of the window. I was told 6 ft was standard and that if we wanted to go smaller then it would have to be custom.

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I have one, but it's counter-height. Having had it this way, I would never get one above the counter - not even 3 inches!

Here are some old pictures, but I haven't decorated all that much more other than to add a plant and a vase. I'm in a "minimalist" phase right now!

There's just enough room to allow the handles to operate. It's one of the best features of our "new" kitchen! (Our kitchen is actually just about 4 years old now, so I don't know if it still qualifies as "new"...but I still love it and I still get a thrill when I walk into it and, yes, I still occasionally do a "happy dance"!)

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Ours is 6 feet, alto it was custom built by a window company.
We have half shades that slide up so we can pass food thru the side windows of the bay window. I also had the sides made the same size as the middle pane, as I wanted plenty of room for large dishes to go through it.

Originally there was a 7 foot wide window there, wife wanted a 5 foot, I wanted another 7 foot, so we compromised at 6 feet


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Mine is more of a box than a bay. It fits the same cut-out as the previous window so is above counter height. Its base is slate tiles similar to the backsplash. With all the plants, no blinds or other window coverings were necessary, despite all the late day sunshine streaming in through from the west.

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I don't know what's going on here. My pics appear fine in preview but don't make it into the final post....

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cooksnews - I am no techie expert but i feel like i read somewhere that it may have to do with your setting on photobucket. Make sure that it is set for public viewing. Hope this helps because I want to see the pic :)

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Sorry- no granite. The main drawback is window washing. I have to climb up behind the sink. Solution is easy- don't ever wash the windows.

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Oh how I wish I had found GW earlier in my kitchen re-model!!!! I am in LOVE with these counter height bay windows! We have one, but it is framed a few inches above counter height. So disappointing knowing what I *could* have had!!!


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hosenemesis, I am totally green with envy over your windows. Those are spectacular! Your kitchen is beautiful, and it looks like you have an amazing view through those beauties.


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These are beautiful : ) I wonder cost wise/ labor wise if this would be more or less expensive than doing a small bumpout with counter height window instead of bay?

Shown here:
by mamadadapage and erikanh

Here is a link that might be useful: Counter Height Window thread

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