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paulinesMay 25, 2009


One day on the market. We had 2 showings yesterday and we are awaiting feedback. What are your thoughts on the listing? Does the pricepoint seem consistent relative to the competition (although I realize it should be against sold homes)?

Your honest critisms & suggestions are welcome (that's a nice way of saying, don't holdback, lol)

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Why is it there?

. I don't want to see your dining set, I am much more interested in the built-ins that I can barely see. Architectural details bring them in!

to highlight the fireplace and not show the outside door walking directly into the room. Since your next picture sorta does that, I'd remove this picture completely.

Photos 16, 17 and 18 are repeats of 13, 14 and 15 (so it looks like you "only" have 15 photos).

At 18 photos you have far too many. You want to get people in the house, not look at it strictly from pictures and dismiss it that way. People "fall in love" with a house when physically inside, they seldom "fall in love" with a house from the photos (it does happen, just not often).

How does the contemporary (?) style of your home stack up against all the Colonials in your area?

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Thanks for the feedback xamsx. What you saw was round 2 of the pictures and I agree with most of your assessment (I kind of like the blurry LR shot, it adds a nice softness?).

"How does the contemporary (?) style of your home stack up against all the Colonials in your area?"

I'm a little dense this am, not sure what you're asking?

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I agree with the out of focus photos and that you have a few too many.

I also don't like how the photos are shot, instead of the photos showing the rooms, your looking at part of a fireplace, or part of the landscape out side, or just the bed in the bedroom.

I think your too close with some of the photos, you might want to step back and show more of the full room so people can get a better idea instead of just bits and parts.

I also would make up the beds better in the bedrooms, get ideas from a bedding catalog on how to add pillows etc. to make the rooms look more inviting, think nice relaxing upscale hotel room. There seems to be alot of clutter on the shot with the dresser, try to make sure all surfaces and floors are clean.

I would also look at adding some art to the walls in the bedrooms, they look a little plain.

What about a picture of a bathroom?

Less duplicate photos as well would be nice.

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You are going to have some difficulty getting people in to look at that particular style of house. For the Northeast it's very atypical.
That being said once you get them in they may change their minds.
I agree with the first poster on the photos.
I'm not sure about that one bedroom with the blue walls. It may be my computer but that blue is coming off as very strong, you may want to tone it down.

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Your home does look lovely. I love your kitchen. I admit I haven't taken the time to do a search for other homes in the area for comps, so I can't comment on that. The only advice I have is that the two bedrooms could use a bit more staging. The blue bedroom could use a headboard, some artwork over the bed and some nice bedding and pillows. The second bedroom needs the dresser de-cluttered. Also, I'm not sure why there's a photo of your HVAC unit? Finally, I agree that the photos seem to be showing your furniture other than the house's great features, like the built-ins. Hope that helps. Good luck!

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Lovely home. I do agree that some of the pics are poorly taken. Can't get a look at room size. Also, I would dress up the beds. Get better shots of the living room and skip the pic of the outside AC unit.

Good luck,

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Thank you for the kind words and input. Showings have been steady, knock on wood, thus far. I will run some of your comments by the realtor and thanks again!

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Hi paulines!

Although I do agree with some of the comments above such as the repeated photos (16,17,18), I think your listing looks pretty good.

I love love love your kitchen! I remember when you were in the midst of that over in the Kitchens forum a few years ago - I loved it then and it still looks fab!

I don't agree that the style of your home is contemporary or may put off buyers in your area. To me it looks more French or English country... or Mediterranean, with the window boxes and stucco. And thus, interesting enough to go have a look if I were in the market. I think the pics show a warm, homey house - atypical style maybe, but far from contemporary.

And I also know why that AC photo is there. If it's not showing off that beautiful peony (haha), it's there to prove that a 1935 house in New England really does have central air!! :-) (Spoken as someone who lived in an 1850's New England farmhouse for too many years without central air - they said we wouldn't need it - ha!)

