Teresa's Rx for de-stressing!

teresa_nc7June 30, 2007

We had a lovely dry spring here, so now we are not plagued with mosquitos. I've discovered the relaxing pastime of doing handwork on my front porch, usually early on the weekend mornings. It is so relaxing....no machine noise...no phone...no radio or tv....just the birds chirping and the fresh air breezes. So sit down and relax a while!

These plastic trays are only a dollar at the dollar store and hold my supplies. The empty tissue box holds thread snippets. All that I need is a tall glass of ice cold lemonade!

I'm making some of these needlecases for gifts; they are made of felt, embroidery floss, buttons, and I put a heart of stiff interfacing in between the layers of felt. The pattern can be found at www.patternbee.com.

Hand sewing and embroidery such as redwork is very relaxing to me. I love the simple designs and many free patterns are available such as these:

Lastly, remember the cute tote bag made with the plastic door screening? I got a roll at Lowe's and made my own "Andy-proof" screen gate to keep the pooch on the porch when I am out there stitching. You understand that he rarely stands still this long? Simple fabric ties were used to tie the screen to the step railings.

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Teresa, I want to come and sit on your front porch...Love your projects! That is a perfect RX and I'm sure Andy loves it too...

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I find anything to do with sewing is relaxing and destressing for me. I also love to sew outdoors...I would move my machine out there but it might not like it.

Good medicine for good health! Thanks for sharing your pics.

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How nice Theresa. It does look relaxing and very inviting. Love your furry friend.

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I agree, there is nothing like sitting outside with a cupa joe in the morning after everyone has left for work and the children are still asleep. I tend to do any hand work in the evenings outside after supper when it is cooled off a bit.

Here is one of three favorite sittin' spots:

Here is one view (unfortunately, this is last year's pic. The drought has really taken a toll on the gardens this year)

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Wonderful posts you all shared. I've gotten away from sweing a bit. Four projects have me bogged down. Thanks for the relaxing aspect reminder....and posting those lovely pictures.

Happy quilting to all!

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Very nice Teresa!! You're a woman after my own heart.I spend a lot of time on my patio cross stitching.My dh bought me one of those white folding tables from qvc that slides up under your chair,so i can sit on the swing,or on one of the patio chairs and stitch away.I have a large garden and also an ocean view on a clear day,and always nice breezes coming in off the ocean and across the canyon.

Here's my swing:

I recently bought a new bunch of flour sack dish towels to embroider,and to teach my 12 year old GD how to embroider when she is here this summer.

Doesn't take a lot to make us happy does it.

Here's part of one of my gardens:


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Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm,wonder why those pictures didn't post?? That's never happened before!! You can still see them if you click on the links.

Guess that's something else for me to ponder today.LOL

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Kathi, I did the same thing when I was trying to post the pictures above. I noticed that Photobucket has added another option below the pics. The HTML tag one is the third one down instead of the second one like is was before. Also, I have noticed that Photobucket now has a link below the first picture that says "change link option". Click on it and uncheck all except for the "HTML tag for websites and blogs" one and that is the only one that will appear under your pictures. The HTML one is all you need for posting in the forums.


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And, I see a few tips thrown in there as well. Thanks for sharing.

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Teresa, Rebecca, and Kathi, you all have lovely places to relax and sew! Great ideas!

It's funny, but just last night I began to picture how I could move a couple of my tables of cacti and succulents and pave a corner of our backyard to hold a table and chairs where I can do what you are doing! It isn't a beautiful part of our garden, but it does have privacy.

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Thanks for telling us that Photobucket trick, Rebecca. I got no response when I clicked on "Change Link Option" (maybe because the picture above it was too long, vertically), but--if anyone else had the same problem--I achieved the same result by clicking on Account Options at the very top of the page and then clicking on Album Settings and "Edit my album settings," where you can uncheck all but "Display Tag."

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Rebecca,thanks for the info,i didn't know that.Guess i should start reading what they post more often instead of thinking things stay the same there!! LOL

Thanks for the compliments on the yard.DH and i spend a lot of hours working out there,but we also take time to enjoy it.Sometimes late in the afternoons i even manage to take a siesta on that swing.

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I can't see your pictures....can you paste them...Please!

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When we moved in, my house only had three rickety wooden steps at the front door. Then my husband built an 8x8' platform from treated lumber, and we parked the rickety steps in front of that. Some day, we're gonna have a real front porch! This will be on the north side of the house, so it'll be shady. And lately I have been imagining myself sitting out there, sewing by hand. In the meantime, I'll have your lovely pictures to tide me over.

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I LOVE that red-work. For some reason I can't see the needle cover.

What stitch do you use to do those lines? I have not done much hand embroidery but am very interested in it for embellishments. I have trouble making a solid line that is not jagged or full of gaps.

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I enjoyed seeing your hand projects. I especially love your blue needlecase and I've wanted to try redwork for some time now.
It was neat to see other people's decks and gardens as well...
Kelly - NH

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What wonderful places to stitch! If I get outside a swarm of Texas size mosquitos try to carry me off. I have a great deck and patio furniture, but I don't dare use it after March. I'm not partial to sewing in the cold outside.

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The redwork is so much fun to do, simple and relaxing. I have been using the split stitch as my stem stitch seems to wobble and not lay flat.

I have a lovely soft, old linen tablecloth that has lots of wear and stains. I started cutting it up for napkins years ago and added a lace trim around the edges. Finished those recently and now have 8 new linen napkins! This old linen is what I'm using for the redwork. You can also use muslin or any tightly woven white fabric. Some stitchers use tiny red prints on white, but I like the look of the simple red on white.

I plan to make a small wall quilt with the girl in the middle, the scissors block above and a third block of an old-fashioned sewing machine below, add some red borders and do minimal quilting.

Also think I will do a baby quilt with red/white 4-patch blocks and some redwork embroidered blocks mixed in. It is easy to find some cute patterns for free on the internet. There are also redwork tutorials to help you get started.

I'm hooked......

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Teresa, Get the lemonade ready. We are all on the way to your house. Colleen

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What a beautiful, serene setting! And thanks for sharing the great website, Teresa! Love their vintage patterns. That's right up my alley. :)

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