Kenny Pools or Sunset Pools in the Richmond/Katy area

momtothreeDecember 30, 2009

Has anyone heard of Kenny Pools in Richmond or Sunset Pools in Katy?

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I have heard of Sunset Pools. Okay people. Design quality is hit and miss. I have never heard of Kenny pools. I am in the area you are referring to and I know most of the pool companies either good or bad but I have never heard of him. Good luck

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I've heard that Sunset Pools are expensive and I haven't heard of Kenny pools either. We used the pool company Cy Fair Pools. We mostly went with this company because the owner was so honest and reasonable. His name is Scott, 832-483-2279.

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I like him already! It's not me though. I just fix 'em.


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Heard of both, both started out with Laguana pools, never heard anything negative about either, but know several people well who have really been impressed with personalized service and high qualtiy construction with Kenny pools.

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I went pretty far in the bid process with Sunset Pools but ultimately went with Liquid Extreme. I liked Sunset, but they were very expensive relative to the other 3 bids I received. I'm very happy with the quality of the work of Liquid Extreme, but the build has been longer than I anticipated (I'm not exactly known for being patient either). I will sacrifice speed for quality all day me if you want my specific decision points on the companies I talked to- I'm not going to post them in a public forum.

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