Best wishes to you!

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Hey Pauline! Where y'all moving?

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Hi jenswrens, how are you doing? Thank you so much for the kind words! I can't believe it's been what, 4 or more years since we hung out at the KF - where does time go? You are spot on your assessment of our home, in fact, the listing states Mid Century Moderne home with European aesthetic...

Gina, hey girl!!!! Don't have a house in mind yet. We are downsizing and probably staying fairly local.

UPDATE: Showings have been steady - we've had four in the last 5 days and a 5th request last evening that we couldn't accomodate (moreso due to the realtor's schedule). Two of the buyers have requested 2nd showings and feedback has been very positive. More showings scheduled for Sunday...

Here's a question; why do they dig up the ONLY area of pristine grass to plant the 'For Sale' sign, lol

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I think the house looks stylish and move-in ready, so it doesn't surprise me that folks are coming back. The modernity of the home isn't a drawback - in a sea of traditional, yours stands out. Plus I hear from local interior designers that modern is making a small comeback in this area.

There's an unfortunate home for sale nearby - a mid-century moderne with beautiful bones. Been on the market for over 200 days - someone bought it to flip a couple of years ago (top of the market), and re-did the kitchen in a traditional style. That's all they remodeled. Boy does it look bad in that modern home. I'm sure that's why it hasn't been snatched up. It's on a desirable street for a good price. Some people!

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I'd be all over that house! Obviously, even with the fuzzy pics, people are quite interested. I think that there will always be a sliver of the population who is bored with the same-old, same-old colonials and want something with some personality. You've really got that...big time!

I'd say Good Luck...but you really won't need it! You bought well, decorate well, renovated well and will likely sell well. Best wishes...?! :-)

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Keeping fingers crossed, pauline! Bet it sells fast.


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I appreciate the encouraging words, we have put alot of ourselves in this home.

amysrq, it's funny that you wrote what you did, that's exactly the reason we bought this home (although it was in pretty rough shape at the time).

Three, maybe four showings tomorrow. I wish the realtor would phone me back to let me know the schedule...sigh!

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I would be intrigued from the pictures and want to see. Congratulations on the high initial traffic and interest. Wish I could answer your question about price competitivity, but despite being a real estate agent for 25 years, I have no clue on the local nuances that add or take away $ value in your area.

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Some big coin spent on the kitchen but we had a lot of snow, pitched roof please!

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Hi bushleague, I'd totally understand if someone didn't care for the flat roof (although there is a slight pitch to it) from an aesthetic prospective, but this house is masonary built - walls, including interior ones are over a foot thick and there's poured concrete between the levels of the home.

The smooth ceilings and plaster walls of this home have nary a crack - pretty amazing for a home that's almost 70 years old. I was told by the son of the builders of this home (an MIT engineer and architect) that the home was built for strength and efficiency.

Fwiw, the kitchen was remodeled on a budget with a nod towards resale. I do freelance kitchen design work and have some great connections, for example, the exotic stone counters (which I made the 'bling' of the kitchen) retailed for over $14,000, we paid under 6,000 complete & installed.

Several buyers have come back a 2nd time, feedback has been positive...hoping a good offer comes through in the very near future!

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Congrats. We just sold our house not far from you on the South Shore, so hang in there. Not knowing all the details, it looks priced to sell (as was ours)and there are people out there looking for something outside the typical cape. Good luck and I hope a buyer is out there for you!

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Interesting & stylish home in a very pretty setting...the bedrooms are a big turn-off, though (especially the bright blue, which looks a little harsh on my monitor). You've done such a nice job with the kitchen and living areas --the bedrooms look a bit neglected!

Furniture is dated, color is weird, and the space seems somewhat cluttered. I don't think it will take too much effort (especially as it seemss you've got a "knack" for this stuff)to freshen the BRs up and make them more appealling! Good luck!

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