cover pump question

shadesDecember 5, 2010

I am fairly new to the pool world and I am wondering if there is a cover pump that most people agree is the best or most reliable. I have one now but the automatic pump function never works and it seems as if the pump doesn't work half the time. Thanks in advance!

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For a solid safety cover and most tarp covers, the Rule 1800 has provided many with exactly what you are looking for.


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I have experimented with them all, found non of them to be reliable.

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Thank you for the responses I will check out the rule 1800, who knows maybe none will be reliable but at least I will try with the rule, maybe in my situation leaves, freezing temps in NJ nothing will be perfect.

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Just gently break up the thin surface ice before setting the new pump. During extended cold snaps, unplug it. I try to encourage using the outlet nearest the back door.

I put the hose down hill, not down the driveway or walkways, and minimal exposure to lawn mowers and aerators. I like to see them flagged.


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